Filipina Single Mom Interview, Challenges of being a single mom in the Philippines June 28, 2020

Filipina Single Mom Interview, Challenges of being a single mom in the Philippines June 28, 2020

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  1. Hi Paul nice interview .I have questions how I can get subscribers in YouTube just like you thank you and be safe as always πŸ˜‡

  2. She’s a beautiful young lady but I feel that she should concentrate on learning a few life skills.
    This too me would be like taking on two kids.
    I wish her every success.

  3. She’s looking for a father figure? How about a grandfather Seriously I hope she finds someone to care and love her and her daughter. Lovely smile.

  4. Just because a woman wants to have her needs met doesn’t make her a golddigger Who doesn’t want that. Neneng and I are not jealous of each other because we trust each other. I don’t give her any reason to be jealous and she doesn’t me either. God Bless the young lady and we wish the best for her and her child.

  5. Hi Paul, Pretty lady you have there. Over jealously would be a deal breaker for me. I think it’s poison to a relationship, its negative energy.

  6. The old dogs starting a dating agency lol !! yes good video very interesting subjects about single mums, you will have to do more, im a single guy my take on all this of course they want to meet a guy from abroad they see other people with what they conceive as stability security and all those kind of things but long distance relationships dont work best to go out there, like im doing and relax meet plenty girls if you get on with one then thats fine if not just enjoy the Country and explore, there is no rush guys to take the first girl that comes along better to wait and find that special one.
    Anyhow you old dog !! when is the move !!!!

  7. Hi Paul,
    Great post.
    The dating scene is a new addition to the old dawg platform… LOL
    A really nice genuine young lady.

    Stay safe , stay you

  8. Hi Paul. I have been enjoying your channel for some time now. Keep up the great videos. I’m considering moving to the Philippines someday. The young lady you interviewed is very pretty and seems to be very nice. Wish I was heading that way, would enjoy meeting her.

  9. Nice young lady, lots of potential. Hopefully she has learnt from her mistake as the green eyed monster can be a killer in relationships.

  10. Damm that girl looks like a keeper. Hopefully she does find the foreigner that treats her like the princess she is and does his best ko give her a good future!!!

  11. Hi Paul. You have been busy posting several videos over the past few days. βœ…. Thanks for having such a great variety of guests. I will remember to keep a close eye on my phone !!

  12. Women everywhere want stability especially when they have children. I’ve heard Filipino men treat their woman less kind than foreign men.

  13. Paul, another excellent video. It is rather refreshing to hear the perspective from your guest today. Everybody has done things in the past that we wish we could change. Maria seems like an honest and forthright lady. Sounds like her ex foreigner boyfriend was already planning an exit strategy, and the phone intrusion was simply the excuse he needed to bail. It is a shame the way things work out sometimes. Maria is an intelligent and down to earth lady and I hope she finds a husband that will truly appreciate her and respect her. A lady like her only comes around once in a while.

  14. Wow Paul…..another beautiful lady. You are surrounded by beauties. Be careful. Sounds to me she just wants some security and stability. I think she is a great catch.

  15. Charming young lady, well spoken. And right on Paul……every relationship ever formed in any country is based somewhat on the financial aspect of what the man brings to the table. Just how it is and how it always will be, law of the jungle so to speak. Four foundations that uphold a man are physical, spiritual, mental and financial. And not too many ladies out there want a dead broke bum as partner.

  16. Paul, great job with the interview. One thing, I am sure there will be many men interested, I only hope you take the time at some point to meet the guys and perhaps ask some questions the young lady may not think of. Just a thought.

  17. What an amazing young lady. To admit a mistake of going to a guys phone is to be commended. Single Moms in the Philippines are special people, fun, kind and caring. She will grow from her experience and find a man worthy of the love she will give in return. God bless her young soul. Pass on my best wishes to her.

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