Getting Older: Make The Most Of It

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  2. Genetics & vices play into it & age is usually just a number. I moved here in ’17 w/high BP & 220 lbs. I quit booze at 21, smokes at 59 & have a good partner who cooks healthy all the time w/vegs., etc., etc. I walk a lot ! . Haven’t been behind the wheel once & now at 65, I’m 10 lbs. lighter w/normal BP. To me life is less stressful to begin with here which is huge & if you’re willing to embrace some change in your life you can be very happy.

  3. Age gracefully and enjoy everyday you can find something everyday to enjoy or admire even the simplest things I’m going to be 66 I hope I’m here into my 90s chasing Filipinas hehe 👍

  4. I do enjoy your blogs, sometimes I totally disagree with you but I respect your opinion, I have built a home on Camiguin 4 years ago I can’t wait to get back,,

  5. I am 41 years old, I exercise 3 days a week. I have kept fit all my life and rarely eat meat. You have to keep on top of your health. I am a qualified Pharmacist. I would recommend regular exercise, balanced diet and learn how to be resilient.

  6. Gotta say I’ve enjoyed all these life lesson golden nuggets you keep dropping. I mean it’s kinda common sense but as you said in one video; you have to be reminded of these. I definitely forget a lot of good habits without reminding myself. For a younger guy like me this is like fatherly stuff. Thank you for your wisdom! 🙂

  7. taking care of oneself makes ALL the difference .. turning 57 next month .. do not look it and certainly don’t feel it .. the # is meaningless .. your energy .. vibrancy .. and health status is what determines whether one is ‘old’ or one is ‘young’

  8. Anyone in there 60 that says they r in better shape than when they were 20 must have been a real wimp @ 20. Give me a break. Things go pop now I never knew I had. Hair doesn’t grow as much where it did, grows where it didn’t. I am in decent shape but not what I was at 20, I am not saying you shouldn’t take care of yourself just don’t expect that. Remember the exercise guru who did everything right on TV & at 32 popped a vein & was dead before he hit the ground.

  9. More than six (beers) a day? The medical limit for men is 15 per week, above that is in the alcohol abuse range. Alcoholism is a little more complicated. FWIW I am 65 and feel exactly the same as at age 21 and can do most things better, such as playing basketball

  10. You linked to Dr. Oz… that guy is a shill, I am a doctor and have zero respect for him now, in particular pushing the jab. He bullied Wendy Williams into taking that and she is now on extended medical leave, I will leave it at that.

  11. Make sure you check your birth certificate for an expiration date..maybe the thought will provide some impetus to make adjustments…avoid sugar, fat, and stress (that ol’ wife ?) …thx for the vid 🙏🏻👍🏻🇹🇭

  12. I’m 52 and plan to finish up working in March 2024. I am looking forward to retired life. No stress, have more time for my interests and even pursue new interests. I plan to work on maintaining good health. I think there was only 3 or 4 years of my life where I didn’t eat healthily. Being retired is going to be good for my health.

  13. New subscriber to your channel, I’ve been following you for awhile and love what you put out. Just picky who I subscribe to.

    Today you did a Great show as always with the proper views on life! Keep them rolling out I really look up to you for advice as a world traveler.

  14. I’d really like to hear your ideas on how to provide for your Filipina once you’ve passed away. I’m looking into rental property and investing in the Philippines stock market to provide an income for my loved ones but I’m curious what you think are good ways to set them up for the future.

  15. Hey Henry so you’re ready to go back don’t blame you in age if you walk everyday i its low impact things that will keep you feeling regular and unstressed

  16. ha ha, got you thinking did I? Good video, like I told you, I don’t feel 70 (my 70th BD is at the end of December BTW). I have been active since a teen, and in my 20’s my brother and I built a gym in his house, so we where pounding back the weights, which I’m still doing 3 times a week (not building muscle mass), plus I’m on my exercise bike, doing between 7 and 12 kilometers every day. I try to stay away from to much greasy foods, I quit smoking years ago, and I maybe have 12 beers in a month. Like you said, it’s just a number, take care of your body, it will take care of you. We’ll celebrate your 60th in the Philippines.😉

  17. Hi henry. Great Video. I turned 65 this year. I take no prescriptions, and I can walk miles still. I discovered holistic medicine in the eighties. It saved my life. I can’t do a lot of things i did in my younger years, but I still have the mindset of a much younger man. I live each day as if it is the first day of a new beginning. There is still many things i want to learn. I want to Scuba dive. I want to learn to swim better. I want to explore the Philippines with my girl. The most challenging thing is to learn to drive a scooter in Dumaguete. hahahahaha

  18. Hello Henry and I’ll be hitting the big 60 in March 2022. Although I am disabled (post kidney transplant patient), i still look, feel, and act young! Unfortunately, although I have to watch what I eat (also Diabetic), what keeps me INACTIVE in my life is that I also have severe Anemia. This TOTALLY keeps me from being UNABLE to walk farther, do any strenuous lifting or carrying, and enjoying a more rich filled life. My Diabetes and my kidney transplant is not stopping me at all from enjoying life, it’s my DAMN Anemia!!! When my hemoglobin levels start to drop every couple of months, I inject Iron (Procrit) and although that raises my hemoglobins levels, it DOES NOT raise my energy levels.Really sucks if you ask me or else I’d be traveling worldwide!

  19. It’s rather serendipitous you uploaded this video TODAY. Today is my 55 birthday! I can now order from the senior’s menu also. I’m currently in Mexico and am looking forward to restrictions being lifted (if ever) in The PH so I can get back to my house and wife there… BTW, whether the glass is half full or half empty, just remember it’s a beautiful glass!!

  20. Having a beautiful, loving and young Filipina like Vi is going to add ten years to your life, no question about it.Take it easy on those Gummy Bears and thanks for the video.

  21. Turning 49 this year youre 10 years ahead. But I like your attitude. Married to a Philippina in Germany I am looking to migrate when Iturn 63. So I dig your experiences 👍

  22. 55 here Rekay, been watching you from the beginning and I have a good job. I plan to retire at 60. Went to the PI in 2009. I want to visit again and possibly stay longer. I love women. It would be nice to find a good filipina to share some positive experiences with. Thanks for the video

  23. Why don´t you get over here at Dominican Republic so we can sit down over a dinner and have some nice time here? Just contact me so we can get together here. It would be a pleasure to listen to you and your stories. Ivé been following your videos for many years now and you are one of the resaons I left my home country now. I just retire and come here a month ago waiting for Philippines to open so I can relocate and live there.

  24. Yes ,it’s true ,age is only a number as long as we are healthy ,and some financial support to move around,I’m old now but still feel young and enjoying the life as its ,amigo,,esto regalo de dios,

  25. A lot of people no matter how healthy they eat and how much they exercise are genetically predisposed to develop heart disease, have a stroke or get cancer in their later years or earlier. There obviously is no guarantee that these things can’t occur at any age. You have to balance pleasure from eating certain foods versus forgoing them and trying to extend your lifespan. What good is life if it doesn’t include enough pleasurable things to enjoy on a daily basis? If you can find pleasure in healthy things like eating healthy foods and exercise in moderation then that’s great. Life as you know goes by very quickly, it’s unbelievable. I think a lot of people think they will achieve immortality if they just eat healthier and exercise more often, but unfortunately that’s not true.

  26. Good topic. But filled with delusions. In western countries ageing people are removed from society (e.g. active & nursing communities) so bodily deterioration is not faced. In media, advertisers & opinion-makers spread the fictions that death & decay can be beaten & promote cosmetic techniques as proof of age-defiance. Advertisers & the medical industry profit hugely from these self-delusions. No one really knows what fifty and above looks alike any longer because it is disguised and disfigured by procedures. Yes, Reekay, you look about ten years older than that taut youngish man of before.

  27. Suggestion: Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI). It is super easy to just input height and weight into a free online calculator. Make an educated guess on someone who looks younger for their age. Chances are they are in the normal weight BMI category. If they can do it, then anyone can do it. Perhaps not be so easy, but still possible.

  28. Would like to say been watching you for the last 6 months or so, thanks for all of the words of wisdom. I am planning on going to the Philippines in January or when ever it opens up (I speak Tagalog relatively well). I just turned 66 this past September. I am retired from the US Navy and was stationed in Subic twice The first three years (late 70’s) I was in my early 20’s and yes I sampled many, many women. Got married close to the end of that tour. Got divorced after two kids. The late 80’s I went back to Subic for three more years. Yep did it again. I have not been back to the Philippines since 91. I know that the Philippines is a totally different place, but looking forward to going back there single again. I now live in San Diego, I am a little over weight but I Walk over 3 miles a day, every day (missed one day in the last 2 1/2 years) I am in pretty good shape for a fat old guy. I hope to be that 80 year old guy you talked about. I hope to meet you there.

  29. Hey Reekay, how are you? Oh my god brother, this video really hit home with me. I’m 65, but will be turning 66 next month on November 17. I am a retired Air Force veteran, I am also a partially disabled veteran, and will finally be able to start collecting Social Security this coming January 2022. So, at age 66, I’m going to retire and move to the Philippines In Cebu at the end of next year. Between my military retirement, my military disability, and Social Security, I’ll be able to live a very comfortable life over there. I cannot move there any sooner, because I have debts to pay off, and I want to be debt-free when I move there. But anyway, I can’t wait to move over there, because I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Philippines, and I’ve already been there twice on vacations, in Cebu, and loved it. Long story short, I wish I could’ve moved there sooner, but can’t wait to get there, and your video really drives home the idea of appreciating life, and taking better care of myself. Thanks for sharing, you provide a really good wealth of information to all of us, and I for one, and blessed to have watched this particular video from you, keep up the great work, and once again, thank you.

  30. As an Australian living in the Philippines with my spouse is great. At 67 yrs the age pension. But living in the Philippines were you aware we don’t receive any social security living there. Only in my home country. Australian government wants the money spent here not overseas. So makes it difficult. Have a little business there just keeps our head above water. Enjoy your vlogs thank you Reekay.

  31. Great video. I also took the early retirement at 50. I don’t live in the Philippines, but I decided to live in the Mediterranean with my Filipina girlfriend. I agree totally with what you have shared, sincerely and honestly. Take care, and maybe see you there in Philippines some time in the future.

  32. Your time was set long before you were born. As I told my Doctor their are more old drunks then healthy Doctors. I have never heard of anyone dying from a snack occasionally and in fact my bro is a Fed Doctor and that is all he eats and his family is healthy into late 80s. Live every day like it is your last and be responsible. I love the Philippines, lived there for years and plan to return soon for a very long stay and perhaps the rest of my life. I love good Filipinas so much I have introduced my friends to many and they are happily married. You always speak the truth Reekay

  33. Dr. Eric Berg is a non practicing Chiropractor in Virginia. He makes a few health videos most days. He makes over 1 million dollars per year doing YouTube video

  34. I’ve been watching you for seven years, and finally moved to the Philippines two years ago. Turned 61 in June, have lost over 50 lbs, and now I’m a first time father. Look younger and feel great since leaving America. I have a younger, loving, filipina and a beautiful son to help keep me young. We have to do our part to keep healthy and recognize Gods blessings. Enjoy your videos as always Henry. 😎

  35. 58 also, I know I drink too much at 4 – 6 beers a day. things to work on. hope he didn’t spread the syph around? I am still holding off on the Vax shots…….when Ph opens to us “tourists” are you going to get it if Mandated? being I’m going crazy here in Florida, I will do what is necessary to get in. been 2 years, this March ! no dates 🙁

  36. I hit 60 last march. Hard to believe for myself I am 60 ,I never drank or smoked. I hope to get back to the Philippines and make new memories, thinking about it all my best memories as an adult were made over seas. Cheers Reekay for always being there for us your viewers with good lucky we are😊

  37. Age is a matter of attitude. I’m almost 65. I have friends who are my age that are ready for the “old folks home”, and I have friends who are still very active and enjoy life! If we take care of ourselves, the chances are we can live a long happy, active life. A good friend of mine was very active into his 90’s. He played racquetball and worked out almost until the day. And he still enjoyed the company of a younger lady too. Think young!

  38. Yes I agree when where in our 20s fifties look old however I’m now in my 60s I worry about my 70s hopefully I’ll still be around enjoying my life with my beautiful Filipino wife where everyday we are together is a blessing ! I have to say going to me someone you met online and traveling 7000 miles to meet someone new was frightening to me ,yet is worth being safe and unhappy or risking everything to find happiness in your future and yes life is what you make it , and thankyou for your videos as we all get older we only have so long to make our choices before our health says otherwise !

  39. Yup, age is just a number. Genetics do play a big part but we can help ourselves with a good varied diet and everything in moderation. I am an OAP, retired early 14 years ago, feel much fitter than ever, having cured my asthma through walking, cycling and giving up the car six years ago. Avoiding sugar is key imo, and take apple cider vinegar and drink plenty of plain water every day to avoid dehydration, which for me used to bring on very painful gout. Nobody believes my age when I tell them, which is an added bonus.

  40. The main problem I’ve had in life was I never knew what I wanted be when I grew up. So now I’m 66 and still don’t know what I’m going to do when I get old. Now 4 yrs in Thailand, before 3 yrs Costa Rica, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii 3 yrs, Japan 2yrs, Canada 3 yrs, France 2 yrs …

  41. You went quite deep in this video. It’s good stuff as usual. I’d say, I would like to have a beer with you and a good conversation together sometime, but it sounds like you virtually don’t drink.. 😅.. anyway, I keep enjoying your Vlogs, Cheers Reekay..

  42. Bob Weir, Mick Jagger and Ringo Starr, are all great examples of guys still playing live music and enjoying life the the fullest, Ringo is 81 and just about to go on the road with his band, Bob Weir has just finished a tour of the States with Dead&Co and of course Mick Jagger is on a massive tour as well, keep on rocking! 🕺🎭. Myself at 69 keep an exercise regimen, swim, jog, a little weights yoga and meditation, 6 foot 175lbs eat healthy and no pills, plus a loving mature Thai lady who looks after me, so full of gratitude. 🙏

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