Happy Birthday Wishes To Gladys Rizzoto

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  1. Brian you need to tell Phillip to start back up on his an not to worry about the B’s that goes on.i myself like to see the different house builds ,parties an all that goes on with them .an I’m sure I’m not the only one out here.

  2. Happy birthday to Gladys looking beautiful as always and little Donald growing up so big shout out to the rizzuto family missing you on the blog all the best to all Merry Christmas to all and happy New year thank you for letting us be part of your life

  3. Where is the the war freak Phillip and a bitch girlfrind of him that to ugly and too ugly attitude to, been nasty to the Ahern Family that feed her. bitch!!!! she need a good kicking in the face!!!.

  4. Merry Christmas to and your family sir. Did you and your wife did y’all ever have a kid. I, be been out of the Philippines for almost a year now. I’m stuck in the usa I had to have open heart surgery. I miss my Philippines family mostly my kids.

  5. I sure miss the Rizzuto Vlogs.. I’ve been to philippines many times,. never to provinces.. Keep up the great vids Brian & Gladys. One day I’ll be back in Philippines.

  6. Happy birthday, Gladys. May you have more birthdayโ€™s to come. Gladys youโ€™re still a spring chicken. Amazing so much food. Lucky you. Whereโ€™s Philip? From California

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