Expat’s True Confessions and Story’s From the Edge. Interview Role Reversal in the Philippines

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Expat’s True Confessions and Story’s From the Edge. Interview Role Reversal in the [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I am interviewed by my neighbor Mark about things we have never before discussed


  1. I had dropped 50 pounds, I was walking up to or over 4 miles per day. I was in Hawaii for a month then Thailand for a month. Had to leave on 4 hours notice March 20 last year, All the weight came back during lockdown! You both looking good!

  2. I can really relate to the neck pain. I have had two neck surgeries. I have a drive through neck. Front and back scars. You nailed it. When the pain quit, so did the drugs! Woke up with no pain except they took bone from my hip, that was miserly, numb for a year!

  3. I gained exactly 30 lbs. and just went on the Keto diet so I can be back to fighting weight when I roll into Duma. :-p
    When I land I’ll get settled and come buy you guys a cold beverage.

  4. I only had the oxy for a couple days for the hip, but before the surgery it was Percocet for months. I was so lucky that when the pain quit i threw everything away, but it could have so easy went the other way! Nice to hear the honesty!

  5. I had both hips replaced and was taking oxy for 2 years. I can’t remember about 50% of what went on those 24 months. Oxy doesn’t affect everyone that way. It’s insidious with depression causing side effects.

  6. The only thing that could have impressed me more in that interview is if you’d pulled out a bag of coke and started snorting it together.

  7. Hey guys good guy talk I’m 64 go to gym 4-5 days a week. Always careful with back exercises to many stories. Not trying to get 6 pack just staying tone. Helps physically and mentally. Silver fox channel.

  8. Gosh Paul, no carbs in Thai food I only wish that were so,banana roti’s are criminally good and its a place that has rice with every dish, I travel to Thailand just for the food, best on the planet. I was extremely disappointed in Philippines food, don’t understand how the food is not great with so much Spanish influence and it’s surrounding

  9. Con’t.. countries also with so many Philippians working in Hong Kong I thought they might influence the local cuisine. We had a Philippina nanny whose cooking skills were to die for, thats why I went to the Philippines thinking she represented the type of food I could expect, so much potential for good restaurants in that country.

  10. my Doctor calls it the Covid 15 15? yes 15 pounds, The drug companies have made a record compensation deal because of their share in the drug crisis

  11. Hey Paul, the doctor from Brazil here again. I worked with drug addiction once and I could say that it deals very badly with your emotions, your senses and set you in a state of fake happiness or satisfaction of what youy need to be fulfilled. Tricky as a false friend… hahaha

  12. Good Morning,

    Compelling story/stories , a few videos back you said you would change up the topics of your videos and wow, you sure did. Very informative and honest discussion. Again keep up the great interviews even if the interview subject is you. Congrats on the successful surgeries on both you and Mark. Get off the smokes if you can, although from my experience it will add 20lbs to your weight.

  13. Good conversation guys. Enjoyed it. Your belief Paul that everyone do their own thing as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else does have limitations. Relationships and each person’s connection to broader society. God forbid if you were home doing cocaine and had to be rushed to the hospital. Baby Mae and Mark and your subscribers would be devastated…harmed.

  14. Hey Paul I have heard a little bit about your addiction from one of your other videos it hit close to home for me because I became addicted to pain pills after an accident 10 years ago… I’m always battling it now, I had never taken a pain pill in my life before this accident…I know whole heartedly that when I move there that pill addiction will be over because they do not prescribe pain medications there like they do here in the US….love your story.
    willie stuck in Seattle

  15. Hey Paul, you and Mark put out some awesome videos. I’m hoping to be there in a couple of years, and I’m doing my research and hoping to get off some of my medications in the process as well. I didn’t think you smoked. Is it expensive to be a smoker over there?

  16. I’m also anti drugs, but I would legalize most. Make cigarettes illegal and folks will still smoke; we made alcohol illegal and people still drank. The War on Drugs isn’t working, time to try legalization. Fewer Americans smoke now, why can we achieve that with drugs?

  17. Since today’s topic was drugs and health it might be a good time to try to quit the tobacco habit. Plus you said the cigarettes suck in the Philippines

  18. Interesting topic. Over many years I’ve found that some people have addictive personalities and others don’t. Luckily I don’t have one and have been able to walk away from many things that friends of mine were not able too. I don’t think it’s will power or a weakness I really think some people can easily become addicted to almost anything while others may not have a problem. Not sure how you legislate that just my general observation. As for the gym, I’m not a fan but do stay active especially riding bikes. I’m not sure how safe it is riding bikes in the Philippines because there seem to be few rules that anyone follows.

  19. Well you know guys we are over 60 and rerired in the PI? But all that aside when they open things uo you should me alright. But just enjoy your retirement and di what ya want.

  20. Hi , I started 1 meal a day keto . I’m 59. I eat proteins and fat and no or low carb no sugar I drink Michelob ultra beer 2.6 carbs each . I have been doing it about 2 weeks I’m down 9 lbs . once my sugar crave was over I have become not hungry at all in between my meal every 22 hrs ! Plus it is so much easier on my system just eating once a day ! I plan on losing another 20 lbs or more !

  21. Life’s a bitch in America. The political divide, the hidden inflation, and the unemployment from Covid are tearing individuals and their families apart at the seams. Most people I know, especially women, are on some sort of anti-depression medication just to get by. And to add insult to injury, most are in debt to the max with no way out.

  22. fasting is one of the best thing for your health .. everyday fast say 22 hours no food and a 2 hour eating window and once in a while a 48 hour fast. amazing health benefits

  23. My former do worker when he retired at 65 would put most 18 year old guys to shame with his physique. Pecs, biceps, triceps
    obliques, traps and a six pack. I always said, ” you have a six pack, I’m working on a keg.

  24. Paul I’m so happy that you realize how bad those “carbs” and “vegetable oils” are for you health. 🎉🎉🎉
    We need you around to keep producing these great and informative video’s. 🔥💯🔥
    As long as you go for a long walk everyday, give up the sugar, and carbs, you be ok! 😉😎😉

  25. And all I want is a hot looking ass!!! Thanks for sharing Paul. I was on Anti Depressants also a few years ago, but you need to wean off those medications slowly. Now the only prescription I need is a loyal, loving Filipina girlfriend. I agree with you about being a Libertarian but unfortunately what someone does when consuming alcohol or drugs or smoking and it does affect other people then it should be regulated. Like drunk Driving and driving while impaired from smoking marijuana and injuring or killing innocent people. Even second hand smoke from cigarettes is harmful to some people so all of these things have consequences beyond your own personal freedom.

  26. American food is terrible. I can eat incredibly well for no cost. 500g of natural yoghurt 45p (60 cents), 800g wholemeal bread 49p. It’s just cheap to buy good basic food in the UK.

  27. I would never had thought that you guys were party animals. Be careful of scoring in the Philippines because the minimum sentence is 12 years! Another great show. Thanks

  28. Addicts are selfish, the most selfish people you ever meet. And self-pitying. And manipulative. Always making promises they’ll never keep. They disgust me. Quote of Gordon Ramsey and I agree. Always good to hear you not alone in the world with your problems. I was on oxycontin and oxynorm when I arrive in the Philippines in 2010. ( broke my back in a car accident, put together with titanium and screws) Oxynorm is not available in the Philippines so then only on oxycontin, after 18 months I took a cold Turker, terrible time, I isolate myself, and can just say like you Paul, it took around 6 months. So happy to be out of oxycontin. To me, there is a huge difference between hard drugs and weed, I compare weed with a glass of wine on a Saturday evening, but of course, it’s individual as both of you also say. Some people don’t tolerate alcohol or weed and will get addicted. Thank you for a great channel, your ability to analyze the past is amazing, you need to learn of your past to move on, have a great day, life as retired in the Philippines is great!

  29. Can relate to the oxy paul, was on it for 3 blown disc , military related. I quit it after 6 years , was the worst 10 days of my life, my hair even hurt I use to joke. Took a good 7 months to get back to normal. I will say though I do use kratom occasionally for pain relief when advil isn’t cutting it. No addiction to it tho thank God.

  30. For Paul & Mark, how about a video on adapting to the PH? E.g. weather, food stories, minimalist lifestyle, culture, girl stories outside of Mae & Jenn, weird encounters, etc. Maybe individually, maybe a conversation together. Be creative as this could be fun for all.

  31. Sounds like you guys are running out of ideas of new interviewing concepts…ha ha😊. Maybe you can have babymae interview the both of you next time representing both of your shows at once.

  32. May 30 2019 got on my flight to the Philippines with 12 prescriptions in my suitcase. June 7 2019 I flushed 12 prescriptions down the toilet….So far so good !

  33. I had a good friend that was killed by a drug addict who robed him to get money for drugs. Did his drugs just hurt him or my friend and his family?

  34. Cool “ping-pong” interview, now Mark is on your channel, hahaha! Very valuable infos about all these drugs… Every now and then I’m MACROdosing on mushrooms. Let me tell you, portobello with noodles and spinach always take me to another dimension. LOL

  35. Wow that story is so close to home you can’t even imagine, just turn it up several notches and that’s where I at with the pain and meds. I ask my pain management dr to get me off them and well, don’t laugh, he said that he is not qualified to do that, not trained and doesn’t have the authority to give me the meds to get off fentanyl 50 patch. I really believe it’s killing me. Ok maybe this is too much, to say here but it’s true so no regrets. God help me.

  36. Hey Paul my friend, Damn!!! You really went through some hell. Glad to see that you recovered and got healthy. Oxy cotton is a big problem here in America and probably the world. Thank you guys for talking about this issue. I love this video. Please stay safe and healthy my friend, and God bless you and baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  37. Love your videos and baby Mae’s. I also love Mark’s videos and use to watch them all the time but now he has way to many ads on his videos to watch. Thank you for not putting lots of ads on your videos.

  38. So interesting about having to think all day about getting in the car to do anything. I have the same problem now. So strange. Do not understand. Am on 4 pills for 7 years of vicodin a day for my back. Would love to get off vicodin. Has made me so depressed as well as adderall and the pills do not even work anymore. I just take them not to withdraw. So scary and deep, dark depression like you said.

  39. The V.A. had me on hydrocodone 7.5mg @3 times per day. (Back pain). Also, 4mg of Klonopin (high dose. same as Zanax) PTSD… 10 years on these meds … Doctors cut me off.. cold turkey.. Both meds.. For over one year I was in the deepest darkest depression imaginable. I’m lucky I didn’t die.!!

  40. I loved this conversation. I hope you do more of these. I learned a lot about the dangers of opioids. You are 2 really good guys who have become faraway friends who I will probably never meet but you are close in my heart.❤️🧡

  41. Paul, from what I gather, with cultural norms there regarding religion, I can only assume that BC is not that common, how common are STDs there for the person NOT looking to play the field.

  42. So happy pain killers do nothing for me,and like you addicted to cigs, really cold beer on a hot day , yeah, but I’m addicted to constant work, travel , and exploration and setting still causes depression.

  43. Here is the solution: swim laps in your pool. Go nonstop. Try to reach 30 minutes a day. Or even more. You will start to feel fit in a manner of weeks. Won’t hurt to give up refined sugar too.

  44. Here’s my thing on weed. A dude comes home, drinks a six pack, gets angry with the wife and smacks here. A dude comes home, smokes a joint, gets a bit perturbed with the wife but hey, he’s got a bag of Cheetos and the Cartoon Network’s on!

  45. Oxycodone was developed for cancer patients that were terminally ill in deep pain….It is perfect for that….. Used for anything else, is just trouble waiting to happen………

  46. The things I have learned… OMG 😱… 714’s Window Pane Orange Barrel, Blow let’s put Electric Lady Land on the turn table and Rooooooolllllll another one. NEVER NEVER EVER JUDGE… and NEVER NEVER EVER think yo ass is smart enough to judge a book by it’s cover… Amen 🙏 and God Bless

  47. Right. Keep away from Macs! About hospital costs. We in Australia on average pensions are used to very little medical costs. $6.50 for prescription medicines, free, Medicare paid doctors visits, so I was shocked to actually have to pay 18,000 pesos for our first daughters birth in Holy Child Hospital, Dumaguette. ( Now 12). It’s like America, a user pay system, so be careful not to get sick!

  48. Take this as a joke Paul. When a Filipina wife says you need to go to the gym she is really saying that she wants more hard, enthusiastic, well you know what I mean! And this activity will definitely help you both lose weight and stay younger longer! They are so wise!

  49. thanks for sharing your medical history Paul. Similar to you, was involved in a motorbike accident, major upper limb trauma, coma and hospitalized for 3months, was on oxycodine for 2yrs, am now on co-codamole, due to reoccuring pain from injuries! i definitely need help from Dr PH🇵🇭

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