Exploring Poro Point and Jochen’s Euro Bread and Deli. Delicious Carrot Cake and Cinnamon Rolls

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  1. Another great video, I liked the bakery! Poro Point is nice too! In my last comment I mentioned how I lost interest in the waves but you are rekindling the old interest in my heart bro! LOL I bet the water is warmer there than here though.

  2. https://launion.myportfolio.com/resort-area A bit out of date, but they are located on the Canaoay road alongside San Fernando Airport. Be nice for memory sake to see Sunset Bay Resort a little way down the road from the bakery, and also what happened to Bali Hai (down on the National Highway going towards Bauanng) which was one of my favourite resorts. When I was there last year the bar and restaurant were still open, and they still had Mongolian BBQ on Saturday nights

  3. Very neat. The fly landing on the pizza dough was awkward. You mentioned how some local businesses bought the bread from here. Thanks Mark.

  4. Love that bakery deli place.. hope I get to visit one day.. like all those vacuum sealed things too. I could invision a food truck or 2 at the point when lock down stuff is over. Nice waves there..

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