1. Oh my god i am living right now in the netherlands i saw your vedio that there is a dutch man killed and died in that area it is scaring for the netherlands people living there in the future especially if they married with a filipina..

  2. Great progress on the house Tim. You are worth more alive I cannot say the word Tim. I’m always waiting for that little bell to ring that I know you put out a new vlog

  3. House is coming along, nicely.
    Wow I thought Leyte was pretty laid back.
    If the Dutchman was off’d to get the property, doesn’t make sense.
    Because if filipina was a partner, she only has to say goodbye to him, I don’t like you anymore and he’s out.
    Maybe jealous lover.
    Well the mystery will unfold.
    Maybe the property owner did it, wasn’t paid off and they will come to you as back up buyer. Scary…

  4. Hi Tim,,
    thanks for sharing, maybe you wanna check about Dutch guy.?
    only name and surname ,, maybe we can do something about here in Nederland.
    Because im DUTCH Too,, i will be June there,,,, in Philippines,, my life is like your life there.
    But im in NEDERLAND Now,, bcoz busy couple paper work about immigration for my wife..
    Take care and your family too,, hug for Dale

  5. All the vlog politics going on right now its refreshing to see you two are just going forward. TY. Love me some Chrissy on Sunday morning in California…

  6. I love the idea, with outdoor style kitchens design many have there. +, with the foods my wife has made sometimes, keeping the grease, odors outside is benefit.

  7. I am going to visit you with my future wife, she lives in Hinunangan Leyte. I am stuck in the Dominican Republic untill probably January 2022

  8. Alot of thing like that happen in asia , you cant not buy a land even with name of someone in charge there . Because they can do what ever they want (is not belong to you) Communist thing .

  9. So lets get this straight……the Dutch guy outbids Tim, then gets whacked and now the property is back up for sale w/ less competition…..??
    Nothing suspicious there 😕😯

  10. Interesting. I can’t find anything about this murder in the Dutch news, although there seem to have been several murders of Dutch nationalists in the Philippines in the last decade.

  11. I can understand you get bit scared when things like that comes close. About your gf answear …”Probably yes” she is super funny, cool 😀 Im sure you will live happy long time. The unlucky european guy put himself in a position where he made a deal with a dev**l, not you.

  12. Wow 🤩
    Another American changing the lives in Philippines 🇵🇭
    Thanks for helping another Filipinos lives…without you-all the changes of your wife family won’t have happened. Your like their hero and I hope they don’t forget that….

  13. The Dutchman’s name is Jadran Svestka, you can read his life story on his FB page. Extremely sad, he even organized a local fundraiser to buy rice to give to the poor. Not even a year later he was killed..

  14. Looks fabulous, Windows and doors in the front and your almost there. The back will take a little longer, but should not prevent the front from being ready to occupy.

  15. Timeeeeeee, where are your helmets? Chrissy, did you take out some new life insurance on Tim? Dude, play once with the sweet & innocent Chrissy!

  16. I hope the steps of your stairs are “Non-slip type”. It may become slippery when wet. Your neighbor is from Spain? I see the yellow and red building.

  17. Hi Tim ! Do not buy the land it could complicates your life in the future. I’m Cambodian live in Canada I had seen many likely problems in Cambodia.
    I’m going to visit Philippine next avaliable time ifYou come to visit 🇰🇭 or 🇨🇦 pl. let me know.

  18. tim werent you cmoplaining u were on a budget and had limited funds and now your talking about buying property? i guess youtube is treating you good, or maybe patreons

  19. I think an open floor plan would have been better in a smaller house. As far as the Dutch guy, putting something you own in someone else’s name never works out in the end.

  20. Hi Tim and Chrissy. The entrance looks really good, they have done a great job. Oh bye the way, please don’t pursue a singing career lol.

  21. Hello Tim k and Crissy I always follow you vlog I enjoyed watching… little advice you both must go gym…I inspired watching BLESS YOU MORE and Stay KIND😇🙏😍

  22. This is probably been asked before, but don’t you need a retaining wall behind the house to protect from mud slides and water draining off the hill?

  23. Tim seems happier and safer to be worth more to Chrissy and her family alive than dead. What a telling, bizarre and probably truthfull thing yo say.

  24. The house is looking really great, much better than I imagined when it first started to go up. Those workers done a solid job up until now. Very chilling about what happened to that Dutch geezer, and then hearing your thoughts on it and your worth to the family. It was very real talk. Take care out there and enjoy life all of you.

  25. I guess the plaster covers up the dodgy bricklaying…lol…, and the colour and texture of those bricks shows the mix ratio is more sand then cement….. you weren’t getting bitten by anything, you were getting little electric shocks as the place is not earthed properly..

  26. You’re making your wife uncomfortable when you ask questions that she’s not so sure how to answer. She sometimes forced herself to yawn 😂. You’re better off on your own channel, Chrissy. I like your channel. It’s more actions. Good day to you guys.

  27. Energy today bro. Live from the border. Those outside tiles are going to slick in rainy season. They make a textured clear coat. Peace and love.

  28. little fail have, ALL house i has build and looking many country, usa,spain,norwau,sweden,finland,germany, etc. ewerytime first make roof,then wall and last floor, no newer first floor. this have lot better and easy make house. because no need cover and safe floor alltime if build roof,paint roof,build wall paint wall, make windows, paint all, make elektric, etc. floor make last this have builder rule ewery country.

  29. House is looking good.
    I dunno.. this isnt a new property and the family have been living there for ages before, but that seems like it warrarnds a drainage solution and a retaining wall.

  30. Hello Chrissy and Tim
    The house looks great. I can’t wait to see when it’s already finished.
    ” Chrissy wife
    Crazy life “…that’s cute😀
    Be safe guys.❤️

  31. House looking Good…I don’t know if Chrissy’s attitude is different but eventually Tim’s strong western personality will rub off on his wife…

  32. You’re worth more alive than dead….Bahahahahahaha! All joking aside though, that property will probably sell for a sweet deal…., now that it’s haunted.

  33. Good evening from Australia. Wow how lovely to build your own home in the Philippines. My hometown is in Matalom, Leyte. Where about is this in the Philippines please??

  34. Hey Tim, with your knowledge of PH, do you know if it’s still possible to find leasehold land near the coast, outside tourist areas, at an affordable price ?

  35. I plan on buying a resort and farm. I come from one of the crazy part os the USA with Drug cartels and murders all the time So it won’t bother me that people want to kill me. It will be like being in ohio lol .

  36. Don’t buy land there Tim, you’re going to open yourself up to unnecessary risk, especially since it wouldn’t be in your name. There’s nothing wrong with renting.

  37. May be freemasons or something was killed the dutch man,to make people frighten to invest in the Philippine Paradise Be careful with the swap corona tests,there are Parasites moving in the test cotton when it becomes weat and warm.

  38. Chrissy is much outgoing now. Her attitude has changed from good to better, much outspoken than before. Tim watch out! So sad about what happened to that foreigner. Sounds like there was a foul play, my first suspect would be the person he named the property to. There could have been a possible conflict of interest, but we don’t know for sure what the real story is. Tim, no worries…. Chrissy will take care of you. Always stay safe and always on the lookout for anything.

  39. Tim your one funny dude even if your from southern California. You and Chrissy get along mighty fine.
    Definitely foul play. Only someone who knew him would feel shame enough to cover the corpse.

  40. you so funny tim, Chrissy’s attitude getting so so cheeky of late like it. just look at Chrissy’s face new funny faces she open up, she getting so use to you true love there. when handle morning farts you a match.

  41. hey tim if you want to buy a property in leyte.. try to buy in baybay city the place is so safe for foreigners theres a lot of foreigners in baybay living peacefully. and yes its also beautiful try it out tim. happy😉

  42. Everyone’s nightmare.. right there in front of you. Wow. Can you not go buy a Condo in your own name..and be like other expats? House/Land = death in PI and Thailand. Be careful

  43. Now that you’re all back. Need to start planning for another trip to Cebu Grocery Shopping @ S & R. It is the equivalent to Cosco or Sam’s Club. Your wife and her sister will go crazy inside. S & R Membership fee is 700 pesos a year. according to the rules you need 2 valid photo I.D’s

  44. “I’ll explain it later.. ” your next line “Dingus…” I lost the plot and had a laughing fit 😂😂😂
    Guys, I love your work lol

  45. The best way to stay alive in the Philippines (being a farang) is to limit your contacts as much as possible – be a Ghost (never ever tell anybody outside of your wife’s family where/when you are going). If you buy a property (your name could be on the “TITLE” if you are married that makes you somewhat an owner it’s a legal limbo but it works) Tell the neighbours you are just renting and limit any contacts with them. Don’t have lavish parties or dress too fancy – just create the illusion that you’re really poor. Last but not least NEVER EVER get in an argument with a local policeman. They think they are invincible above law, above GOD above anything. I’m 99% sure he was killed by the local tugs aka the police.

  46. hey tim!! . i just discovered something about you..but i dont want to judge you. i believe everyone deserves a second chance. crissy is so young and innocent i hope that you will treat her with respect and love her and her family with all your heart take good care of your wife and your son.

    my best advice to you is to repent to god. make god the center of your relationship with all that im sure you will be a goodfather and a good husband to your family.. my best wishes to you and your family tim.

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