I had to make a trip to a hospital in Cebu City today. Cebu City Dr Hospital wouldn’t answer the phone so I finally contacted Perpetual Succour Hospital, Cebu City, the Philippines and was able to set up an appointment.


  1. Rod. Understand your problem. Had to contact my doctor today, sent money for appointment by something like Palawan (spelled wrong), and then he emailed me my prescriptions for the month. Cannot wait for things to open back up.

  2. Yeah. I’ve heard the lockdown hurt business badly causing many job losses and hurting tourism there.
    Many returning repatriated OFW’s mainly from Middle East now are without work. That’s why it’s important to save and have a plan for times like this.

  3. Rod, I’ve been suffering with same on and off for a few years, steroid injections finally fixed it until I reinsured myself. During lockdown I haven’t wanted to risk going in for new injections but I have a 10% ibuprophen gel which relieves the pain well and can possible resolve the issue. Here in the UK you can get 2% gel over the counter but have found that doesn’t help. The brand I get prescribed is called Fenbid Forte 10% gel comes in 100g tubes. Recommend you try to get this, regards Garry

  4. Sounds like tendinitis maybe to me Rody. I had it in the past & u should lay off the free weights for awhile . Don’t know if you can get cortisone shot here if it’s a real problem. The broken urinals in CR I always noticed too. The Robinsons here is only about 6 yrs old & at least 4 of 8 are broken on both 1st & 2nd floor. Not much different w/stalls & I’ve seen these huge holes in the wall behind toilets exposing all the pipes & can’t quite figure it all out either.

  5. Ice down your elbow, ibuprofen and there are a series of stretches, mostly stop weights for a while. The ice will definitely help. I have had bought of elbow and shoulders pains/inflammation, mostly from golf and weights, eventually a cortisone shot totally cured the tendonitis and everything normal now, hope it won’t come back. Btw, I’m not a doctor but went through what sounds Similar symptoms. We’re getting old!

  6. Rod I had to take my wife to the emergency room last night. I was allowed to go in to give some information and that was it. Had to leave and they would contact me by telephone. Absolutely no visitors under any circumstances. They called me around midnight and they are keeping her and said they would contact me again today.

  7. If it’s really tennis elbow, you could use turmeric,fresh ginger, black pepper and fresh pineapple juice, maybe even add a little moringa .Should be tasty and beneficial.Probably won’t act imeadiately but should work. Also if you can find homeopathic arnica cream it would also be helpful.

  8. why dident you go to the hospital near the Fusmenta circle there the big one or the one near the main road to the port ?i went to that one my7 self had broken leg Chong Hua Hospital
    Don Mariano Cui St., Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City
    Phone No.: +63 (32) 255-8000, +63 (32) 254-1461
    Fax No.: +63 (32) 253-5639
    [email protected]
    wasent this one open ?

  9. Hi Rod I have a diabetic ulcer on the side of my foot looks nasty went to new hospital in Tagbilaran called Allied Care Experts. spent 3 nights and 2,600 dollars later still there nice and clean hospital. Trying to get out of here but out of luck.

  10. I am veary much impressed imformation etc you are shareing for Philippines Cebu city,kindly let me know if you want rent one or two bed room House or flat for long term basis what will be rent ? I am retired live in west Europe.Thanks

  11. Hey Rod! Just noticed something interesting. The IMF included the Philippines as one of the ‘newly industrialized countries’. Look it up 😁. I wish you good health

  12. Amazing laying off medical staff and have modern hospital empty during covid emergency ! Something must be wrong in managing resources.

  13. Rod, I can not help it, but the first place you stopped, and they let you sit there for an hour?? That is just lame.. They most certainly should have told you the Doctor won’t be in till 7pm.. If you hadn’t inquired, you would have sat there till 7pm..Wouldn’t that be just common sense for the person who checked you in to inform you of that?? If the hospital does not have enough patients to support it, why are we on lockdown, or am I missing something?? Thanks for the video… Have you ever tried Chondratin?? I hope the spelling is right.. It is a lubricant for joints.. When I used to lift, I would get soreness on the interior of my elbow, and this would help.. Comes in a capsule form… Bruce

  14. Pain in a joint may not be an injury. Gout is a possible cause, try cleaning up your diet and eating more berries, specifically cherries. It will not hurt you to try this, there is a protocol that doctors follow when a patient presents with a sore joint, if they like to cut or they have a hospital that likes to cut then they will push that. If it is a sports injury there are doctors that disagree with standard protocol I would urge you to research actual doctors in sports medicine. I would urge you to watch the Barbell Medicine Youtube videos on injury and pain. They are very detailed and they know what they are talking about as they are medical doctors who are very familiar with this type of thing.

  15. Hoping you get well soon. Toilet’s in the Philippines are not good with no toilet seats. Swiveling tapes and generally not good hand washing.

  16. Another surprising condition of our current situation. Medical facilities are closed. Who would have ever thought that would happen during a pandemic.

    I’m think you just misspoke but it is positive, not negative, pressure that is needed in a building to expel the air. It is normally used to prevent the entry of dust into a building. Normally medical facilities would bring in outside air and also exhaust air through the HVAC system to keep contaminants low.

  17. It’s just as crazy here in America Rod. Amazing to see hospitals & doctors hurting because of the lack of patients during this reportedly dangerous pandemic? Something smells fishy! Mandatory wearing of mask that have zero ability of blocking or containing virus? Some places are immune to the virus such as Walmart Liquor stores and abortion clinics while others are virus havens and not allowed to open such as churches Mom & Pop stores and barber shops to name a few. Science says light & humidity kill the virus but they’re telling folks to stay indoors? They want to lock folks up for going to church but let felons out of jail for fear they might get sick? Things have gotten very strange to say the least. Enjoy life while ya can Rod No one gets out alive!

  18. Hope you arm is feeling better Rod. Aging sucks. I have my issues with tendanitas, torn rotator, arthritis.etc. I have had very physical life . All fun and games 😊 I think I have walked past that Hospital my last visit. Very nice looking inside 👌👍. I appreciate the clean modern looking lobby. Wishing you and GF 🙏 always

  19. Thats a pet peeve of mine about the Philippines. The doctors dont accept appointments, its first come first serve. You walk up to the doctors offices and its 10 people waiting outside each office all the way down the hallway. WAIT A WHILE SIRRRRR!!!

  20. The two times we have had to access medical care in Cebu, we went to the clinic in the basement of Ayala Mall. We had to wait half hour- hour each time, but it was cheap and the doctors seem good. The ncie thing was havingh the pharmacies upstairs to go immediately get prescriptions filled. Other than that, we have had to see dentists both in Cebu and in Tacloban (Leyte). Fortunately my wife has a life long friend who is a dentist with a practice in Mandaue and then her cousin is a dentist and has a practice in Tacloban. So I totally trust dental care when we have come to visit the Philippines.

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