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  1. Cebu is the city in the Philippines that has a lot to offer than any cities in the Philippines. Ergo, the best city in the Philippines, especially for foreign expats.

  2. Rod: Hello! What are you doing here? New road?
    Construction worker: Nod head to a Yes answer..new road, Bike Lane, bike ba bike.
    Rod: oh no I’m just walking. 😂🤣

  3. They pull over trucks and lorries there for inspecting such things as overloading , correct cargo manifest etc. Our site offices, for the new bridge, are opposite Il Corso so seen this happening a lot. Apparently Filinvest and the previous Mayor of Cebu didn’t see eye to eye that’s why nothing was happening in the area. Since the new mayor things are kicking off construction wise.

  4. Wow perfect timing for this VIDEO😁 I was just looking all last week to stay at some property at the SAN REMO OASIS there next to the IL CORSO, and was wondering how that walk would be going to SM SEASIDE from there🤔 Doesn’t look very pedestrian friendly without any sidewalks but I’m guessing it’s an easy 30 minute walk😉👍

  5. a great excursion out on the CSCR Rod; I stayed in the San Remo Oasis for a month Nov’19. Can’t wait to get back to PH 🙏🏼 should have retired there mid 2020, now put on hold!

  6. looks great, gee Cebu is on the move just get over this pandemic, i love these videos as one living overseas and somewhat stuck. Thank you Rod

  7. Hi Rod,
    Thanks for sharing,,
    this is nice place I’d really like to go back to Cebu sometime this year.
    Can’t wait to get back to PHL.
    Thank you Rod, take care.

  8. Another great video Rod i really enjoy these walking about vlogs, especially as we can’t get out to the Philippines to explore ourselves a present.

  9. Great informative video Rod of the new things there. So dam frustrating not being able to come back and enjoy with my gal. You’d think the powers that be would open up for economic benefits that the foreigners will bring. Well that’s life, as my Philippine Gal says. And just pray to God it will open soon. There unbending unwavering belief is Amazing. Hey, that’s the Philippines. Take Care bro. Maybe someday it will open for the rest of us waiting. Faith? OK

  10. Their so much Cebu has to offer in Dinning and other interesting places to venture out to see .Ice Skating problely the one in the Philippines is Cebu for skating but I could be wrong maybe they have one in Manila I do not know for sure .thanks for your Vlog always enjoy when you walk around and get us a idea of what is happening around the city .

  11. That’s a nice place, Rod. I’m so tired of the rat race here 😳. Although I don’t like the heat there, I still miss the Philippines 🇵🇭 😢

  12. Nice video. You should be a tour guide. 😄 I was there last Febuary 2020. Nice area. Hope it opens soon. Have both Moderna vaccines now. Take care Douglas.

  13. Its quite a amazing area that Rod Its a bit like the high end of town for the upper class. Only issue on my visits is that lucky to have 1% in that range so its quite empty. SM seaside mall everytime ive been there it has lots of vacant shop space and down stairs is like a car sales yard. there are no beaches so im guessing they hope the can bring gamblers in to make the area more productive. Just by chance Chris from Cebu has just moved over that way guess you didnt bump into him

  14. Nice to see the developments in the area. Hoping to be able to visit in November. I think there will lots of new things to see since I left in 2018. Fingers crossed anyway.

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