How I chose where to retire in the Philippines and how I found my 1st apartment.

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  1. That’s so many things i was wondering. They built a brand new Clark International airport, suppose to open in a few months. Then i was wondering about driving and vehicles. Do you have to get a Filipino drivers license? Should i rent or buy?

  2. And it looks so beautiful where you are. That’s one reason I fell in love with your vlog because there is just this feeling I get when you show us the land. Reminds me of California, San Diego.

  3. The Seven Eleven your talking about is that the one across from the Hospital ? Aurora Province they have to many NPA ands its long trip over the Cordilleras to get to Manila. Finding a place to rent there is kinda like the way used to be getting a cab in Manila before grab arrived there. If your foreigner and you wanted a cab. The cabs would do a U turn and come back and pick you up. Usually only If your a foreigner though. Sometimes the locals would get little upset cause the cabs wouldn’t stop for them but they stop for a foreigner.

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