Healthcare in Thailand: Bumrungrad Hospital

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  1. Good info Scott. Hope we never need to go to any hospital while traveling, but good to know good medical care is there if needed. Surprised the hospital not wanting to accept this guy’s health insurance.

  2. Great video. I agree. I had my first experience in a Thai hospital in BKK, it was one of the closest ones near DMK airport. Not sure the name. But I had an immune reaction to a bug bite in the old airport as I slept on the common waiting area before check in, as I had a flight at 6am.

    At 3am I woke up to find some unknown bug bit me in the elbow area, which I later found out because there was no sign where the bite was, not until I left the hospital. I was taken care of very well by the staff. The place looked brand new, so clean. Got an injection, laid down for almost an hour, but I had to go catch my
    flight. 1600 baht bill.

    Very happy with the price and spectacular service. What an amazing country. ❤️Thailand

  3. The US system is not in the same league as the Thai system. In the US medical treatment is very expensive. You better have insurance or deep pockets. You are right. You have to wait for a long time for appointments. I think he is lucky if they accept the Thai test results, and not require him to redo the test in the US and pay a MUCH higher price for the US test and specialist appointment. Medical is one thing I like about Thailand. It was a quality, straight forward, no nonsense, cheaper experience than the US. I could go to a doctor for 30 dollars in Thailand. In Thailand I could go into a pharmacy and get the medication I needed without the hassle of having a new prescription. I showed them the US medication box when I first started getting the medication and after that time I never had to show anything because the knew me and what medication I was taking. I did that for 2 years. That medication cost about 10 percent in Thailand of what it would cost me in the US.

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