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This is an effect that i have been using for quite some time, and it’s one of the most requested tutorials iv’e ever had!!! so here it finally is!! The gimbal hyperzoom! How to use a gimbal to create a stunning speed ramp through a city! A beautiful cinematic Europe video will be coming super soon so stay tuned!

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    1. Depends what look you are going for. Personaly, I like to shoot with a wide focal length and long shutter speed in order to really emphasize the movement:)

    1. @Benn TK epic, I’ve actually done it a few times since my last comment and it is so much damn easier than step, photo, step photo then hours of stabilization haha love the page, keep it up & if you’re ever in Hawaii I’d be stoked to link up

  1. This sequence is next level good. Like, it kind of blew my mind at some of the transitions. Really looks like it could be some crazy sequence from a blockbuster movie.

    I am just learning davinci resolve 15 and am wondering if it has similar effects built into it?

  2. loved this tutorial!! thank you for taking the time to explain each step, youre a very talented film maker and i enjoy your travel videos so much!! subbed instantly x

  3. Insanely good mate. Question: Are you using any intervalometer for your Crane 2 and Sony camera. I just bought a Sony a7iii and a Crane 2, I’m able to do the timelapse, but the gimbal doesn’t take any photo, just do the movement. Don’t know if that’s normal or it’s necessary to have an intervalometer.

    1. Benn TK cheers mate, unfortunately that even video didn’t work for me. However, updated the Sony firmware and there’s an inbuilt intervalometer, so using the inbuilt intervalometer for shooting the timelapse and using just the gimbals’s movement to get the movement

    1. @Alexandr Kabir it’d better to shoot a normal shutter speed, don’t go too crazy, because it can sometimes mess up frames if you get bumped, add motion blur in post (: I shot 25fps

    2. @Benn TK Thanks) That I got, but I meant about shutter speed e.g. 1/50 sec or less to create more organic motion blur ?) Thanks) Hope you’ll get me right

  4. Hey Benn I achieved this effect but I don’t have sound effects that fit this sort of effect. I have epidemic sounds but I’m struggling to find sound effects for this sort of effect. Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for you time!

  5. this video is wrong on many aspects: it’s not a time/hyperlapse (no photo, just a very fast video), this guy use AfterEffects just to change the speed of the clips, masks and some basic effect (you can do it with every software)

  6. Internet’s biggest questions:
    1. Where/who did Benn TK start learning film editing/after effects from?
    2. How does he get people on the streets to do what he wants? Eg: Laughing and looking at the camera (I once tried nicely and got a shoe thrown at me)
    3. Lenses and for what situations?
    4. Where is Benn TK now?

    Ok ok they were mine.. lol.

    *prays to the Master of A.E Benn TK*

  7. anyone know what the sound effects are called? i know the whooshes but im looking to find those long ones like during the hyperlapse through the street. Much thanks!

  8. How in the world is your movement so smooth? Ive tried using my ronin and an 18mm lens to shoot down an alleyway like in this video. Its not very sooth looking especially the vertical shake. I even did the ninja walk that is talked about a lot. It looks worse when I speed it up. Anyone have suggestions?

    1. Ben Summa warp stabilizer, next time when walking in the ninja walk try holding your elbows against your body when you hold the gimbal in front of you, creating a “triangle” with your forearm. Other than that you can also zoom in on your footage 5-10% and then possibly readjust the height of the video with keyframes if it’s really bad in some parts. (Lot of work) but just the resize should already help a bit.

  9. I am a newbie youtuber and starting to study about editing. What can you suggest where do I begin? I have some vlogs on my channel but it is kind of a newbie edits. I would like to have a simple vids 🙁

  10. I was searching for a tutorial for this effect..not able to find any..then i found ur video and got exactly ehat i am looking for..except i was looking to do this in premier


  12. Thank you a lot for that tutorial! Please more tutorials of your transitions. Especially the Thailand effects are insane.

    Never seen so beautiful Vlogs. You’re doing a absolutely great job dude!

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