Finding an Apartment in the Philippines

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  1. I pay 10k pesos for a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom furnished apartment/house in a subdivision with 24hr security.. very good deal! ūüôā

    1. @Rune Lilleeng¬†Hey Rune, I’m moving to Lapu lapu in about 1 month. I really want to find a place to live… possibly even before I get there. I am not fussy about what I want. I just need a place that is secure and furnished with internet/wifi. Ideally, I don’t want to spend more than $300 USD and I am willing to get a 3 month lease. How can I find a place? How did you do it? I would appreciate your advice.

  2. Hello Henry, thanks for the video! Could you please clarify, do most apartments that are available for rent usually have a sign (phone number) on the window or not? If not, is that one reason why asking people about available apartments can be useful?

    1. Not all of them will have a sign, which is why it’s good to ask the neighbors, people in the area. ¬†The place I found had no sign, but the neighbor lady knew it was vacant.

  3. Hi Henry. ¬†Good info, as usual. ¬†I’m moving to that area soon. ¬†Your bamboo furniture looks great! ¬†How much did you pay for the refridgerator? ¬†Thanks.

  4. I will be moving to Cebu in about 6 weeks and there are many really nice apartment/condos listed on craigslist РAsia-Philippines-Cebu. What I like is you can sort on have pics and price range (min to max) I seen some really nice condos with furniture, even rice cooker and eating utensils, flat screen TV with cable and internet for about 10kphp ($225) but for 6 months to a year lease and 1st and last month deposit. I saw one where they wanted 4 months advanced post dated checks Рscrew that! But the longer you stay 1 year lease the cheaper.

  5. My Apartment Hunting Prayer…Blessed are the Crowing Roosters, Blessed are the Barking Dogs, Blessed are Those who Remove all Baffles from Mufflers of Scooters, Blessed are those who Butcher¬†Classic Songs at Late Night Karakoe, Blessed are those who run Metal Fabrication Shops from their homes…. Amen.

  6. Our 4th Floor walk-up 1 Bedroom, in Caloocan (Metro Manila) is smaller in size – but a brand new building.¬† The rent is 7500 for 4th floor- 500 more for each floor down.¬† 4th gave us a nice view of Manila Bay.¬† Running AC¬†a lot, power¬†is about 4000/month (100 USD) … Water is about 1000/Month… PLDT Internet DSL 8 Meg/1Meg = 4200 /Month and a few other small items… so about¬†$400.00 USD

    1. @furbygr¬†Yes, with Lights, Computers, TV, Fridge, On¬†Demand Water Heater (Shower), Rice Cooker, Microwave, and Girl Stuff (Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, Flat Iron)¬†Yep… just about 4000 Pesos/month ūüėȬ† Thank goodness some of my other items run on Batteries¬†… winks¬†¬†

  7. Rekay, I have watched most of your videos now from last year and it is refreshing to know you have finally met your match good for you. Now what I can best give advice to someone like you since you talk about living and how to stay afloat in the Philippines like so many failed to stay afloat expat or otherwise returning filipinos who had gotten used to western life in the states they come back disappointed and broke. There are so many ways to keep ahead of the game you do have to be a little bit creative use all of your knowledge and know how there’s so many things one can do I know people who started bring water purifier and made small store to sell purified bottled water and is doing very busy unfortunately sometimes too busy but use your imagination a friend started coffee plantation, bar, restaurants if you lady knows how to cook all sortof stuff with a little money to start out with you will be able to sustain your boat afloat.

    1. Oh, i see what you mean.  that place was a bit far from town for me, now that i have been here for six months, that price is way to high
      for what im willing to pay.  the place is great its just not what im looking for, i want a little more filipino life style

    2. Are you still in living at these apartments? I am looking to retire in PI in the coming years and want to start looking at places now( be proactive) and Dumaguete has come up in conversation.

  8. Hello Henry . You are one great guy . I really enjoy you . BUT … I drink alot of coffee watch your videos , I hope we can meet up when i come down . Gibby from Canada .

    1. @Gib Handson¬†i’d be glad to meet with you when you’re out here in dumaguete. ¬†just let me know when. ¬†ūüôā

  9. Is there a website, that you can see some affordable apartments. The only places I find on the net are expensive tourist traps. What do they call the hotel/apartments in the Philippines?

    1. @TheLordtaiko¬†most anything you see online will cost more, to pay someone’s commission. the best deals are found driving around randomly. it’s just how it’s done here. boarding houses are very basic, usually for students or two girls sharing a room. often it’s just an 8’x10′ room with an communal restroom, no kitchen.

  10. Hi Henry,I love your videos,I want to thank you for making such informative high quality vids.I was wondering if you have been to Davao? I am hoping to visit there Christmas and. Was wondering if you have visited there or if you have any plans to?if not do you know another expat who has and if there are any good videos about living there? Thanks again for the vids my friend and May God bless you.

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines gd advice wen arrive stay in hotel for few day go looking subdivisions are good to look thats wat id suggest they are safe and secure

    2. @freeindeed2013¬†i’ve not been to davao, dumaguete is as far south as i plan to go for now. from here i want to explore further north again. not sure if anyone is doing a vlog from davao or not, may have to search youtube for that.

  11. Hi Henry….. ¬† ¬†Robert from Canada… (with quite a few American relatives). ¬† ¬†Thank you for all the work you do with your videos and advice for the Phil… ¬†¬†

    I totally agree with your suggestions for finding a good place to live. When I flew to Chiang Mai,Thailand, I used the method you suggest here for the Philippines and I hadn’t even seen this video yet> ¬†
    ¬† ¬† ¬† Spent some time at a cheap hotel for a month while I settled in and got used the the area. ¬† But during that month, I found a much nicer place which I ended up moving to. ¬† ūüôā ¬† And yes… I haggled with the owners and got a fantastic discount for signing for three months. ¬† Their price for staying for a few days or a few weeks was much higher. ¬†Signing for three months saved me a lot of money.¬†

    ¬† ¬†Took me two or three weeks to acclimatize to the tropical heat and get over the culture shock…. then I settled right in and got quite comfortable in that part of the world.¬†

    ¬† ¬†Altogether I was in northern Thailand for four months. ¬†But I would like to maybe find a nice little place to stay and live in the Phil…. or Cambodia maybe…. ¬†perhaps Thailand…so lovely in that part of the world..¬†

    ¬† Sounds to me like your advice on finding a place is the way to get a good place no matter where you go in south east Asia…¬†

    ¬† ¬†Thanks again for all you do …… ¬†maybe run into you and your girlfriend in the Phil later this year or next year. ¬† Dinner and beer’s on me ūüôā

  12. My girlfriend and I are coming to Dumaguete the end of October to look for a house or apartment to rent. I understand the best way to find one is to ride around asking. Neither of us speak the local language. Do you think we should hire a local to go with us as interpreter? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Russ and Kritchawan

  13. This video was so helpful when I prepared to come here. And still there were a few surprises in my house hunt. I ended up asking the tricycle guy, he knew a lot of places. But I found my house through an advert on a website and an agent. About prices: I found it a little more expensive, prices do have increased.

  14. i get a room 500 peso a night in caibiran ( biliran island ) with cr in the room but i can stay free at my inlaws house but no aircon at my inlaws .

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