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  1. My wife lives on the burbs of Bacolod City.
    Internet is spotty at best.
    Power has occasional brownouts.
    Water supply is very weak; if you want a shower, make sure you’re up by 5am at the latest.
    They rely on tricycles and jeepneys.
    She’s fine with it, but it’ll be a challenge for me;
    after Covid restrictions, I will come and we will settle in Cebu.
    Looking forward to it!

  2. I love living in the province . But shopping and medical is a challenge. Camiguin is super safe and clean. But 5. Hour trip to Cagayan de oro impossible to make a round trip in one day.

  3. In mid 2018 i lived for over a year in the gated Haniyyah Subdivision in a smallish but very comfortable 3BR townhouse in Lapu lapu Mactan Island to see if i could retire in the Philippines…Must say it was a very very interesting experience to say the least with quite a few adjustments i had to do to myself..The benefits compared to living in Australia are huge and plentiful..Life is slower,laid back,more sociable,inexpensive and a hell of alot more FUN with what i love to do beachside and suits me right down to a TEE..If it wasnt for the damn pandemic i would definitely still be there today..I will be back for sure

  4. Here in Dumaguete we only have 1 big mall not as big as cebu actually. Brown out here almost every week in difference area’s to have like vegetation change poles

  5. I’ve passed through Liloan numerous times with my fiancée on our way to her place north of Bogo, can’t wait to be back in Cebu. Thanks for sharing the video.

  6. Hello Rod. We have been up here in San Remigio for a little over a month now. So different than Mandaue. You are correct asking about getting things. Stores in town don’t carry everything you need so my wife usually has 3-4 stores to get everything. We have gone into Mandaue one time for necessities not here. But for peace and quiet it is great. So much more relaxed. Tricycles few and far between so vechile a must for us. Just need to know somethings are not to be had. Internet really good and TV by satellite mostly. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

  7. thank you for the weather update i got here 1 year ago and was wondering why it keeps raining this year i lived in the village and i prefer to be closer to the city but not in it

  8. I really can’t understand why people over there build their houses right on the edge of the road!! Not much room for accidents. Throw in the custom of 9 day wakes in which they occupy half the roads and you get congestions even in the provinces.

  9. DM me Ron, our house is nearly finished in Langtad, Naga. I also have Family and God Children in Lilo.an.
    [Admin]Safe Shaiya Beginning Owner.. very popular in PH, Players top to bottom

  10. My place in Davao is about 17km south of the city center. Our town Toril has two Gaisano malls, a very good market and plenty of local stores. 3 Jollibees, 1 MacDo, 1 Chow King, 1 Greenwich. Local transport is very easy either motorbikes or tricycles. Getting into the city easy as well on jeepneys, fare is 30 peso. Plenty of taxis available too should you need to get to airport or any where in Davao. Had hardly any brown outs recently so not really an issue. Internet good and bad as per most of the Philippines. Water supply hasn’t reached our village yet, not a problem for us as we have a sunken well and pumped water. Village uses 3 water wells communally. I bought my land over 20 years ago when prices were cheap ( 1998 30,000 peso for 100sqm) now around 150,000 peso per 100sqm. Davao is a very safe place but you still need to take care. Relations with the barangay very good, as the only foreigner in our barangay, we are known and they look after us when we need their assistance. Barangay officials at night roam around as we have curfew for minors and noise control (nothing to do with covid, this has always been in place). Highly recommend living in the sticks compared to the big city, you just need to choose the right place.

  11. sorry Rod but it pronounced Lilo Ann but spelt different im up near Bogo Nailon is the town 3klm to the east of Bogo we have a solar set up runs ok when we need it 100amp battery we have a compound very safe 8ft wall all round we just rebuilt our old house its under the new one all the rubble and i have my own scooter a Mio we did have a van but i couldn’t drive it im too tall and we own it all sold the van we have a farm but broken up in to 3places now and we just bought a new one its a inheritance but back taxes was alot we are building small nipper place for my wifes stepbrother he is living in our old old house 3 bedroom place big lounge that one also we have other propertys my wife’s brother lives in another place we built from nothing but we like to sell that one its good we go there when we can but the traveling is hard from Australia her Daughter lives at our new house also a sori store at the front of the block our house is at the back also we have like a unit one bedroom at the back of our house its part of the original house we rebuilt while ago so we have lots going on for us our brother in law helps do alot of stuff they dont pay rent so no income with our places itd nice we are in the center of the town of Nailon

  12. I live in the province and after living in Chicago I love it. Food is cheaper but less options, land was much cheaper and the building materials I had to get delivered from the city.

  13. If you young province could be for you, but for older people province not be a good location, at my age I would need access to health care hospitals and I am sure infrastructure such as electricity internet not be as good in province. I prefer city convinces.

  14. Im looking for security inclosed storage for a motorbike only. What are the price options over there. All I found in Manila was 6000-8000 peso per month. which I cant afford and is outrageous. What are the storage options in Cebu Rod if you can help.

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