Family Matters in the Philippines / I am the Eggman Old Dog New Tricks

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Family Matters in the Philippines / I am the Eggman Old Dog New [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I chat with Baby Mae’s younger Brother and how intends to bring himself up and out of poverty


  1. Paul when you promote people you are so kind and understanding. Congrats to this young man for doing things so him and his partner can survive

  2. Thanks for introducing us to Mae’s brother. I see so many mannerisms and characteristics as Mae. All I can say to him is keep doing what you are doing and your dreams will be fulfilled

  3. Great interview. Mae’s brother is incredibly responsible person, hard working ,and, has great ethics. Great to see how he looks after his family . I am glad a watched this video, very encouraging to see !

  4. Paul
    Great interview with Jeffery. He sounds like a great young man. We need more men like him in this world. My best wishes to him and his family. Jeffery keep up all the hard work and before you know it you will have the business that you want.

  5. GOOD Job ,my wife Lives in Clark , and I promise when I come to Dumaguete I will help him Buy his Chariot , its Not a Hand out it is a Hand up and he deserves it , God Bless i wish the world was filled with more people like Him …. Paul see you guys soon, yesterday i received my second Pfizer shot i will be coming soon … : )

  6. That is one good kid Paul I hope he does well in life because he deserves it. I hope to be there in about a year and I will for sure buy eggs from him And put him to work when I need help

  7. He is the exception to the rule; things in general would be much better concerning Filipinos (male and female) if they possessed (at least some) of his key character traits.

  8. I wonder where he could’ve worked if he had finished college? (As a chef in something like a high-end hotel?)
    He seems like a really top-notch guy…just like his sister.
    I’d be interested in hearing about the father, and the drinking. His kids seem to have thankfully avoided that path. Perhaps they saw firsthand the pitfalls of the bottle.

  9. Baby Mae’s brother is an awesome young man. Willing to bust his arse to provide for his family. I have nothing but respect for him. God bless him and his family. I wish I had a son like him.

  10. Great interview Paul. This young man is a go getter and it will definitely pay off in the long run. Congrats on your side hustle and wish you nothing but success in all you set out to do

  11. That was a really nice interview you’re right Paul most Filipino men get a bad rap deservedly so for leaving their girl pregnant with babies.But you can see this is a very upstanding young man that I would trust. It’s amazing how much you can tell he’s Mae’s brother.Thank you Paul for sharing another awesome video it’s always a pleasure watching you. I know this is going to sound strange but you’re relaxing to listen to I think that’s a compliment.

  12. Thanks for letting Mae’s brother be on your show and explaining it all. i am interested in work salaries and education backgrounds. Keep it up please!

  13. Nice to meet Baby Maes brother, Geoffrey (do not know spelling of his name). A very nice enterprising young man – blessings to him and his family. I applaud someone who tries to better themselves however they can. Good for him! Thank you Paul for bringing his story to us. Hes a lovely young man, just like Baby Mae, both lovely!

  14. Jeffrey your a rare find for any lady. Your hard work and dedication and determination to better yourself and your family and baby should be commended. We are all proud of you for what you do and are doing now. Paul, great interview with Jeffrey. You are to be commended too. I’m a great fan of yours and I’m a subscriber of you and Baby Mae and Mark. Living in the Philippines for almost 6 years now with my beautiful Filipina wife and little James 4 YOA whom is like my own son. God bless you all and my prayers go out to you all. Looking forward to your next Vlog.

  15. Good video Paul. My LDR’s brother is similar. He has twin girls now who are one year old. He stuck with his girl, got a sales job at a mall and they are doing okay. I’ve known lots of girls who’s boy friend as you said “bailed” as soon as she was knocked up. That’s common in the US, Thailand, PI, and probably the rest of the world. Mae’s brother is one in a million.

  16. Another informative and inspiring video Paul. That young man is a good example for other people in other countries. Paul, I know you are for the most part a humble dude but good on you! You have a good heart for bringing people like this to light. πŸ‘Œβ™₯οΈπŸ‘

  17. Class! Nice young MAN and he also shows how nurturing BabyMae’s parents were and are. I think I am ok to say we used to call them…salt of the earth All the needed ingredients and also with much love and care.

  18. As I see it, the problem is NOT a choice of work options, but the “profit margin” within the job. You can barely feed yourself on a dollar an hour job, much less raise a family. If delivering eggs or cooking or driving a trike paid a better profit margin, you wouldn’t have to have multiple jobs.

  19. Seems like a good guy. You are right Paul, so many jobs here and people won’t o them because they are waiting for a handout. Keep up the good efforts Joffrey. If you can possibly save something, then that helps too. A peso saved is a peso earned.

  20. Local College in the Philippines is the equalizer for the possible substandard primary schools in the provinces. I’d you can make it through a year or two of “college” you most likely meet the standard GED requirements ( basic STEM)

  21. Hey Paul if you can sell cars you can sell eggs get out there and do some footwork and show the youngster how it’s done, it’s not all about money a lot is about education to the right people. .. if you give him the tools he’ll run with them πŸ‘

  22. He seems like a good guy. People in the West have no idea how easy they have it. When I was in Thailand the one thing I really noticed was that dried beans (kidney, chickpeas, haricot) were dirt cheap, and they didn’t figure in the street food. They’re full of protein and energy, but expensive and difficult to cook without a pressure cooker. The basic truth of small communities is that they always sustain a bakery because the economies of scale baking bread are massive. I thought that for Β£300/$400 you could buy a commercial pressure cooker and a giant rice cooker. The latter you sometimes see. A chicken, and a load of beans in a rice cooker is the basis for fifty portions in twenty minutes. Is there a market for hard boiled eggs? If you hand them over cooked are they worth more? Cooking hundreds at a time again means economies of scale. You’d need to be sure there was a market for them before doing it!

  23. Lets help him get the “bike” he needs to expand more eggs … Paul. if it is possible for you to set up the way, I will make the first donation. He is awesome.

  24. AWESOME VIDEO πŸ“Ή. Mae’s Brother is a entrepreneur. He has vision. He is destined for Greatness. He reminds of the American actor Bee Vang. He played in the movie Grand Torino as Thao. Good Young Man. πŸ‘

  25. Jeffery, you are a real man.
    So many younger males are still acting like children.
    You are not… You’re a very good role-model for others.
    Good things are coming for you in your life! Well done young man…

  26. Somehow Jollibee’s stock doubled during the pandemic. They own chowking as well as about 15 other corporations including 2 US chains Coffee Bean and Smashburger

  27. I like what I’m seeing here. This kid has a great work ethic (like Mae, strong gene pool there), great drive, and he’s a stand-up guy vis-Γ -vis his daughter, too. He doesn’t run away from his responsibilities as a father. A lot of Pinoys will pull a Houdini when a baby out of wedlock is involved, so I applaud his moral character and the follow-thru he’s showing here. I have a Pinoy brother-in-law like this, really good guy, steadfast and reliable, good husband to my wife’s sister and a good father to his two children. Her other three sisters (and most of my wife’s friends) have not fared so well in their choice of partners, and so, that makes me appreciate my brother-in-law all the more.

    Love this young man Geoffrey – thanks for putting him in front of us.

  28. Much respect to a man who works hard to take care of his family and looks to improve himself. I hope that his hard work continues to pay off. Be blessed Sir.

  29. Hi Paul, a very good piece thank you. Congratulations to this hard working young man. I have a suggestion. If there is room on his property, is it possible to set up a small egg farm. Build a chicken house and run and purchase some egg laying chickens. I financed this concept in Thailand for a family. Now they have 150 chickens producing around 143 eggs daily. They sell them to a local shop keeper. In this young man’s case he is also doing the marketing and distribution. Why not aim to go from production to distribution to direct market. Just a thought but it could lead to a decent operation over time. I have been thinking this could also happen with the Thailand business. Cheers. Kevin

  30. Paul thank you for showing the responsible and hardworking side of the Filipino people. Too many people just focus on the negative traits and forget the good.

  31. he is doing business that makes him a business man and keep expanding. being a business man has nothing to do with how much business or your success at that time . if you are already doing business you are a business man. so go hard young man

  32. Great video Paul! If I was living in the area, I’d for sure, order a tray of eggs each week to be delivered to my place. That would be one less fragile item for me to get and take home myself when I visit the food store with eggs being something I use a lot.

  33. Hey Paul, does he have a computer? Has he ever thought of learning to edit videos? It seems like the demand for Philippines content is growing which means the demand for business services such as editing will soon follow. He can market the time savings that will allow the content creators to make more. Win for them, win for their audience, win for him.

  34. Survival skills is strong with this one! His experiences will only increase his chances of success. I think when tourism opens up, he will have multitude of opportunities to choose from. More power to him and his young family!

  35. Hi ole timer. Happiness comes so easy around you guys. I am looking at a property over at sippalay on the beach.What is your view on this area(sugar beach area) Would be great to hear your thoughts. Craig McMillan

  36. Great interview Paul, I know it wasn’t your intention with this video to ask for help for your brother in law but out of curiosity what is the cost of a chariot you were talking about? A lot of old dogs are ready and willing to send money to help a pretty Filipina at the drop of a hat so let’s see how many of us are willing to help an honest hard working guy trying to provide for his family

  37. Why don’t you Start a go fund me account for this young man.I would contribute, there are so many people that Start them that don’t deserve it but he surely does!

  38. I have 4 pinoy friends . All have jobs. ! One will soon be back for Saudi, after 2 years there 2hile those others work here in Cebu. # of them worked many years at same hotel, until the hotel was sold in 2015. Now they are at late 20s and early 30s. Some with kids and all all support their partners/kids. Have kept them as friends since ,y first visit in Cebu 2009 and we hang out much when i moved to Cebu 2012. I Its same all over the world, they have good and bad people but when get over some good once, keep in touch.

  39. What a great young man he is. He’s hustling to make a decent life for his family. He should be very proud of himself. I wish him the best of luck.

  40. May be he should try buying eggs direct from the producer and then increase his profit margin.
    Not sure if his supplier at the Sibulan market would be happy but he is obviously still making a profit selling the eggs to Joffrie at the moment.

  41. Hey there Paul. Looking to do a quick q&a for a few specifics about the area your in. Expat for 7 years. Could we do a paid 15min messenger call? Would really expedite my process and get some specifics answered.

  42. Great interview Paul.
    Here in Lipa City, Batangas there are 2 smaller municipalities nearby.
    Padre Garcia, Batangas ( know as the Cattle Center of the Philippines, & San Jose, Batangas ( known as the Egg Basket of the Philippines).
    I can go into the town market in Padre Garcia ( where there is fresher produce & better prices than Lipa ) 1 tray of small eggs has 2 prices 140 pesos for Filipinos & 190 pesos for Foreigner’s. I usually go there with my neighbor’s wife and she gets the same tray for 120 pesos. In San Jose I get a tray for 150 pesos mixed sizes.
    Medium, large, and Jumbo size in 1 tray ( mostly large & Jumbo eggs) They are chicken eggs but I swear I thought many were duck or goose eggs because of the size.
    I will take my neighbor’s wife next time as her family prefers Padre Garcia ( an 8 km drive) where Sansone is 1 km to the nearest egg wholesaler and 3 km to the Town Market. Just like in Texas, USA brown eggs are 20 to 40 pesos more per tray than white eggs. Filipinos here prefer the white eggs while Foreigners prefer the Brown.
    I hope he can expand his business by selling to the Sari-Sari stores in the area.
    Less profit for him per tray but maybe he can get an overall better price by buying in volume thus improving his overall take.

  43. Hi Paul, it’s not just in America but a lot of the things you describe there apply to the UK, and I suspect a lot western Europe as well. Jeffrey you are indeed a great example of a hard working young man, what’s more important is you are setting a great example for your child who will grow up knowing how they should behave.

  44. Thank you Paul and Joffery (hope I got the correct spelling) for this interview. His and the family’s story is so common in the Philippines. The work ethic and family support there, in general, is remarkable. Hope all your days are lucky.

    Just an added thought. Is is possible to raise your own chickens to produce eggs?

  45. A tv is just a computer monitor.. I understand the point and it is bulky to move.. the harrasment I am getting is going to force the prop trading job somewhere outside the us. The labor and food situation is delaying that because I get 6 days of around 11hr sometimes. It’s YouTube and phone Tek that really started to get my income and cap gains going. Sorta interested in the types of business he thinks he could get started. Motorcycles and frontier markets that’s all about adventure capitalism for sure.

  46. What a great young man. Not only does he work hard but goes out and starts a business as well. He has owned up to his responsibilities and trying to make a good life for his family. I hope his dreams come true and he does very well.

  47. Baby Nature girl Mae Whoo has amazing brother and a hard working young man and hear all the Negative things about some young philippineo men it’s not all true for all most of them are amazing people. As for all the jobs in US don’t forget a lot of people finishing their education and move on to better paying jobs. Right now I’m going to school online and working full-time and I am hoping to move on 2. If anyone visit Philippines and Paul mcgill hire his brother inlaw for things opps OH Shit πŸ˜… sorry Mae nature girl whoo brother! He sounds like good man ! God bless him and Paul and Mae

  48. This young man has found a niche that he can fill. I truly hope his side business will grow into a full time job for him and bring him a good income. He’s a smart businessman. God bless you Paul and this young man. Of course Mae and Riza too πŸ˜‰

  49. Great Vlog Paul, I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning and also have been watching your friend Mark’s channel, honestly your more my speed , someone who is content where he is and helps locally when he can , being the same age as you & divorced & retired I plan to move to Phillipines and follow your example, I think following Mark’s example sounds like too much work and stress and I genuinely worry about him

  50. Great job showing one of the men that take responsibility for their child and work hard to support them. He seems like a nice respectful young man I wish the best for him and his family. Good luck

  51. The egg delivery is an interesting sideline. Back in the 60’s my dad worked at a chicken farm and once a week he would deliver eggs to people around the area, after his job finished, he or my mom continued delivering eggs for 4 more years until a day before I was born. So this was not a high profit job, but its a way to earn money as a sideline. Hard work can pay off.

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