Airline flights are increasing in the Philippines for both international and domestic flight destinations. OFW’s, seafarers, Filipinos and their spouses, stranded individuals, and travel for business and medical reasons are being allowed with proper documentation. There appears to be a limit on how many are allowed into the Philippines each day with thousands of OFWs still stranded in other countries. Manila NAIA airport and Mactan Cebu International Airport are the 2 main airports.


  1. I have a family member stuck in LA, they wouldn’t let them continue onward to Cebu because they didn’t have a Filipino Passport, this was PAL decision…US Passport wouldn’t work…

  2. I hope we can leave in late Sept. Cebu to SFO got my fingers crossed. When they open travel from Bohol to Cebu were on it we can stay at my wife’s sisters condo there.

  3. Phillipines Government have really blown this Plandemic sky high.. they’ve made it extremely hard, even for its own citizens to exist. SAD Times!!

  4. Covid 19 exposed Philippines’s wickedness and inability to handle difficult situations.. they are treating national and other people as criminals.. The way they treated OFWs is disgusting.. i have changed my mind about that country and i have to look for another place.. Expats think again about relocating to this country.. how can you be quarantined in Manila 14 days.. suregao city 14 days yet you have negative medical certificate..travel pass.. ridiculous

  5. I see many flights in July and onward from Clark airport in Angeles to Korea, HK, and elswhere and then to Canada and other American cities…Clark (crk) is another flight option besides Mactan and Manila big guy…great work and I enjoy your videos.

  6. good overview maybe Lgu some have these and some have extra requirements , do you plan to go back to Thailand and Vietnam next year ? are table games reopen in casinos?

  7. Rod, I have found JeJu air to fly out of Mactan, although I don’t always see them on Mactan’s departure list.. First I was looking at a flight from Mactan to Incheon, connecting to American Airlines to Dallas Ft. Worth, connecting to Corpus Chirsti, Tx , all on CheapO air.. The flight doesn’t exist anymore.. Jeju air would fly from Mactan to Incheon, then I would get the Incheon to DFW, and then Corpus Christi.. The layover time at Incheon would be about the same amount of time as the original one I was looking at 11hrs.. Which if you have a layover, Incheon is not a bad place to layover.. They have a restful lounge where you can sleep, and you can take a shower there.. I have asked JRC if they can just get me a exit clearance, then I can book those flights, and go through the run around of the medical certificate, and travel pass.. For foreigners leaving, I don’t believe they have a 14 day quarantine requirement, just the med cert.. Thanks for the video, appreciate the updates, Bruce

  8. I agree with you that the economic fallout and resulting deaths will be far worse than the virus. This is just a highly contagious flu, not the end of the world.

  9. This is good news, they will get the hang of welcoming pinoy passengers and testing them on arrival. Possibly to welcome eager travelers like me soon!!! Thanks for sharing your info!

  10. Thanks for sharing this information Sir, we are still waiting for our flight from Switzerland to Mactan cebu ,hope we could fly soon.Stay safe .Gteetings from Zurich, Switzerland 🇨🇭

  11. Nope, my friend’s coworker’s husband is a pilot and he just caught COVID-19 for the second time, if he’s getting this and he’s in the cockpit which is separate from the main cabin imagine what you can catch.

  12. Do you know when Davao Internationell Airport is going to open for flights to Cebu or do have any good site where i can find information about that??

  13. I watch each and every one of your videos and give you a thumbs-up but I do not always comment.. I was planning on leaving for the Philippines on the first Saturday in April so need I say more.. I am a history buff and I have been studying the history of the world my whole life..I have been closely studying southeast Asia and especially the Philippines for the last 4 years..I am not thinking about traveling to the Philippines until I see people getting off planes at the airports in the filipines and being treated normal without all the restrictions.. I am in no hurry to make a big costly mistake that will make my life more uncomfortable than it should be under the circumstances.. thanks for your informative videos 😀👌👍🤗

  14. I know this has nothing to do with the flights I have a house in San Miguel Bulacan but is there a lot of golf courses in Cebu not so much in San Miguel

  15. Thanks Rod! The news is getting better. My wife spoke with her Filipina friend last night. They flew Philippine Airlines LAX to Manila. Flight instead went to Cebu where they were swabbed and taken to hotel. They were given swab results less than 4 hrs later and were on their way to Manila. She was flying with American spouse. Hope the news keeps improving! Take Care there!

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