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  1. US-based analytics firm Gallup Inc. or Gallup released a study called the 2020 Global Law and Order Index where the Philippines placed at the top 50 out of 144 safest countries in the world. The Philippines scored 84 and tied with Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Serbia.

    Nov 4, 2020

  2. I think we will see things opening up more as we approach Xmas. Siargao Airport will now open 1 December. You need confirmation of accommodation and a test within 48 hours of arrival. Same for Boracay. There is also plan for a bridge from Dumaguette to south Cebu Island.

  3. Thanks Rod, I really enjoyed the ride around the city seeing some different parts. Your commentary was as always, interesting and informative. I’m looking forward to getting back there as soon as I can, but only when I’m free to go where I want when I want. Good to see things slowly opening up again. Keep up the great work.

  4. I noticed the traffic situation after my first visit in 2006. Never seen an accident. I noticed if they didn’t have a horn it might not work 😀

    Rod,have you ever driven in Cebu City? I haven’t. I would prefer to drive in the country up there though

  5. Maybe people could wear their pants like Mac Davis did with his bluejeans. Just wear them so tight that pickpocketing is impossible.

  6. up in Bogo all the restrictions on the age are all cleared now as my step brother is 70 and is allowed to go out and go in to Bogo last week all those things were stopped its pretty good now there thanks for that sharing Rod always enjoy riding around Cebu City

  7. Great video again, as always Rod. It’s wonderful to get a look around Cebu and see how it is doing. Not too much has changed it seems, but still lots of buildings going up, including in IT Park where used to live. I know what most of them are (or think I do anyway), as I got tours in their show rooms while I was still there.

    One thing I am curious about though is at the 19:45 mark (maybe best seen at the 19:32 mark and forward). The bus stopped just across from Ayala Mall in the Business Park. As I recall that space on the left side of the bus was just an empty lot / parking lot and a pedestrian walkway into the mall from the bus stop. I see in your video though construction cranes, so I gather they are building something there. Any idea what it will be? I had thought all the on-going construction was across the street and further down – but whatever it is, it will be right next to the Ayala Mall entrance, which will be a great location in Cebu.

    No need to know of course, but I’m just curious.

    Wonderful videos again. Stay safe.

  8. Dear Rod. I would like to see a Video about Grocery and vegetables shopping. Comparison of prices and availability in this medical crisis. Make a video as per your convenient time.

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