1. For people who live in Davao you now need a DQR which is a trace ID. Sorted mine , my wife and 1 son but now the site has crashed so cannot sort my other 2 out. You will need this for entering establishments after 28 November if I remember correctly. Also for anyone travelling with Cebu Pacific Airline you now need to download the Traze App before you go to the airport otherwise you cannot enter. BTW Horizon 101 Tower 1 is the tallest building in Cebu.

  2. It’s crazy to have to share a pass. We had trouble at our hotel where they said the house boy was the only one that can go out and has a pass. It was a scam so he could get money wife went to the Barangay captain and got her own pass.

  3. Interesting, I go out almost every day with no pass and nobody checking me so far, gess it’s up to local units. I’m hearing it will start easing up by the end of the month. Lets hope πŸ™

  4. Do you have the latest travel update for foreigners going back to the states? I heard you now are required to have health and travel insurance. Plus a negative covid test within 24 hours before departure. Plus other documents. They are not making it any easier to leave. Now I have to look for health insurance and trace insurance. Not planning on going back until next summer so I hope they drop all these ridiculous requirements. Thanks. Good video by the way. πŸ‘

  5. Thanks for the update. They are relaxing restrictions here in Canada, even though the number of cases have increased. It looks like masks will be the new way of life at least for the foreseeable future.

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