Hot Girls and Hot Cars in Southern Thailand

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I went to check out Surat Car Festival 4 in Surat Thani Thailand and it ended up being an amazing, very diverse, and super fun car show.

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  1. Lots of different vehicles in this car show good combination of music and let’s not forget the beautiful woman that make the event even more enjoyable

  2. 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  3. Great videos as usual Chad 👍 keep em coming dude. The fall is coming here in sweden and it’s starting to rain and get cold, so please do some more videos so we swedes can have something to watch on the tube and dream about 😁🙏🇸🇪

  4. I love seeing how they bring the heat!! Sick cars and trucks but my favorite is how they bring the BOOM! Speakers, LED’s, and the music! Mobile Party right there! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. It took me Two weeks thinking and Now I know What it is with you Chad .Did you see Tom Hanks on That Island with the Volleybal.I think you have That same factor What makes you special keep it up and you ma give a shoutout to my instagram @truckpowerr also fast growing:))))

  6. Ha ha they do love a tannoy system in thailand and it has to be the loudest thing there . get the girl with the boots on a burger poor thing looks like she’s starving to death

  7. With all the gear heads in the world, how does this guy not have 1 million subscribers? YouTube need to get him in the algorithm!! This stuff is great!


  9. Have been bummed about Covid and not being able to travel, so travel channels / channels from countries i want to go back to have for some reason not tempted to watch for a month. Time to binge all Ive missed from Chad!
    Looking forward to 250k subs and a build series!!
    Edit: Fuark, over two months actually! Alot of hours to watch. Telling the GF that its no netflix time for a couple of Nights lol

  10. Now that is more like it cars and girls
    Things getting back to normal
    Thanks chad 😍😍😍👍👍👍
    and Australia has had the Everest for years as well

  11. Those daihatsus are actually called “mightyboy”. You could have bought one in australia and new zealand in the 80’s and they pop up in japan auto auctions all the time

  12. Hard to tell if it’s the music or if the car alarms are all going off.
    I think that’s the first GT86 at 1:34 shown on the channel, go hard twin brother!
    Awesome from start to finish, thanks CB!

  13. When you see Chad posted a new video…you can bet your ass it’s some cool Car, Boat or Plane shit. Keep on doing you Chad, we love it. ✌🍻🇺🇸

  14. Love the car show videos Chad. You have an amazing knowledge of cars. I’m learning lots with every video and those girls are so hot!! Driving me crazy just thinking about them!!

  15. The girls at local car shows are better than the BKK motor show. Those chicks are like robots. The BMW girls, about 20 of them, all moved in exact unison.

  16. It’s nice to see how many ppl have come to your channel sorry I haven’t watched for basically all summer well summer is over hope u can entertain me all winter again nice job bro

  17. Another nice vid, how about a vid on hotted up tuk tuk’s in Bangkok. I know you have touched on this before but it would be humorous to see tuk tuk racing.

  18. Dude, loving your channel! This is making me wanna go up to Thailand for this kind of stuff rather than just typical traveling. Do come and visit Malaysia down south one day!

  19. I’ve never really been a fan of the Japanese car scene but I absolutely love watching your vlogs on them. Your passion is evident throughout. I must admit the the lady in the Isan drift video wiped the floor with the ladies at this particular meet, although you almost redeemed yourself with the last lady in this vlog. Nearly, but not quite!

  20. Funny can’t hear a thing can’t blog into , It’s Party time Bitches no seat belt no helmet 600hp of screaming engine pealing tyres the only thing i was missing here Chad is I couldn’t smell the rubber … Great Work Mate love it

  21. Mr2/Carrera GT Im suprised I got that one right! Somehow I new it as soon as I saw it. I’ve got someone on ny road with a Carrera GT and actually drives it quite regularly. Got to say thats not a bad lookalike at all!

  22. Dude, buy some mic and put it on your face.
    Greeting from nakorn nayok, thailand. khaoyai national park also has a great curvy road. Not many crazy cars around here, only offroad stuffs.

  23. The Mira was converted to a truck. If you look at mighty car mods, (it’s another YouTube ch) and they import one from japan and build it in Australia. Please check out the ch mcm. So that’s a bit weird that the back is cut out like a Ute. They actually have small turbo very small snails.

  24. So I am guessing there “no tech in” what would they even be looking for? I know if you have seatbelts they cut them out and if you have a roll bar they loosen the bolts and cut the part out so you can get in and out easer. Leaks nope!! None so they looses your oil pan so your spending oil everywhere.

  25. when you watches Youtube videos, and you see stuff through and you want to punch likes everytime you really see great stuff, Youtube doesent have that function.

  26. I didn’t work yesterday and said im just gonna watch one of cbs videos. Nope spent the next 2 to 3 hours binge watching them. I absolutely love what you film and Chad is such a chill dude….. I would love to visit, all love one love fam
    Keep ehm coming with the content

  27. Lost for words!
    Is there any words for the scene in Thailand?
    The cleanest, craziest, wildest, coolest shit of anything you could ever imagine!

    Obviously not lost for words as I thought I am. BRUH !!! 🤤

  28. Love the channel brother, btw the BMW you referred to as a E36 is actually an E46, you probably knew that already maybe it escaped you for a sec, all good! Thanks for the great content!

  29. Chad, I’ve been watching random vids from you over the last couple months, and I’m now a solid fan. Just binge watched all your vids! Keep em coming. I want to visit !!!!!

  30. Very cool show, I am a gear head from wayback, I had a project in my shop were I restore and hotrod my cars for years, finish one, start on another, keeps me out of trouble lol I married a thai lady and we plan to live there most of the time, this vids give me hope that I can continue to build a car or old truck while in Thailand. Thx CB

  31. In-frickin’-credible. Great stuff, Chad. Any chance of you venturing out into photoshoot of your friend, the blonde? I am willing to bet that will generate more than a few hits on your YouTube channel.

  32. I gotta check out Surat Thani some more.. Only been to Samui.. When I come back, I’ll be wearing my “Sunsets and Beer” shirt I just ordered. 😎

  33. I had a Datsun mini truck very similar to the one at 2:08 back in the late 80’s… never got it tricked out though.. it was always “in progress…

  34. California in the 90s used to be like this but wymins ruin it with laws and permits on everything and send pigs to get u. Bossy principal types are everywhere now. We got dean of schools all over public eyes.

  35. I’m also into Honda’s I have a 91 square body hatch – ! If u see some sick Honda’s out there try an get some footage ! Thanks man ! Great job on the editing the sound is proper !! Good work man !

  36. No helmet, no seatbelt and a rope separating a wall of onlookers from the drift pad. There’s a Groupe B Rally feel to these Thai events. Love it !

  37. Great video as always. Perhaps you could linger a little longer on each item of interest, including the ” distractions”. Should help propel you to a deserved Mil subs.

  38. Dude! I just bumped into your channel the other day and I am so stocked. Right on dude! Thanks for showing my three favorite things, bitches, bikes, and trucks! Your pencil boat racing video was awesome. Hopefully one day I can make it over to visit! Take care, best wishes from California!

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