1. Yees, this is great! Terrence sir, if you are up for it, you could just continue playing. I am quite sure you could even find some other people to play with in Bohol.

    Or you can just play by yourself too, now you live in a place where no neighbor can even hear you,haha.

    Music is your passion and if it still gives you joy to play, just keep playing. Maybe you can even teach some music lessons to the kids. Maybe Talik or Lovely will get into playing music, who knows.

    You still remember those major scales and where to find them. Keep going sir 👍

    PS: Oh wow, what about teaching kids about music, maybe some basic theory etc? That would let you to help others, and it would be something that you love too.

    That song at the end is very nice. Yeah sir, keep playing , it is who you really are.

  2. You have a good taste in Music Masquerade one of my Favs, sung and played by George Benson on Guitar you have a good tone Terrence, whished I could play like that,

  3. Sir Terrence my friend I’m quite sure time has a way of taking care of all things . It’s like anything else you have to stay playing everyday to be on the top of your game

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