Guest Dean Verano, with Interpreter from Nicaragua

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  1. Paul – in addition to the usual fun, that was very informative and enlightening. Esperanza was fantastic! Well done by all involved…even Dean πŸ˜ƒ

  2. I just wonder if one of the girls were to meet another guy, but wanted to stay in the rotation, how would Dean feel about that

  3. Esperanza was great. If she is teaching Spanish, is there a link for that? It seems that the ladies there might be less materialistic than in PI? Just seems there might be less scams in Nicaragua. Nicaragua comes across as really nice.

  4. I like where your content is going. People might not understand these issues with these ladies, but you’re definitely opening eyes to other cultures. Good work, sir.

  5. Hey Paul, Joey wants to start knocking on doors to ”promote” the jab more aggressively in the US. Sure wish it would open up there. It might be a flood coming from the US. Things are getting bad here.

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