Health and medical news updates for the Philippines from MedCram, Worldometers, John Hopkins University, and more. Medical data that is worth examining. DOH, Department of Health, Philippines offers some interesting medical data.


  1. Really?? what is the point in this video? your just talking about nothing, you seem to be reading a lot of stats, but why? what is the relevance? also stop giving out health advice you are NOT a doctor

  2. $12us for the test?!? It’s $120 here in u.s., IF you can even get a test.
    Anyone doubt there is a medical tier price system isn’t looking or is just plain stupid.

  3. Good for you for mentioning Dr, John Campbell. He is so calming and educated. Vitamin D is so important and here in the States they don’t talk about it enough.

  4. Rod, I like to know your opinion. Which one would be better area to leave in Cebu, IT park or Business park? Or is it better to live in Mactan Island or Cebu? Considering I am your age and need to be near good healthcare areas.

  5. Very good information! So worried about all of us. I am as concerned about the vaccine as much or more than I am concerned about the virus. Just hope we all survive this! Bill and Melinda gates are recommending a certain race and people group take the vaccine first. Be careful. I don’t trust anyone. Just be diligent as you always are. I want us all to survive this and go back to normal asap!

  6. My apartment is about 2 mi away from the international airport at the Shell over in Lapu-Lapu do you think they will let me self quarantine in my apartment with my wife LOL

  7. Rod I know that many of your subscribers are older. I am one of them (71) I will be moving to the Philippines when international travel resumes. I know that being older hospitals and medical treatment is very important. Do you think that it is possible to make a video of where the best places are in the Philippines for hospitals and treatment? I think that this would be of great value to those of us that are either retired or are going to retire in the Phils….Thanks

  8. Covid Is the biggest sigh up in the history of the world. Financial reset is happening there’s a bunch of deep state knuckleheads that feed on children being arrested around the world deep underground military bases are being blown up these deep state knuckleheads or illuminati or Reptilians occupy high places in government around the world they are systematically being taken out be patient folks this will be done soon and we are going into the golden age

  9. All you have to do is drink celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Go on Google and look at the benefits of juicing especially celery juice

  10. Hi Rod. Greatly appreciate your efforts at educating your readers. Love finding out new websites, first weather and especially now for medical matters. You’ve now greatly increased my homework hours. Especially interested in vitamin D3 information. Like you, I have been following Dr. Davis and have been on high doses of D3 for almost a year. Finally achieved the 60ng level he recommends. Thank you.

  11. I bought a bottle of vitamin D3 (my doctor recommendation for bone and immune health) gummies in the U. S. before I moved back to the Philippines.

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