Expat’s Retired in the Philippines, Rock Legend Stash Wagner tells his Story With Old Dog New Tricks

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Expat’s Retired in the Philippines, Rock Legend Stash Wagner tells his Story With Old Dog New [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New TricksI chat with Old School Rocker Stash Wagner, who had a hit song “Don’t Bogart Me”, and played music and lived with or near the likes of David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Jackson Brown, etc. and whose song was featured in 8 movies, including the classic, Easy Rider


  1. That’s got to be one of the best videos that you have done Paul. Stash is amazing, honest and he explains things so you know it’s coming from the heart. Awesome interview guys 👍🏻❤️

  2. Paul.. such a pleasure to bring Stash to your viewers again. He is a treasure for the Phillipines and his mentoring young musicians is a testament to his talented and kind soul.. God bless.

  3. What a great interview. Great job Paul. Stash, thanks for your candor and honesty. You’re spot on. Real music is felt not just listened to. Thank you both.

  4. Is it rooster season over there yet? What are rules on them ruining an interview? Does that automatically give you the right to shot them? lol
    Would love to have been a fly on wall with Janis in the room.
    I love her.

  5. WOW! Great interview! Brought back great memories! Thank You BOTH! Sorry i missed the first one at the time, but I’m going to watch it next. And i found Stash on yt and subscribed…

  6. Your interview with STASH was very interesting. I really enjoyed listening to him about the good old days rock and roll. Keep up the good work.

  7. I have to agree with Stash about today ‘s music it doesn’t cut it like the classics of years gone by. Always amazes me when you meet people in the Philippines & just maybe you really don’t know who they are & what they have accomplished in life because now they are just chillin.

  8. Hey stash I just watch a video of you playing house of the rising sun in Dumaguete PH. You still have it man it really did bring a tears to my eyes… I would be there if I could to see you live but as you know were stuck here… Take care and thank you for your music and the time you shared with us to know you more…
    Willie stuck in Seattle

  9. Great interview, Paul…. Without any doubt, Stash is the main man indeed! So pleased to see how calm, cool and level headed he is considering his hard core past. So pure and genuine!

  10. Thanks Stash for the memories. I still like hearing “Don’t Bogart Me”. I heard that song when it was first played on the radio. I’m still partying to this day

  11. Old Dog, I think this is your best video to date. I have but one criticism, you cut it too short. Stash, you seem like a good man and your dialogue very interesting.

  12. Great stuff,lived through the 60’s,just barely! But your words are so true,just like old dog,I can listen to those classic songs over and over again,your one of the good guys!

  13. Thanks for having Stash speak about some of his story. Been waiting for this interview. Hope he does another interview . Interesting man from an era I really enjoy

  14. hi Paul, I have always been a David Bowie fan, ever since I was at college and heard ‘the Gene Jeanie; I was a huge health nut then and it sounded a bit like Ginseng which I took in an extract form, I have been watching Reaction videos lately, I know this is a cover version of Sorrow from the 1980 floor show, but his voice is so beautiful, just search, on YouTube
    ICONIC! David Bowie – Sorrow REACTION! (The Shuffle – Episode 2)
    regards to Stash, ps I know ‘your long blonde hair does not relate to the Philippines, replace blonde, with black
    if you don’t react to my comment, I don’t blame you

  15. Have not yet seen the first video with stash but I’d love to hear about any interactions he’s had over the years with famous musicians. Unless that was covered the fist time ? Even if he hasn’t met others musicians or groups who’s work does he like ? He mentioned The Bee Gees. I don’t think that group gets their due for their whole body of work.

  16. As a Musician, former music teacher and performer, I really enjoyed the interview. Well done. Always great to hear the stories from guys like Stash1 Thanks

  17. It seems song writers like stash have an old soul I went to high school with rob takac (goo goo dolls )and he seemed mature beyond his years then!!Looking forward to visiting and retiring in cebu area!!!Goodbye western ny——Packman!!!

  18. Very very very cool interview Paul I enjoyed it immensely thank you bro & remember DONT BOGART THAT BULUT MY FRIEND DONT PASS IT TO ME. hehehe

  19. Great interview! He’s a cool as he song ! I’m 64 and remember how great it was to here that song and others from him back in the day …. Thanks Sir Stash and Thanks Paul …. hope to meet you guys someday in Dumaguete

  20. As one who is contemplating the RP for retirement I find it pretty cool that a man about town such as Stash has found Valencia and its environs a place worth heading to.

  21. You would be surprised by the number of ex entertainers that are retired here in the Philippines. I for one spent 30 years in the business managing some of the biggest names in country music. Now living in Naga City, Cam Sur, and loving my retired life. Paul, you have a good channel and I enjoy your work, Keep it up. Regards.

  22. Excellent Stash and Paul. Though I have no musical abilities, I really still remember your music from when I was a kid… Ummm… I’m not a kid anymore. Thanks for the memories.

  23. Hi Paul this is Lory here in Toronto. I love watching your show you have good humor but I find you naughty guy the way you laugh make me laugh too. Your good in comedy movie. I’m from Bohol by the way. I think my father knew this man Stash

  24. Personally I would like to know the Place of the video, as much as the Person. Dear Paul, please don’t forget to introduce where you are with whoever you’re talking to.

  25. Eh Paul…greetings from Austin Texas. I hope all is well with you and baby M. I just finished watching this video. While living in NY in the 70’s…WPLJ 95.5 Where Rock LIVES…..I was like 4 yrs old and since my older brothers and sisters were playing the song and singing it……as I emptied ash tray’s and helped de seed a certain substance. Yes he affected me back then and still to this day. Play the B SIDE! 🙂 When you see him again please let him know while living in san diego….I got to know Bill S. Stash will know whom that is for if playing in SD….he would most likely have to go thru Bill. Did any body ever tell you that ypu talk too much? LMAO…sorry had to. Have a good one brother. Please let Baby Mae know she is doing great videos. When I get my promotion and move to the Manila office I’ll be sure to look you guys up and shoot the shit at lunch or dinner…..On me.

  26. Never thought would see the man behind that famous song . Thanks for the memorable interview . Hope to meet mr. Stash someday. And may God bless you.

  27. yeah, yeah, yeah…right. Okay. Right right right. Allow the interviewee to finish his thought…geesh! Too much interjection. Embarrassing for those of us that like you. Please stick to story-telling.

  28. It seems like each new generation cherishes and esteems the music of their youth much more highly than they do each new generation that follows them. Stash may not be too crazy about today’s music but much of it shares the same themes that he himself reveled in. For example, his greatest success was a stoner song. He tried to push the envelope by writing an F – her song. He fondly recalls nearly stripping a woman on stage and beating her with a belt. Drugs, coarse language, outrageous and even violent stage antics. Truly, all of these things are on full display in today’s music. . . just as they were in his own time, but met with less resistance. The desire to shock and outrage rarely skips a generation. It’s funny how we all have certain blind spots as we elevate our tastes and preferences in comparison to our children or even our children’s children.

  29. Such a hamble and virtuous man, you are sir.
    My daughter is also a musician, playing keys for The Clean Bandit, The pet Shop Boys and now, Dua Lipa. I would say, she’s such a hamble human being too.

  30. There is a very good video (sorry I forgot who did it – might have been thoughty2) that gives a fact based account about why current pop music is sooooo bad. Very good interview on both sides of the microphone. An interview like this just proves how small the world really is – you never know who might be living next door to you whether it’s in Oshkosh or Tanjay City.

  31. Great interview, Paul! A question: wasn’t Stash listening to “Blueberry Hill” by L. Armstrong prior to enjoying his joint? Great and catchy tune anyways!

  32. Next time you see SPG or Sean, you should mention Stash to them. Maybe SPG can use Stash as a mentor/producer. She has the raw talent and he could help take her to the next level.

  33. Seems like I grew up listening to bogart. My like minded friends used that term as well as myself. Thank you Stash Wagner for coining that phrase in a song.

  34. In 1970 me and my buddies used to drive out to the desert listen to this song and smoke. We used to say we’re going to jail for 20 years for having so much fun. I was 17, I Haven’t thought about Stash or where he was since. How cool to see him so happy after the fun he brought into so many people’s lives.

  35. Hey guys ! I inhaled everything you said about music , what it should be ! I too can not listen to today’s trash , very few songs move me , affect me , change me , challenge me . If the music and the lyrics aren’t real , from the heart , then to me it is just noise ! When I sing, I feel the song, I am the song, I become the song , I express the song ! That is the main reason I am not more of a public entertainer cause I feel the songs so much that I start to weep ! Happens in church, in homes or just a one to one ! I watch x factor, the voice etc and if I don’t feel it, see it, heart it coming from the heart , they lost me ! I don’t want to be just entertained !! I WANT TO BE MOVED IN MY SPIRIT !! I want to end up crying , lifted up , changed !! For the better !! Elvis did just that for me !! He always seemed to sing WITH PASSION, what I could to express !! Many times I saw him also shed tears during or after !! SPG MOVES me , she becomes the song and many times needs to do retakes because she too starts to lose it ! I have my fiance nesr Lake sebu , went for a visit in spring of 2019 and we are now stuck but not giving up on being together till the end ! God bless you both ! If you want to be amazed and moved, you can go to my website … isaiahwildlife.org and also goggle my film ..thegentlebearmanofemo . Hope to be back there soon , maybe meet you !

  36. Sht man you wrote our national anthem.. Don’t Bogart was on a loop from St. College Pa to N.Y.C. with a trunk load of $100 Mexican ki’s. Hope I run into you sometime after I move there later this year. Great rap

  37. Paul, I just had the honor to see and get to know Stash Wagner through your interview and I could say that was really astonishing to me because it made part of my grade school songs most listened to at the time. Incredible how your interviews are becoming more and more influencial to many including me in the package.
    I guess Phillipines would be a nice choice for me to do what I have to do before I fly away from this planet… hahaha
    Tell Stash I am his fan among the millions out there.
    A big hug for you both from the Doctor from Brazil.
    Stay safe.

  38. His description of feeling the music is epitomised by Jerry Garcia, he just moves his hands over the guitar and music happens. Great interview.

  39. There’s a lot of groups that are not classic but then when they really click together you get songs like Sweet Emotion from Aerosmith

  40. Paul: can we have a part 2 and 3, et cetera, to this interview? I think this is the most fascinating and interesting interview you have done to date.
    Stash: Thanks for the joy your music has brought me. First heard Bogart on Easy Rider. Good to know history of your song. I wish you would write a book about some of this. If it’s not documented, it’s not history.

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