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  1. Gotta love how most vendors don’t have a sign indicating how much the produce cost. Being light colored skin, they can always increase the price. A few pesos here and there.
    Thanks for the video. Awesome.

  2. your Girlfriend has very big hands and is very big muscle ???????????? i noticed that why you dont like her?? on camera Rod ?its nice down there it dosent worry me im a poor man any way

  3. I love sayote one of my favorite vegetable but it’s expensive here $6 each.I was laughing with the roaster dealer when she told u it’s guaranteed to win and u said when l lost can l bring it back.

  4. I miss Carbon market. Bought the most delicious bibingka that i have tasted up to this point, from a vendor there. It had coco added to it and was fluffy almost like a sponge cake. Sure as hell beats the stuff that you get on the ferry.

    I don’t smoke, but i enjoy likin (those hand rolled kind of cigarettes). Too bad I cannot get those in Europe.

  5. The only thing I did not like in this video of yours Rod, is when it did end, never a dull moment…
    Great channel, can’t leave with no comment like I do on some of your videos, but for sure I press the 👍 and support every time… Good luck and wish you all the best. Be safe, stay safe, and keep distance! Best regards/Ned ⛄️❄️🦌

  6. My wifes sister told me the same thing, don’t go there it’s dangerous. I get the Kano to, but I’m Canadian, lol Where are the face shields? I thought it was mandatory to wear them, even out and about, now.

  7. That was a really good look around Rod thanks, you showed me some parts of the market that I never saw before. I always enjoy a market look around. Last time there I somehow lost my bearings, and jumped on one of those electric trikes to take me back to near the Metro store where I knew haha. Thanks for sharing as always Rod.

  8. I see some didnt wear mask and some have it under their chin like not even wearing them proper. Does the police fine them if they see that? I feel like virus will spread because people decide to do that

  9. I love this vlog Rod, reminds me of my younger days back in Manila. Those vendors could at least communicate with you, I’m proud of them. Take care sir. 😁

  10. Seems to be a high percentage of overweight people there. Is that just in the market [ like Walmart here in the US] or is that all over the Philippines?

  11. Thanks Rod, saw this today Sat. 19 Dec, while having breakfast. You’re right about the snatchers there, that market has a reputation
    for this sort of thing. Must say, i was never accosted in this manner anywhere on Cebu, thats not to say it doesn’t happen to others.
    As for the expression, ‘Cano”, all people of European descent get that as you know, no matter which country you hail from. Most locals who use that expression, think we are all Americans, even German expats? I had a friend, (now deceased) from Seattle, who took great umbridge at being called that, though of course he was American, Rod.

  12. Nice day for a trip to the market. Looking forward to the market visit experience. I agree, always be aware and keep your eyes open. Thanks for the video!

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