Home For Sale With Beautiful Large Pool – Huai Yang Thailand – Bonus Drone Footage

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  1. Haha! Ronny is the one I and Klaus have as common friend on FB. I visited Ronny here 4 years ago. Amazing place. Then no pool. It’s some kilometers outside the village with all swedes. A fantastic beautiful area. Myanmar on the other side of theese mountains.

  2. Joe don’t be so hard on yourself,.. I’d be willing to bet your in better shape than 99.9 % of anyone your age (or twenty years younger than you for that matter )

  3. Joe your looking great, wish i looked that good, I cant do what i use to also after my lung surgery, but I’m alive 5555,
    I figure i will lose weight once we move there because we will be walking everywhere and eating better.
    Hope to arrive in January, waiting for repatriation to be posted for that month, thanks stay well and hello to Gift

  4. I apologize for the music overlap in the first minutes of this video. I didn’t realize it happened until after uploading the video itself. Technical difficulties. LOL!.
    Contact info for the gentlemen selling the house is as follows:
    Ronny Saether
    Tel: (calling within Thailand) 080 0427412
    Email: [email protected]

  5. Joe,How long did it take you to master the drone,excellent job.Good luck with your weight loss.You look great the way you are.Once again another great video.Please keep them coming my friend

  6. Very nice drone footage Joe πŸ‘ Both homes were really nice, really liked the outdoor living area the best with the pool. I’m afraid to ask how much! 🧐

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