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  2. If you are a retired vet your Tri-care select works at most major hospitals in the PH. If you are a disabled vet all of your service related needs can be taken care of at the VA in manila. In 2019 I got sick and was in the hospital for about 7 days and Tri-care paid for 75% of all my expenses and they paid the hospital directly no issues.

  3. We recommend and comment about “What we know” and after living in the Philippines 2 years, Thailand 2 years, Japan 2 years and visiting almost ever southeast Asian country including Vietnam.. THAILAND Thailand Thailand.. the best in all categories.

  4. Buy a condo… Bad.. I have been told… It is kind of a scam… At purchase 25% goes to taxes comission. Same at resell it. Locals do not like USED. Locals buy brand new. Locals never have big $ to buy… Only foreigner has big $ buy it.

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