Getting High as Possible on Koh Samui – Tourist Free Thailand Tour Episode 6

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  1. 8:35 Hi Chad, those animal statues represent the “12 Chinese Zodiac Signs” which has a huge impact on Thai culture such as Thai astrology and Thai horoscope, even on a person’s birth certificate in Thailand has a designated zodiac sign of birth (one of those 12 animals). In other words, Thai zodiac signs and Chinese zodiac signs are almost exactly the same, except for one animal in which the dragon in Chinese zodiac is replaced by a nāga (large water serpent or snake) in Thai zodiac.

  2. Another great video Chad! I started cracking up when you were talking about how easy it was to get down that road that someone had told you that it was impossible for a motorbike. Then when you got to the dirt road. LOL! On the previous video you said that you were going to mention the resort you were staying at in Lamai. I would like to know which resort it is. I have a reser vation for the month of January at a resort in Lamai. Just curious.

  3. Bro that woman feeding the doggos and you giving her money was the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while thank you for both i needed that today!

  4. For some reason I can’t click the bell icon. I get a notification the content is made for children and for that reason I can’t get notifications when there’s a new video.

  5. Glad you made it there this time Chad 👍…Cafe 360 is where we always stop for coffee in the morning when riding the trails up there…really nice folks 😊

  6. Go to ko tao and investigate the recent murders. The two Burmese went down for it, but everybody knows it was the local mafia lord’s son. that’s the main story there.

  7. I was thinking, “thats the sweetest thing I’ve seen; A lady driving around feeding all the street dogs.” Then Chad goes over and hands her some money to help with the cause. Chad, I love your channel anyway. But now, well… What can I say. You are a great human being. I have so much and love and respect for you. Karma is on your side because of the “feeding the dogs money”. Thats why everything went your way. Seriously.

  8. Wow I remember last time you not being able to find it. Dude a monkey playing with a cat that’s some Hangover movie stuff! I think everything went right because of karma and you giving her money for dog food. I subscribed and hit my bell after seeing your first video!

  9. This is a great vid
    Not the Samui i remember from many visits there
    but where is at the moment!!
    Can it recover?
    will it recover?
    regards from deepest Issan

  10. thank you for the tour! the Ying and the Yang of traveling, you are now riding the wave, not being pounded down by the surf; just short of Nirvana! (BTW the place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven, NOT the Cobain Grunge Band from Seattle :-))

  11. Thanks for sharing unknown places to us, for the lady who feeding the dogs, she should be aware of her safety as well not from the dogs but from the men. Good karma will eventually be back to her.

  12. Hi Chad, thanks for the videos. The animals at the temple represent Chinese zodiac calendar. That was really nice of your contribution for dog food.

  13. Those animals The Chinese zodiac is a classification scheme based on the lunar calendar that assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating 12-year cycl

  14. I’m not one for philanthropy in front of a lens. But it was a nice thing to see that kind lady feeding the dogs after you passed by so many…. It makes sense why so many dogs were waiting by the road. It was nice to see she got some support. RAD Video btw i loved this adventure! Where do we go tomorrow?! Lost is fine with me xD

  15. The streets are often quite steep when going over the mountains. With me and my wife on the back, the brakes of my Honda PCX 150cc were completely at limits. Next time I definitely need something better as I was pushing it daily to find good spots to fly my FPV drones. I really like your videos!

  16. Great video! Thank you for giving the lady money for dog food. Very kind of you. All around great video. You made us laugh too and right now we all need that.

  17. I think the statuses around the area maybe are the twelve zodiac signs . But I am not sure. Like mine, i was born in the year of the monkey.

  18. Nice channel Chad! ben following you recently from the Philippines i was living in Samui years ago swing by koh phangan you won’t regret it.

  19. Watch out for coconuts brother. We rented a truck on my first trip and they told us to watch out for them and we laughed, then everywhere we went, coconuts were falling and scaring the shit out of us…lol

  20. Hey Chad great video…you know you can download maps when you’re on Wifi so you can use them when you have no data..try google maps.. cheers JD

  21. I know a old Thai lady who feeds the street dogs in Bangkok ,in this area she has trained every dog she feeds… good gesture with giving some baht for the soi dogs 🐶…

  22. I was supposed to arrive in Thailand yesterday if it wasn’t for “this thing”. Instead I’m watching you doing what I was going to do. Which I appreciate a lot. So keep up the production of these great videos. Thanks.

  23. Thank you
    mate for continuous videos . I’m living through your vids . Australia has borders closed till 2021 they are telling us so once again thank you so much !

  24. Very much like your videos of islands in Thailand, but why don’t you come to the biggest and the best in Thailand, Phuket? We have everything here, nightlife and Thai’s best beaches. When you come, get in touch with us in Rawai.

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