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  1. Forgot to ask what does LOLO say about his grandson? ♥️🦋
    Brian you just escaped from a diaper change, didn’t you lol 😂 !!!!

  2. Charles is an Intelegent boy..because at v ery stage he is seen Observant..listen s and looks at the faces of m om and dad when they talks to him..Observant U know. I feel even here his quiet listening.heart an Amazing gift from God….God B less !!…And And can show his like and not like pushing hahah lola for feels warm or uncomfortable.. Thanks God like mom and dad. Take good c are of him dada m om shape him unto God’s ways and will … Psalm 139 … Hes not only cute..lovely and intedlligent..observant 🙂 God Bless dad mom lovely little Charly <3 <3 <3 Oh In advance M omm y Maricel if charlys teeth comes..to m ake safe of pain or getting slight fevers or unc omfortability..m ust askl the Doctor for cream ..ipahid sa gilagid ..ganoon si Win fried naging iyakin eh tahimik naman sya ..n agtatanong mga matanda saan baby n inyo?? I sxaid I have inside... hahaha binigyan kasi sya ng GEL na pangpahid sa gilagid naging c omfortable naglab asan lang ng walan g unconfortability...God bless !!! good inasikaso agad m ata niya 🙂

  3. Hehehe, hair like Daddy as well. Though it will thicken as he gets older. I just love how curious he is. Intelligent little Prince. Thank you for sharing. Bless you always lovely Family.

  4. So happy for you and Marcel. I really miss my son. I havent held him since his first birthday in October. And i have no idea when they will let people fly back in. Really i wish i was there with them instead of here in Canada. God bless your family

  5. 😳 he’s only 2weeks to early to hold him like that please be careful….baby are very fragile all his bones is not strong enough to hold him like that…I say this for respect…

  6. Its a nice feeling having a baby Maricel🥰 youre a mother now your charming Charlie a bundle of joy of the family.Thanks God for that.you know the limitation of your body take it easy and dont push yourself hard.Brian children are precious gift of God.My goodness Charlie whats up😊Stay safe always

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