Healthcare in the Philippines, Our Visit to the Dentist, Old Dog New Tricks

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Healthcare in the Philippines, Our Visit to the Dentist, Old Dog New [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks We go to the Dentist for Baby Mae and set up appointment for extraction of her wisdom tooth


  1. Oral surgery is pretty expensive here in NY. I just had all of my teeth repaired over the course of a few months and it was definitely not cheap. I’d say 309 bucks for her surgery is a pretty good deal considering what needs to be done. It would be a good idea to alternate the antibiotics with a good quality probiotic. Antibiotics really raise hell with digestion/absorption.

  2. Hope it goes well….I had 4 em packed wisdom teeth removed when I was younger at Toronto General Hospital, where they put me out ! All went well ! Cost was nil

  3. Most migraines are from diet. Spices food and citrus are major triggers. Cut out the mangos especially. Solved my migraine problem.

  4. Quite often a polyp or cyst will form between the molars that tries to prevent the impacted wisdom tooth from growing into the closest molar …..that’s the way I understood it AT the time

  5. Ouch! That XRay says it all….. What Mae has been living with for the past 15 or so years is amazing. Mae is very strong if she has been living with this for that long. The removal and repair of the rest of the teeth may help out a lot. Good luck and yes this is very interesting.

  6. In my opinion the Philippines have very good Dentist.. I didn’t get a complete set of dentures…. The price was about $500 Here in the Philippines. My price “in the USA was $5 000

  7. About 30 years ago(I’m 64 now), I had the same problem with one of my wisdom teeth growing sideways like that. The dentist told me it would be better to pull all 4 wisdom teeth while I was in there fixing that one. Lucky for me, I only had 3 wisdom teeth, one didn’t grow in. If I remember correctly, it cost at that time about 1000 to 1200 dollars but insurance paid 90% of it.
    Here in the Philippines, seems there are just as many dentist clinics as there are sari sari stores. Be careful when going to them for some are not up to American standards. We go to Green Apple dentistry here in Cebu City and they do a great job but the prices are a little more.

  8. I cringe just a little with everything that need to be done. Ouch local only. About 10 years ago it cost me 50,000 peso’s in the US to have a root canal. ($1,000) and it lasted less than a month and the tooth broke into pieces. They then charged me for an implant. I know braces there are a lot less … my friends kid is getting the invisible braces for almost $7,000 while I think they are around $700 there. Same company just less money. Thanks for the update and get ready to baby your Baby Mae.

  9. My son had his 4 wisdom teeth removed 3 weeks ago. The x-ray of BabyMae teeth look exactly just like my son growing side ways. Luckily, my son is young the root of each teeth is not deep yet. Our oral surgeon is great. The procedure lasted almost 1 hour under general anesthesia. The dentist procedure is spot on. 1 hour before the surgery my son took the antibiotic and the recovery lasted for 1 week and we pay 1200 dollars as our copay, the rest is covered by our dental insurance.

  10. Dental costs estimate vary widely. Here is mine for 28 Zirconia Crowns. 1) USA Local Dentist $52,500. 2) USA Specialty Dentist $18,200. 3) Mexico $14,600. I went with number 2. Arizona Crown Center. Some USA Dentists get it.

  11. I hate dentists. Period. Back 40 years ago when I was in the Navy I was volunteered for submarine duty. That means wisdom teeth will be removed. Corpsmen on each shoulder,dentist with literally a hammer and chisel and the “extraction” was done.Got 1 day of light duty.Did I mention I hate dentists?

  12. I had the same exact problem a sideways impacted wisdom tooth. The other wisdom tooth on the opposite side of my mouth broke a molar in front of it and had to be removed as well. It’s good she’s getting the treatment now it can cause problems if she waits.

  13. Philippines Citizens are known for having a “Crowded Mouth” I had 8 Baby teeth pulled, 4 Molars and 4 Wisdom teeth 32-8=24 I got 24 teeth left

  14. That looks terribly painful to live with. It’s amazing to me how sweet and happy Baby Mae can be while suffering.
    I’m wondering how much more happy and productive she will be in a month when it’s all over.. Heal fast Mae
    I feel and understand her pain 😭 much better now with this vid.
    Good job Daddy Paul

  15. Hi Paul a dentist who wants to leave sufficient time for the job is an excellent dentist. Taking out the opposing tooth which is over erupted ie the top one makes perfect sense. The cavities in the number sevens are bigger than they look on xray although I’d say trying to restore them first is better than going to root canal straight away. The top one is easy and the lower one more difficult. All her advice was spot on but like I sat try and avoid root canals on the sevens if a normal filling will do it which it may. All the best for tomorrow.

  16. Hey Paul. Hope all is well. I would like to suggest a documentary called “root cause”. It is free on YouTube. It is about root canal surgery. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of discomfort.. God Bless you both.

  17. I have a total terror of dentists. In part, because of that, my experience in P.I. dentistry is something I will avoid. My next dental adventure will be the removal of all my teeth and then dentures. Because they won’t put you under in the Philippines (is that a law?), there’s no way I’m doing it there. Yes, the price is very right. Not all dentists are created equal there. My Filipina wife is happy to go there for dental work – and in many cases it’s cheaper to literally fly there and back, and pay cash for the dental work. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy dentures there (although MAKE SURE you know what you’re paying for: some dentures are merely for appearance, NOT for eating with!) – but any kind of moderately complex surgery – just make sure you know all about the dentist first.

  18. Prayers for ya’ll. Migraines can come from a variety of causes and a process of elimination a lot of times is the only course to a solution of the problem. Tell Mae to be sure and follow the doctor’s instructions in order to heal fast and keep form getting an infection. Prices in the U.S. have gotten ridiculous, even a routine cleaning and X-rays in my town is up to $225.00. Like gas and groceries, everything has increased in price. The antibiotics are to make sure she has no infection whatsoever before the doctor does the extraction, please make sure she gets the meds and takes them as prescribed before the procedure is preformed. 🙏👍

  19. Wisdom tooth extraction here in NYC is generally $600 to $1000. Many general dentists prefer not to do extractions and refer to oral surgeons for the extraction. Impacted as well as wisdom teeth in unusual positions are best handled by oral surgeons who have a higher level of education and training beyond general dentistry. Good luck!

  20. In Sydney Australia October last year, 2 wisdom teeth removed in a Private Hospital (unable to be done in a dental chair), all up for the Maxill
    ofacial Surgeon was, with consultations over $1800 AUD and he is not a greedy Surgeon, Private Hospital over $4500 for a half day and add in medicines, very very very expensive, would be much cheaper for me to have had it done there taking in cost of Airfares etc but Covid19 killed that choice, great and informative video, thankyou 🙂

  21. Excellent video. A subject well covered. I hope everyone appreciates the effort you put into these videos. Mae will be a bit poorly for a while. That extraction and a root canal. If you are happy and confident with the treatment it is a bargain. My last root canal, done very well but £850.
    Hopes and wishes for a speedy recovery Mae.
    Time to pamper her Paul.

  22. Great video Paul, lots of good information. Really liked this video, yes it was different from you normal videos but with all the great info and your super editing it was great!!!!!
    Thanks Paul can’t wait to see the fallow up dentist visit. Hoping the Migraines gone after the tooth extraction.

  23. Ouch. Hope all goes well. Enjoy your content. Quick question. Are you looking at a monitor as you speak? If you could look at the camera instead, it would look like your looking at your viewers when you talk. Thanks again.

  24. Had wisdom teeth taken out in Canada, even after my insurance discount it was more than the Philippines. It cost over 3000 Canadian. Minus 80% coverage which I pay 400 per month for my family of 5. Canada is a joke

  25. had all four[4] wisdom teeth back in the Navy days, really sore for about 3 weeks, Good luck, her pain will be greatly teeth were sideways too upper an lower

  26. Thank you Paul – this is a GREAT topic (and others like it) so that people can know what to expect in the Philippines. Most people can relate to dental care and dental emergencies. I know I can.

  27. I’m distrustful of medical care in the Philippines because of a few different episodes of misdiagnosis and careless, sloppy treatment regarding myself and my family, but I’ve had excellent dental care in the Philippines. The contrast is night and day, really.

  28. Hi Paul & Baby Mae – I will be watching with interest the outcome of Baby Mae’s dental surgery hopeful that this will solve her migraines/headaches.

  29. My dental hygienist here in Florida was a licensed dentist in the Philippines (Quezon City). She has no interest in pursuing licensure here. Just sayin’.

  30. Hi Paul, l feel Baby Mae’s pain, that’s terrible she had to put with that. That’s great you are taking care of her, good luck with the surgery.

  31. Good luck to Mae on this one. I hope the prescription that she gets for pain medication after the surgery is available. However, dentistry today is far advanced from what it was when I went through this…so she should come out much relieved. All my prays go out to her.

  32. From about 6:15 to 7:30 You are talking like a typical guy trying to get as much done in one visit only..LOL..I once had a surgery after trying to save a tooth for a crown that lasted nearly 3 hours..The dentist apologized and said I was a real trooper ..then insisted I take some powerful pain meds..actually wasn’t that bad..except for holding your mouth open for hours..That was the worst part!

  33. I had a bridge done in 2011 in Poland. Total cost of that procedure and a filling was €350. Absolutely a bargain, the same procedure in Ireland would have cost between €1,500 – €2,000.

  34. The dentist is very honest and straightforward. She’s not there to lie to you. $300 is cheap for wisdom tooth surgery normally done close to a real emergency room because of it’s complications. I agree on her plan because you dont rush her on the spot . There are surgical supplies she make sure is available and another back up sterile supplies in case something go wrong. Remember it’s a bit dangerous procedure

  35. Paul, the dentist seems very knowledgeable. Make sure she extracts the upper wisdom tooth at the same time as lower. It will elevate problems down the road. Teeth have a tendency to drift (super erupt) until they have something to bite against. Hope Baby Mae is feeling better soon!

  36. In Canada that would cost you about $1200 to $2000.00 CND so ya 300 US very good price my friend. But that would also include gas / under as well they don’t normally just give a pain killer and cut in Canada. FYI..

  37. Hey Paul and Baby Mae! I just saw the dentist and had insurance. My part was $250.00. I ate peanut brittle that pulled out my filling and was in pain for a month to wait to get it filled. Lord how mercy that tooth is freakin sideways! You might just be fixing her migraine! Hang in there Baby Mae Paul will take care of you. Prayers for your suffering. Paul your migraine will come from “out of stock”! God bless you both!

  38. Yikes! This reminded me of the extraction of my wisdom teeth: 2x left side, 2 weeks later 2x right side. Lots of pain!!! Ever since then I call that dentist’s building “The House of Ouch!”
    I wish Mae good luck!!!

  39. Hopefully she’s a smart doctor and can tell if it just needs filling or do the root canal on the top tooth most can tell and judge which is needed.

  40. Over the years I have had several dentists recommend root canals on various teeth with cavities or chipped or broken etc. I have refused each and every time with push back from the dentist. I always stood firm and said drill it out and fill it with porcelain or if broken cap it. I have never once regretted by decision nor needed any additional work, just sayn.

  41. I had a sideways wisdom tooth just like that – local pin killer only – no problem at all. Baby May will be just fine – and let’s pray that will fix the headaches too.

  42. While visiting the Philippines 13 years ago I needed to see a Dentist. The Dentist was smart, beautiful, and competent. So I ask her out to dinner. Now she is my wife.

  43. Hey Paul my friend, this is really interesting. I’m paying for Baby Mae that her surgery will be successful. I am really impressed with the dentist. She was very knowledgeable. It is so true that Filipino people are very intelligent. Thank you Paul for sharing this awesome video. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  44. Ouch! Looks very painful, I gave up on cavities, root cannels and had mine all capped. Your dentist sounds bright and X-ray looks clean & clear. You may want to try my Dentist Vito Clarizio, over here in Queens. For $14,000 USA he will get it all done, Nitrous oxide included.

  45. I had an extremely toothache for weeks, went to 4 dentist until i felt comfortable, he said it was the wisdom tooth, removed it, instant relief, also, she wants to isolate each area, and then the next step, i like her patience…

  46. I had the exact same impacted wisdom tooth on my left, lower jaw. My tooth was impacted just as you see in the xray. As I put off going to the dentist the tooth kept moving ever so, so slowly which became more painful. Lucky for me I never got a migraine.
    When I went to my dentist she chipped away at the impacted tooth until she had enough room to pull the rest out. After that she stitched me up and I only had to return to have the stitches removed. Since then I haven’t had any issues. Hope Baby Mae has a successful outcome. 🙏🙏🙏

  47. The $200 dentures and extraction was in Dumaguete City Philippines, the dentist was Dr. Charlotte Tornandizo Singson . She was very good and competent.

  48. Paul, her price I would say is in line with the U.S.. According to Google the price for an impacted tooth is between $200 to $600 per tooth. And we all know quality care is critical. NOTE: I would be concerned about the post op pain once the anesthesia has worn off which is usually between 1 to 2 hours later. So you might want to consider some pain medication post surgery and of course that’s your call however no aspirin for its’ a blood thinner. And as the old say goes “its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. The removal of a lower impacted wisdom tooth will take a bit longer to heal than an upper tooth. The reason is that the upper tooth area can drain better. As far as the root canal goes, once the nerve has been removed the dentist usually packs the tooth with a material that has an antibiotic on it for a few days. Then May will return to the dentist for an inspection and the removal of the material in the tooth. Additionally the dentist (in the U.S.) usually tell you to get a crown put on the tooth. The reason is the nerve is no longer there which can cause the tooth can become brittle and break. Best of luck!

  49. 15k that is a rip off for here much much cheaper in bohol old dog gets the skin tax you should of let her go in first without you sir

  50. Thanks Paul. I live in LA. Good to know that I can find Western trained dentists and doctors when I arrive. UCLA is a great school. I’m an alum of UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara). I may be a little bit biased because she is a graduate of the University of California school system. LOL Thanks again.

  51. Interesting Paul enjoyed the video have a great day and I hope Mae gets to feeling better hopefully this will cure her headaches and any other troubles she has with her head or mouth it’s amazing that your teeth can cause so much trouble in the rest of your body but the insurance companies don’t see it that way but your mouth health has to do a lot with your overall health and body take care and God bless you both

  52. I had a Root Canal . $1896.00 3 weeks ago. Should have gone to Philippines 🇵🇭. 🤣 Hope all is well with Mae . Thx for info when I get there 😁

  53. Paul!!!!! You sound like your cutting a car deal!!!!!!! I had a goog listen . This is going to be a few months of work ,healing ,work healing. Good bless baby ma.

  54. Wisdoms fail to erupt properly because we stopped chewing on meat 10,000 years ago and then ate soft, agricultural foods. High-carbohydrate diets also upset the body’s balance.

  55. Turn off the wi-fi to see if that helps the migraines. Used wired connections, always. And don’t sleep near power cables in the wall.

  56. Hi Paul and Mae. I hope Mae feels better soon. Its always so painful for dental. But I do find dentist in Philippines are very good and professional. I sometimes get some dental work done when I visit. I really hate dentist and found them not so delicate here, and in comparison the philippines dentist is always so gentle and careful, maybe especially because I am foreigner. Those wisdom teeth are such a problem now because people have too good dental habits. I hope Mae has a good recovery, tell her to be strong and hope the pain goes fast.

  57. Be strong baby mai it will be better after it’s all done you’ll feel much better. It sounds like you have a very good dentist and paul will take good care of you there will be some discomfort at first but your in good hands jello and soup broth for the first day after ok I had two wisdom teeth removed at the same time once because I got hit in the head with a crane hook so I understand be strong ok

  58. Prices seem so reasonable. In the US I’m averaging over 2000 a year for my teeth, and still have a cap to go. But I realize that Ph. wages are about 10% of US wages so balances out. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to keep up with my teeth repairs.

  59. It’s a good thing you found a good dentist and didn’t have the adventure my wife and I had. When my wife and I were first engaged she had some dental issues largely because she had never had dental care. I left her with some money to get things taken care and my mother in law took her to see her dentist (Dr. Vise Grips). After have a few teeth removed she was a little apprehensive about see a dentist again. We were married six months later and while waiting for her CR1 she developed more problems with her teeth. I was able to convince her to go to another dentist but not the one I recommended. She didn’t want to travel so we agreed to a dentist (I won’t mention the name) near to were she lived in Paranaque. This dentist actually did some repair work rather than just pulling everything like the previous one. She came here to the US and a couple of months later she started getting some tooth pain and I took her to my dentist here in the US. My dentist comment was it was the worst work he hand ever seen. She need all of the fillings redone and a root canal. Since we had planned a vacation in the Philippines to introduce our son to his grand parents we decided to get the tooth capped while we were there. I took her to Tooth & Go Dental Clinic in Paranaque and couldn’t be happier with the results. The total cost of the cap at that clinic was about a hundred dollars less than my deductible here.

  60. Wow! I hope she is okay afterward. From my personal experience, I think the Philippine dentists are awesome and very reasonably priced. I got my implant at the Novo Dental in Robinson’s place mall in Malate, Manila and it was a wonderful experience for me. I can’t wait for more of my teeth to fail – hahaha!

  61. I had the exact same problem. Had one side done on base and the other done on an aircraft carrier at sea. Ship’s dentist practically stood on me trying to crack those teeth out. And that’s why they call it “practicing” medicine…

  62. Yes, Paul, very important to find a good dentist…please make sure to list her name. Just seeing the angle of the tooth doing directly into the other tooth gives me migraines…I hope that once removed Mae feels better!!!

  63. I have become a fan somewhat, and my Filipina is inspired by Mae and you. Question for you is ; What equipment do you use to create your videos?

  64. Paul, I know that Mae is in pain and is suffering. I think getting a second opinion from the Dentist recommended by subscriber GS.
    This Dentist may have been UCLA trained but that means squat. #1) Mae had an appointment & had the Dental Xrays done. Problem is that this Dentist says that there is not enough time to do the work. What!!! Where is the compassion in that ! The client is clearly in Pain and she can see the problem. Not Good !
    At least you got an RX for the antibiotics.. unfortunetly the Famous ” Not Available – Out of Stock” That is complete BS.
    Knowing how this is a Constant issue here the Dentist should of said : Get the antibiotics 1st, get dose #1 taken and take dose #2 then we will do the procedure.

  65. I told my Filipina correspondent I’d pay for getting her teeth fixed. She has two missing near the front, plus some cavities and a broken one. Only thing, she just can’t seem to make an appointment to have an exam to make a scope of work. She’s a province girl, but seems to have a good dentist nearby. He works on her sons. I think she either doesn’t want to accept the help or is afraid of the pain and work. She says she really wants to and has thanked me profusely. Yet… The usual difference between saying and doing.

    Before, she blamed COVID. Lately she said the dentist had a cold. I won’t push her and probably won’t bring it up any more. Sad though. She’s so pretty and works so hard to raise her boys. I hate to think of her looking like her granny, who has maybe one tooth.

  66. I just had a dental check up too. And it’s my first time and it’s scary. I have appointment this Monday for my first ever cleaning and filling too and I’m getting scared as day pass by. Hope baby Mae recover soon🥰.


  68. When I met the lady who was (later) to become my wife back in 2007, she had a number of issues for which we sought the services of a competent dentist. Once you start down that hallway, there are any number of rooms you can visit. Soon enough we probably sponsored our dentist’s kids through veterinary college. I had some work done as well. Thing is; dentistry in Philippines is pretty good. I have had work done in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Philippines and reckon Philippines was the most attractive. I recently broke a crown, whilst Covid-trapped here in Australia. I was quoted well over two grand AUD to get the little bugger replaced. Needless to say, I smile with a leer these days, until I can get back to Philippines, where my dental team will do the job for a couple of hundred. The Malaysian work was always good but not much of a saving over Australian rates. In Vietnam, the dentist was great and the work sound but I chose to forego the anesthetic because I’m a cheapskate and 15 minutes in began regretting my decision. In Cambodia, I should have waited until I got back to Vietnam…enough said? Maybe it’s better now, so let’s be generous in our appraisals. I figured that the dentists in Philippines are doing okay. They seem to live in good neighborhoods and their premises are clean and tidy. The one I frequent has a nice car and rides a motorscooter. There are no brochures for late model BMWs or Mercedes in the waiting room. She is not contemplating leather seats on her Honda stepthrough. It’s gotta’ be about the cost. Sure, our smile and comfort are important, but at my age (67) I can put up with a snaggletooth grin for a while longer until the flights carry me back to my Philippine home.

  69. I know you like to laugh, but while you were speaking with the dentist I finally realized the importance of a sense of humor in dealing with the daily frustrations of life in another country.

  70. 15,000php is about 300 usd. thats about what i paid for wisdom tooth removal in the states. I thought everybody bragged that dental care was much cheaper there? Also supposedly UCLA educated but chose not to work in the states where she would have literally made 15 times the salary and just came home occasionally to visit family? hmmmmm.

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