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  1. Hi Rod. Moalboal a great location for sure. Could be great for a B&B when tourism resumes? Looks very good for sure, Nice find! 🙂👍

  2. Hello Rod, its a big house, about the same size as our home, apart from the balcony. I noticed the covered verandah on the roof.
    We did this as well on our place as we had some problems with water seepage into the house during monsoon rains coming onto the flat entertainment area on the top of the house. The overcover roof eliminated the water problem and it is strong, typhoon weather will have no effect on it. Bob. NZ.

  3. We shipped a 20′ container and an additional 8′ crate to Samar from Mississippi… our complete household. We used Allied movers who consigned to Ranier Shipping (Seattle), who further consigned to GOETZ Moving and Storage inParañaque (Manila) who delivered to our home in Samar. Cost $12,000 (2013).

  4. Please go back & do again, when all the boxes/everything is removed & the house is cleaned up.
    Only then can any prospective buyer get a real feel for it.

  5. There are a lot of possibilities for that place.. The third floor is a mystery.. Either a waste of space or a party Haven.. You could put a couple of pool tables up there, although I wouldn’t want to make continuous trips up, and down those stairs with food, and drinks.. There are enough pots, and plants to start your own Home & Garden business/store..I can’t get over the pink, and guacamole green color they continue to put on homes.. It is horrific… All in All a nice place.. Thanks Rod… Bruce

  6. The entire family moved in it seems lol This looks like a recently built home, but it waa kind of hard to really its full potential because of all of those boxes. What’s the moving process like in the Philippines?

  7. Hey rod, why you never let us know the price for the proberty ? It makes not fun to watch the video but get not the current information over the full price 😥

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