How not to buy a car in the Philippines, Epic Fail! Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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How not to buy a car in the Philippines, Epic Fail! Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks My Epic Failure When I But a Used Car in the Philippines


  1. A car is a depreciating asset. Take a taxi or uber or rent a car if you need to. You will never spend as much as you will to buy a car and no headaches with repairs (I know you have an honest mechanic but who knows in the future if he is still around).

  2. Wow what a fiasco! Perfect live in learn story and we all go through those Paul! I’m sure the one you buy in the future will be perfect!!👌

  3. Hey Paul you’re an awesome guy you made a grown ass old man crying yes we are spoiled and we forget so many things that we touch or we think about doing or buying and so many people in the world dream and pray that they will ever have the opportunity to do thank you for sharing this moment with me I’m always looking forward to your videos you’re the kind of guy I love to be sitting at a sports bar and meeting every week and just chewing the fat my name is Oscar and it’s a pleasure listening to you and your YouTube channel have a great day

  4. It’s good to see that you aren’t just doing interviews with young women these days. Your best work is when you just talk. For a former car biz guy to get taken is a tough one, but it can happen to anyone. Your honesty is commendable.

  5. The part about her father was sobering, yes? Now I want to buy you a car just to let him ride in it. Living in the PI for 2 yrs left a indelible mark on me because of stories like that.

  6. Brother….great tale. My experience was wayyy worse and my mechanic told me it was good to go…Jesus was he wrong. I spent 6k USD but spent 3k fixing it. So, its good NOW but holy cow. Used cars are normally not maintained right and substandard replacement parts are used. So….appreciate you sharing with folks.

  7. When will u Americans learn to never trust any Filipino with ANYTHING!! Call a taxi to drive u!! Take a Trike!! Get a taxi driver u like and hire him exclusively!! Stop buying $hit here!

  8. moral of the story,,,experienced car dealer can get conned too,,,i was shocked that mays dad has never been in a car,,,thats sad,,wish his dream comes true someday,,,all the best.

  9. Hmmmm.yea…in my opinion over here in Cebu you are better off buying new ( if u can afford) …..i will try to do a vid. To give some suggestions to others who might want to drive here. But, hey its all about what you can afford mate.😁

  10. Hell of a video Paul we take so much for granted here in the US. And all mae father wants is to sit in a car a lot of us here do not know how well we have it. God bless Paul wish you and baby mae the best

  11. Oh my…you need to buy another car right away! But not before having it checked out by your mechanic of course:)

  12. Another great “Don’t do what I did” tale. Did you ever consider just renting a nice car for a day to drive Pops around?? Thinking .for a guy who was never in a car before, it would be quite a treat????

  13. How would you feel about renting a car for a day and taking the dad for a tour in a decent vehicle. That is if they rent cars in Duma. I think that would be a great treat for him and for you as well. Just a thought.

  14. Great story Paul.. Mae’s story of her father was very touching.. I still remember my first car at Opal basically a tin can on wheels. The freedom of the road and independence, taking your girlfriend on that first date in your new used car..makes us forget how fortunate our lives were growing up in developed countries.. God bless you and Mae and God bless Mae’s wonderful family.. Paul do you remember the Opal??

  15. Good story Paul, it’s amazing how little it takes to make someone’s day. Does make a clear picture of what poor is. I’ve been, I can only go to work and back because that’s all the gas I have till payday. And I’m only eating hotdogs and apples till payday. But at least I had a car, and something to eat.

  16. Interesting story Paul 👍🏼
    Glad you got most of your money back !!!
    Very touching on the fathers
    Story 🥲
    We’re so blessed most of the time and don’t even know it
    Until it’s put into perspective

    Can’t wait to see the cruising
    With pops video 🤣😇

  17. great story. Most of us can relate. Been there done that. And by the way, that was a very mild screw up. It could have been much, much worse.

  18. You may be better served trying to buy a used car in a bigger island like Cebu and then ferry it back. This should give you a choice of better quality cars as well as a better gauge on what the price should be. Best of luck in your next car buying adventure.

  19. Were you going to drive to Siaton? In the hills or Cliff Beach Siaton? Its hard to judge distance in google maps. The island looks large but I cant get a sense of scale. Is it like Puerto Rico sized?

  20. I appreciate the story – we all learn with our mistakes, and I am sure that you will not make the same mistake again! Best wishes to you!

  21. Since I don’t know how old her father is, I sure hope you’ll be able to get that car soon. But if it for whatever reason takes longer than expected, may I suggest to maybe get a nice rental car for a few days. It would be nice to see her father face in a real car, one that surely attracts the attention from all the neighbours in his town.
    Yup, this story brought a tear into my eye as well. Us spoiled westerners.

  22. Old dogs can still learn new tricks, can’t they, and you are still learning, school of life no matter how old one is but to cheer you up, have 🍻🍻🍻 on my tab

  23. Hey Paul and Mae. Great video, anyone that says it has not happened to them. Has not lived long enough yet. I agree with everyone else spoiled Americans. You and Mae have a great summer.

  24. Ok… I see what you did there Paul… Give everyone the whole juicy story, all the details, plenty of material for jokes to come…. Then finish it up with the “heart-warming” tale of BM’s father’s desire to ride, not in a hired car but in a car owned by family ( 😥😘😥awww ) … so much for being able to joke… make fun, ultimately of Baby Mae’s father? Yeah, I don’t think so. Probably won’t be any jokes on this topic. Well planned video.

  25. Thanks for sharing Paul, we sometimes forget how fortunate we are to have all the creature comforts as North Americans.. Blessings to you.

  26. WoW paul warms my heart ,bying shit we have all been there, thanks for what you do I really enjoy it .
    Take care kenn denmark..

  27. I think a great car to search for that would suit all your needs and is reliable would be like the Toyota Matrix good motors, Just watch for rust on the underbody and around where the frame is jack mount area’s etc.. Other than that they last forever like the Honda’s. But they are more comfortable than the Honda’s which I also own. And they also provide more room and cargo space etc..

  28. Now you have to buy a car, the best thing to do is take your mechanic with you when you buy the car, the brand wasn’t bad Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, or an old VW, Mercedes are all good.

  29. Dang, Paul, great video! You told an interesting, self-effacing story, then tied a beautiful bow on it by telling us about Mae’s father. Yet another Paul McGill masterpiece. Thanks!

  30. Here in the US I buy cars used cash upfront after checking it. If I was in the Philippines 🇵🇭 which were I’m from. I would go to a repo/ Auction place and bring a mechanic with me and I can buy a newer 2 year old car with low miles. A famous car there is a Toyota Avios. Very nice interior 4 dr. Most white Taxi’s use that car there so it must be reliable. And parts are cheaper because there’s plenty available. Just have it financed and paying off within 3 years.

  31. Haste makes Waste !! We have been there – just a remonder to slow down and cover all your bases. At least the lesson was not to costly. And thanks for giving us the Free Reminder !!

  32. No Paul, the real screwage happened when the owner decided to swap the sides where the stirring wheel was mounted. IMO he was obligated to tell you about it. Not an honest person!

  33. Hey Paul, none of us are immune to mistakes and if you save someone else going through the same thing then you’ve done a good job. Good luck with the next car

  34. People here in Florida that have never left the States have little idea what life can be like in the Provinces of a place like the Philippines. The idea of never being in a car is so foreign to our way of life. Good story, Have a Magical Day!

  35. Hey Paul.. It’s that surfer dude you had on your channel.. remember.. and the Audio wouldn’t work… I think i ended up just talking for like an hour on your channel. lol. Anyway.. great story. I’ve been through the car thing here too. I bought a used Van. 325K used it for 14 months… and then sold it for 160K. But.. I had to replace the Head gasket, Battery, all the belts, water pump, and have some electrical work done to the radiator cooling fans. Anyway.. Not sure if in your budget.. But I just bought a New Suzuki S-presso. Brand new. Awesome little car, with Dash cam, tinted windows.. comes with 3 years of registration paid for and first year of full coverage insurance. for get this: 517K out the door. Just get a NEW car. 1o,000 usd and its new. 3 years or 100K warranty. bumper to bumper. Just saying.. You dont want to be stranded as a foreigner here. The only thing is.. it is Manual Transmission only. only comes that way. Look them up! 523K is the MSRP. but cash you can get them for as little as 492K. Pay extra for the best insurance.. and dashcam. It records as you drive. So if someone runs into you… you have it on camera.
    Then you can drive your Father in law around in not just a car, but a new car. It is easy to sell also if you need to go back to the states or what not. You dont have to walk away from it. Just my experience… I’ll never buy a used car again in the Philippines!

  36. I was in the WWE for a long time and then now I got to enter to wrestle anymore and I was an F and I manager. So I do understand your plate but what I would recommend is the guy that you found that was a good mechanic that told you what was wrong and what was right have him find you the car. Because if he will lose a little face Yep he sells you a bad car so he would never do that so have him say hey look do you have a car that maybe was too expensive for you to fix it for them and you could fix it and make it perfect and I can buy it from you I bought my last car that way I can save me a lot of money and the car is amazingly perfect now

  37. You are the Mark Twain of story telling. You think the story is going in one direction and then wow you make a left turn and surprise us.

  38. Its about freedom Paul I agree with you the more stuff you pile up the less mobile freedom you have, as stuff piles up the more you are locked down who needs that, the only thing I want to pile up is my bank account it goes where ever I go no packing, in my mind if you do use something monthly you don’t need it.

  39. Great story Paul especially about baby mae dad. I hope that you will be able to fulfill that one day for father. It is like me that never had the opportunity to drive because of my eyes. I hope that you will be able to fulfill that request

  40. Very poignant ending – for people who have never stayed in the Philippines, or any other third-world country, these kinds of things happen, and it’s surprising in that moment, and then, a bit heart-wrenching later when you think about it. (sigh)

  41. Cars can be very expensive to own. I’m currently getting my transmission fixed on an old Chevy. There goes my tax refund! Good story and better luck in the future.

  42. With my last xgf in philippines her mom never been in Cebu and my date of departure like 3 days I wanted to stay close by the airport plus to be away from the simple life of living in barangay, my xgf asked me to bring her mom and I have no problem just to be the good guy even in my mind I’ll never be back with my xgf ever again..her mother never been in a mall before so she refused to take the escalator from one floor to the next. Then in the elevator her mom so scared like she almost had a heart attack. That was one of my experiences in philippines.

  43. That kinda sucks Paul, but at least you didn’t get ripped off and made the money back mostly. I was gonna say some other older expats got a new tuktuk for $3000 brand spanking new. A nice inbetween from scooter to car, fine in bad weather, and more powerful than the average scooter. Better for parking too. But I do see the dilemma that May’s dad has never been in a car. That’s the real killer of this story. At least you’ll be careful next purchase. And remember that if it seems too good to be true, that’s because it’s not true. Sounds like you got a great mechanic, trust him and get him to sort it out for you! Safe driving and good luck with traffic.

  44. Yeah it was some experience you had in philippines buying a lemon car, wishing you luck in buying a better car and have your gf’s dad in the car hopefully he doesn’t scare from elevators or escalators like my xgf’s mom.🤣😂😅

  45. Paul, as said below, you are a great story teller. Hope you can get Mai’s dad out for a ride with the AC working on your next new car.

  46. Great teaching moment for others. We all make mistakes in life. Fortunately you were able to recover most of your costs and hopefully make a more informed decision on your next purchase. I suggest a Toyota as a pretty sure bet with a good going over by your mechanic. We bought an Isuzu Crosswind years ago and it has been excellent after 15yrs and 300km.

  47. Not a stupid mistake at all. It’s a piece of machinery and it happens. It would have cost you as much as you list to rent a car for a few days. I hope you find the right one soon to make Mays Dad’s dream come true! Teach him to drive it!

  48. Wow, Paul…spoiled Americans we are, my gosh, so true! Having a mechanical background, I never would have guessed the steering wheel switcher-roo move…wow!

  49. Great story Paul! At least your learning exp didn’t totally kill your bank acct. You got out relatively intact. Great story about May’s dad.

  50. Great to know I’m not the only one on the planet who screws up like that. Your my favorite you tuber Paul always appreciate your no-nonsense, no bs. And whenever you post a video it’s a must watch.

  51. I understand the story Paul.
    Sometimes that’s what we do to learn things. We’ve all done it. On the next one you know what to do. You’re fine.
    Enjoy your day.

  52. Thanks for sharing, Paul. As soon as I heard $3K I sort of cringed since at least over here it would be difficult to find anything worthwhile. Good you were able to recover.

  53. Well Paul, the good news is you’ve minimized your loss. After a few days, I think you’ll simply cauck this up to making a hasty decision that you won’t repeat. By the way, love the channel and the humor you interject. You’re the master of one-liners.

  54. Hi paul it’s really easy to get very lazy when you retire not just physically but especially mentally, i know you have your channel but it seems every time you it a small prob you just give up, its the same with your new phone of yours… get off your a*** and look online or find someone to explain it to you, you’ve bought a high end phone so it’s probably more you… than the phone that has a problem…. You can do this bloke 👍

  55. So you were a car sales/finace expert in the USA for many years and move to the Philippines and fail. I wonder if the same thing happens to expat realtors when they try and buy/sell property in the Philippines. By the way Paul what age, mileage, make, model and price of car do your mechanics recommend? Thanks

  56. Since you gave us carte blanche😁….two things, Carboy^^:

    1. Never trust a beefcake gym rat. They spend all their money on expensive supplements and organic carrots and as a result are usually too broke to repair their vehicles.

    2. Will be funny when you sit at your favorite coffee shop one day and the lucky kano who ended up buying this little bundle of joy from/through your “honest” mechanics for p500k pulls up. 🤣

    Best of luck in the hunt for a good chariot. Or maybe just get a caribou with a side car if nothing else works…

  57. Skipping the mechanic check is so tempting and easy to do…because it is a hassle. Really no need to be embarassed by the car deal…I’d say you essentially got out of it unscathed. Beautiful story at the end…brought a tear to my eye…hope you locate a good car soon.

  58. Yup, typical province living: no running water, no toilets, stealing elec off someone elses pole… no cars. Good on her to want to give him that opportunity.

  59. just stop making an effing a— of your self already and stop painting a bad picture of the Philppines…bla bla bla
    bla bla… effing enough already…. barf bag….🤥🤥🤥🤥

  60. We all remember our first time driving a car….now imagine first time being in a car too. I hope someone can make it happen. Should be a great video.

  61. I got taken on a motorcycle here Paul so do not feel so gad. I got an 800cc suzuki for $2500 I am going to put another $500 in it maybe $600 and I am selling it as fast as I can Kong story but never buy a motorcycle with rust in the gas tank

  62. So your beater Honda car story goes from bad to not so bad. Its good to know a Mechanic no matter what part in the world you are ! Live & learn old dog new tricks is exactly right. You didn’t even meet the polyester suit coat guy selling the car ! You lead a charmed life Paul !

  63. Damn… I was really going ask your advice on buying a car even though I know you don’t give advice. Thanks for that. lol 😂

  64. I was honestly wondering about the car thing yesterday and I thought I would drop a request for you to make a video and here you are. lol

  65. Good story, and you emerged wiser and didn’t take a major financial hit. So far, so good. Older expats on a limited budget often face a real dilemna when trying to solve personal transportation needs. This is not the auto dominant culture many are used to. We quickly learn that owning/operating a personal vehicle is a very different game here. Watch any expat vblogs and you quickly realize that, even if you don’t take the plunge yourself. Been here since 2003 and the personal vehicle ownership problems I have heard are legion. Guys want convenience, comfort (A/C) and safety at low cost, but I doubt it exists here. Your proposed solution is the most practical answer, if you trust your driving abilties in your area. I don’t and won’t. Since we no longer move around and rent, but built a small house in 2012 and are localized, we set up a symbiotic relationship with an older neighbor, a licensed trike driver who has earned our trust. Not a viable solution for many expats, but it works for us.

  66. Having owned my own mechanic shop and growing up with my dad owning one while he worked a full-time job, as well, I wouldn’t own a Toyota or a Honda. Matter of fact, I won’t drive anything but a Ford.

  67. Boy, that was a great story and you are looking good sir. Are you on a new diet exercise regimen if you are then keep up the good work! When I retired in the Philippines in 2015 I bought my used car Mitsubishi Adventure SUV (gasoline engine) at the Automall in Manila in Pasay for 2.5 and have been using it ever since and no issues at all. It was previously a lady owner ( Australian) so definitely well cared for. I live in the Bicol Region and I can assure you the car is a much safer and comfier ride than a two-wheeler. No hassles of the rain or cops stopping you on the road at the checkpoints needless to say it is a much safer bet for senior citizens.

  68. Good story man! I have had similar sobering experiences in regards to the wife’s family when realizing what they had and didn’t have growing up!

  69. My worst enemy here in the Philippines is myself. When buying things or getting quotes on projects, it seems I jump really fast without doing what I say I was going to do like getting another quote or waiting for a couple of weeks and checking out prices. I really did a good one on myself here recently by hiring a contractor without going through the process of checking him out. He took a lot of money from me. I call it another lesson learned but for a total of 180000 pesos, this time the lesson cost too much. My bad.

  70. Your not a spoiled American because youve had cars . Its a way of life in the West & you have to purchase them they arent Free. Maes father didnt have the car experiance because of his life style. I took my girlfreind in the U.S.A. to Vegas on a plane when she turned 30 & she had never been on a plane or done Vegas because of her life style.

  71. I did that also back in 2005 (Manila)
    Just had to have a Jeep, first the wiring, then brakes, gas filler tube, etc. Money Pit !
    Mechanic Next time. Right now I have two good bicycles in Subic lol !

  72. Hey I’m 76 l have a Honda Silverwing 600 that l love to ride and also l had a Yamaha mio in the Philippines in 2017 …so its crazy over there riding a scooter and l loved riding that thing…cars were to slow in the traffic there. Maybe it’s ADHD…maybe l have a 30 year old head…but Paul don’t make yourself like 80 years old sitting in a wheelchair with a blankee on you.

  73. I considered purchasing one of those converted Japanese cars. Do you think getting the correct OEM left hand steering rack make these converted cars right?

  74. well I’m sort of a rational realist non emotional type of person and the story of the father, who never sat in a car, struck me as “who cares”. I never sat in a rocket ship but I don’t have a desire to do it cuz I don’t care if I’ve never sat in a rocket ship. Same for a submarine, a Jet Ski, a bi-plane, tandem bicycle, hot air balloon, jet pack, tank, and on and on. I did ride on a snowmobile once in Wisconsin and my reaction was a big yawn (after my mouth thawed out). Anyway, people are so friggin emotional about goofy stuff just to shed a tear and whine about how priveleged we are as Americans. Spare me, I have to throw up now.

  75. That’s great to know about Left handed driving cars… If I remember most all a left handed cars are used and come from China… Into the Philippines

  76. Great story and thanks for sharing. The icing on the cake for the story was when you said Mae’s dad had never ridden in a car!. I know you will not disappoint. Best of luck for the next car!

  77. I find your honesty and commonsense to be what really keeps me coming back to watch and listen to you.
    I find you are a great source of information to a guy making plans to move to the Philippines.

  78. Cool story paul old dog the tear in your eye your getting mellow & softer in your golden years bro.i cant say anything heck i cry sometimes when i watch the waltons hehehe

  79. Thanks Paul for sharing your experience with us lock the old saying goes buyer beware at least it wasn’t total loss on what you paid do you reckon the feller that you bought it from no the stern had been changed from one side to the other Makes you wander as long as he had had it if he knew had it been changed or not or it’s possible he might have been the one that changed it I wouldn’t go to the trouble

  80. Paul as usual your narrative was excellent. You made a mistake anyone could and I know I would have made, but you recovered from it nicely. Well done. The part about Mae’s dad never having sat in a car is amazing as I consider my own dad made a living driving big trucks. I have a feeling Mae’s dad little cursing episode will be a future video. BTW Mae can stage another car wash video as well lol. Take care.

  81. Hi Paul, William here living in Phuket Thailand.😄😄 what a car story.👍👍 I am from Las Vegas, coming from USA like you. I am retired same as you. Once Covid is over my thai gf and I are coming to visit in your area a few weeks. Maybe we can tell stories and make a video.😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 while I am not a utuber, I like to watch yours, I have gained alot of info about philippines.👍👍👍

  82. I have bought 20 used cars, most work out. If you get a lemon, best thing is cut your loses ASAP and on to the next. Paul… You did OK, be glad it was not big $. Been there… Did that too. Good luck.

  83. No need to make fun. The story made a nice twist at the end. And it is endearing to take that father on his car trip. Buy a car this time from your mechanics and things will be fine.

  84. They say confession is good for the soul! We got ripped off a bit with our first car in the Phils (a used mid 90s Corolla) which must have been badly looked after previously and it cost more than expected for servicing and fixing things that kept going wrong. We unloaded it after a couple of years and bought a new Toyota Innova and it has been great. Tons of room for all the family and great for shopping.

  85. Wow!!! What an ending to the story… I am sure you can fulfilled Mae’s father’s wish… pray for you that it will come sooner rather than later…
    Yes its easier to stop other people from doing something so get someone to go with you the next time, so that you can make the right choices
    Anyway that guy that sold the car is a good man too…

  86. I’m a retired airline and air force pilot and I don’t understand why I’m crying right now. What an honor it will be for you to take the father of the woman you love on his first car trip. I have to admit I’m jealous.

  87. Wow, I wanted to be snarky first but after watching the entire video this video really warmed me up with positivity. It’s a hard world after all… But I think you shoulnd’t abandon the whole car idea entirely. There are definately some deals out there that will satifisfy your needs for a car; also in the Philippines.

  88. Makes me appreciate my 20 year old Silverado with 285,000 on it, that still gets me where I need to go.
    Hope you get something nice to chauffer Pops around in style. 😉

  89. Paul I’m thinking buying a used car is difficult no matter where you are. People don’t sell until they get tired of repairing their broke a*s stuff.

  90. good story paul, good reminder to all of us…… it happens all the time to all of us being complacent or lazy as you told it……

  91. May’s Father’s Story is priceless – We expats (even though we live here) still forget how our experiences are taken for granted. I know you will do your best to make his DREAM come true. Awesome story mate. Jono and Maddy Cheers

  92. Thanks for your courage to share your story. It is a good reminder to all of your viewers, no matter where they are, to be careful with car purchases.

  93. Paul, I laugh with you, not at you! Because we all have our epic fail car stories. Lol
    At least you didn’t get burnt to badly.

  94. I would be interested in being on your channel. I married a panay and we have lived in the US for 5 years. Kind of a different take.

  95. My Philipina rarely seen a car until she left her province at 13 her dad never left his farm except ride his Carabao to market to sale his crops I seen the hut she grew up in her dad is buried on farm . Thanks to me her mother has electric running water first time in her life she 73 the subject is cars but Baby ma dad touch me most i can relate

  96. I bought a 20 years old Nissan in Thailand and I paid to have a Nissan dealership evaluate all repaires to be made. The list was long but I agreed on small discount on tbe price with the sellers as the price was already lower than other similar cars. I still have it after more than 5 yesrs. Never skip inspection by your mechanic.

  97. You are not alone, my first car here was a Honda and I took it to a mechanic which turned out to be friends with the seller…. did what you did and took a loss … Used cars here are a gamble and I wish you luck

  98. Hearing May s dad story about never have ridden in a car,, made me sad too. Just rent a nice small car for a few days and make May and her dad have fanstastic day that he will remember.

  99. We have a Ford Festiva in Australia. In the Philippines they sold it as the Kia Avella. It’s the best damn car that I have ever owned. I’ve had it for ten years, drive it every day and it has cost me a total of about 1 thousand dollars in all that time. I am not gentle with my cars and have killed a few in my time. But this one will not die. It is so reliable. Here’s the thing, it’s basically a ford with a mazda engine. They are one of the most produced cars on the planet so parts are easy to pick up. They are simple and cheap to fix when they do go wrong and if I could buy one new I would do so in a heartbeat. Just thought I would put that out there. I am looking for one when I get there in about a year and a half’s time..

  100. If you have a self-depreciating sense of humor, you never run out of material . . . Admit it Paul, you’d do anything for a laugh!

  101. It’s better to pay cash there. Only problem with buying a car in the Philippines is getting the right insurance company. Be careful lots of fake car insurance places!

  102. Mate I bought a car in pampanga for about 600 Aussie dollars about 7 years ago it was the biggest piece of crap I have bought money down the drain learn by your mistakes aw well

  103. I have never heard of anyone not sitting in a car before. Unless you’re talking about pre Henry Ford days. The Philippines is poorer than I thought. Wow, unbelievable.

  104. Would you be kind enough to give me the name of your mechanic and the address of the work shop. I would like to use him when I go to Dumaguete. Thank you.

  105. Life’ lessons don’t come cheap but the ones you learn from are priceless. Rent a nice car to drive her dad. First time ride should be really special

  106. Thanks for sharing, Paul. That was a great reminder to be sure to do my due diligence the next time I make a major purchase. I’m looking forward to watching the video of you and Mae’s father proudly driving around his town in your “new” car. All the best.

  107. Ok, going on month 4 trying out the online scene in the PH… 😐

    If she has a huge (500+) social media online presence she thinks of herself as a model/superstar and her first and only priority is herself, over a l l else. DON’T think that those sexy photos she sent u mean that she is in love with you!!!

    Lying seems to be endemic. Or perhaps it’s just online? And/or in the culture? :O
    – People will NEVER say anything critical or negative directly to u, even online it seems…

    So, check, check again and re-check every week minimum! All of the women I’ve been in ‘serious’ communication with did lie to me, repeatedly, small things and large and huge…

    FB seems to be key. It seems popular to reveal a lot there. If her main account (that she hasn’t told u about or perhaps even hidden/blocked from your eyes) says “single” after she’s proclaimed her undying love for you… well, u figure it out m8!!! 😉

    Sad to say, I have to say that from my online experiences so far it seems to be a lazy culture where most everyone tries to do as little as possible and try to get as much as humanly possible for the little they produce/do/help you with… or do for u.

    Or it is just or mainly an online phenomenon? The more online they seem to be the more likely it’s a scammer/hustler/liar in my experience.

    I am not surprised that nothing really works in this country and/or getting something done takes forever compared to the West.

    The BIG problem with ALWAYS avoiding confrontation is that they don’t really seem to learn/understand how to SOLVE conflicts!!

    But, again, this could be me, online Phils or I don’t know why, or it simply is pretty true?

  108. Is it just me or is Paul looking younger despite what he says ,a car in the Phil’s might be a budget killer ,,,good luck amigo

  109. Paul………we all screw up like that once in a while. You’re a car guy but NOT really a car guy…so here’s 3 to avoid Ford Pinto, Yugo, Pontiac Aztec…..not likely you’ll see them in Duma, anyway LOL………..take care and best regards/murray/vancouver

  110. Wow, what a story. And I know the feeling right here in the U.S. One of MY rules is never to buy a car off of a used car lot, where that’s all they have. In other words, not a new car dealership. I broke that rule, paid a reasonable price for the Expedition. I ended up putting as much in repairs in it as I did paying for it, and being on SS – it took a year to get all the repairs done and the funding for it. It runs fine now, but was that ever painful. Never again. I like the idea of paying your mechanics a commission to find you a reliable car. Probably where you live, word of mouth matters.

  111. Quite an admission from a man who spent so many years in the industry Paul. For me the real highlight of that story was to once again see your great heart. God Bless my friend. 💖

  112. For $3000! In the Philippines! A beater!? For 3gs??? Oh baby…all this is so obvious! I can’t believe how bad this went…wooooooow. And you let everybody down. You got hosed, and it blew it for everyone. It’s a big deal. Call me .. I’ll negotiate the next one for you. Gratis.
    And damn boy do you digress…
    Ok my friend.. your whole speech about the fni department and how that didn’t prepare you to make an intelligent purchase is a gigantic crock. I am a finance manager in the car business.. that position requires the dual skill set of being an outstanding salesperson and a financial wiz with good presentation skills that are persuasive and accurate.
    The fact that you are dealing with loan to value ratios and structuring lease and finance deals properly.. should mean that you have even better insight into wholesale and retail value. You’re supposed to be the expert.. far more than the car salesman out front shooting the breeze and smoking cigarettes and hoping to fall into a King Kong deal. You actually have to create profit and impress your clients as the resident expert on all things financial and automobile. You’re coming across as some sheltered button pusher who simply follows a script and isn’t Hands-On with putting deals together. If you did that that way and any dealership I’ve ever known.. you wouldn’t last the first day. Seriously. The finance manager is the glue that seals the deal between the desk the salesperson and the client. To do so you need to see the entire picture with the clarity that each specialist has. So what are you talking about? You’re telling me you could not identify a well cared for pre-owned Honda? And you couldn’t make a reasonable assessment of its value in the Philippines? Very few Filipinos could pay the guy three grand… That would be like winning the lottery for him.. and you have every ounce of leverage you could wish for in a number of different areas.. starting with letting him know that you are an accomplished dealership financial professional.. the car business is composed of the most confident,. capable driven sales people I’ve ever seen. And even when we do make mistakes it’s within a barrage of brilliant negotiating. We control the sale… If you let a Filipino who knows nothing about business no offense, dominate you in a car deal.. shame on you. I’m just stunned.. I would have gotten everything I wanted out of that deal and made it fair for the seller. Win Win… And would have shown him that confidence from word go. One thing about Filipinos.. show them weakness and they will exploit it. Appreciate you saying you own the mistakes.. I guess. Frankly it’s kind of embarrassing that 40 years in the car business and you have no idea how to buy a used car from a seller in a third world country? Haha.. come on Old Man tell this young girl that you’re just teasing her.. that you did a brilliant job got a great price it’s a great car you checked it out thoroughly the meticulous history story was true etc.. and you got him to take 1800… Right? Wow… As is typical I am the only person in my dealership that can do my job. there are others that can do parts of my job extremely well but there’s no one that can do all of it because it encompasses everything. And it has to be perfect every time as you know.. or at the end of the month you have a trail of paperwork devastation behind you. I’m still hoping yours is a work of fiction because you wanted to create a Philippine Twilight zone story.
    It looked nice, he looked nice and you heard he took good care of it,? What!
    And you were sold and closed and said I’ll take it and I’ll pay your full asking price.. that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. If you were in the car business so long the first thing you learned is that everyone lies. If a dealership makes you responsible for a proper car deal you don’t just take the customers word for it haha. How hard would it have been to check the car out thoroughly, get some history on it, ask for service records, put it through a challenging test drive, ask him direct and specific questions. Not easy softball generalizations. Pin him down to get details. I guarantee you just this stuff will bring out a world of information. And then you’re happy just to throw $3,000 at the guy? Without trying to get it for less? You really think he ever expected to get that price.. he probably deliberately priced it to the moon to see if someone would lay down. Ahem. If you took three he sure would have taken two, probably.
    If you were a novice and had no automobile experience I would be full of sympathy for you and understanding because it’s a daunting task for the untrained. But I think you said 40 years in the car business.. you could have swept the floors for 40 years and learned more just by listening. I’m gobsmacked.. it’s not the end of the world and it really doesn’t matter but you come across so bad here dude.. this is my profession you are reflecting on, atrociously. Sorry.. but my car friends are rolling in the aisles. One of them fell out of his seat laughing lol. I’m sorry I don’t mean to make you feel bad or not laughing at you we’re just spellbound by the insanity.. it’s incomprehensible. You are the buyer All of Us wish to get every single day haha. God bless buddy you seem super nice my best wishes to you and forgive me being so harsh. But if I was your girlfriend I would leave you hahaha.

  113. Thanks for great story. Reminds me of the time I took our neighbours kids in our hire car and one of them asked why we weren’t stopping to pick up passengers along the route. And their first time in a vehicle with air conditioning.

  114. I loved my 4wd cat eye multicab van. I drove it in leyte and cebu on beach, mud and even motorcycle rods. back folds down for 4×6 sleeping or cargo. It cost me under 20000 to rebuild it. I paid 175k for it like new, recon from japan. seat goes back all you want. perfect for you as easy to fix. my kia soul I bought new took months to get parts but good new car after 10 years in tiny picanto the most reliable .. Next will be a 4 door pickup.

  115. Great story as usual Paul. My favorite story is when you said God invented time….
    On another note, I tried to convert my USA drivers license so I could buy a car last week. I was told people over 65 couldn’t get a license. I’m assuming you have a license, are you over 65? If so how did you do it?

  116. I bought a car for $2000 and I guess I was relatively lucky, the young man I bought it from buys and sells cars and his best bud is a machanic so for the first two to three weeks if I had any problems I took it to his mechanic and it got fixed at no cost to me, I did have to have the clutch plate and a couple of bearings replaced on my dime but other than that it runs good. I think I need to have the oil, filter and fuel filter replaced next but that should be relatively cheap. I asked about replacing the fuel pump and was quoted to drop the fuel tank and replace the pump would cost me 1200 pesos, haha I wouldn’t even begin to do anything like that for $30.

  117. You are too nice, by saying it’s all my fault, don’t you think the owner of the car that you bought from, should have had the courtesy to tell you the car’s steering was changed from right to left, then you simply could have phoned your mechanic to ask his opinion, you would definitely have been advised not to buy, the owner did not because he wanted a sale
    and what repairs did he actually undertake, it obviously wasn’t the oil leak, or maybe a quick patch-up, so you wouldn’t notice

  118. My wife bought an old Nissan March recently for 100K. Her money so I got no say in it. First drive I thought “holy shit, this drives like an old truck” Oil leaks, rough interior, clunky transmission and old tires. In fact, everything was old and worn. A lemon in some ways but luckily it was reliable for the year we had it and did the job. We sold it would losing much before something went REALLY wrong .Fortunate there.
    Cars are very expensive in the Philippines and there are many, many scams. Always check it mechanically and (just as importantly) make sure sure the paperwork is in order.

  119. A Kung-Fu instructor (Shi-Fu Joe Dunphy) once told me: “Bill, always remember, no matter where you go, there you are”. I didn’t get exactly what he meant by that, back in the 80’s; but holy guacamole, Paul, finally at age 50, I understand rubber band. Yeah, I’m a slow learner … Hahahahaha

  120. As a former car guy of 30 years and used car manager, I am scared half to death to purchase an older vehicle. I’m going through it right now and it is stressing me out, and I’m doing this in Az. And pretty amazing people this day have never been in a car. Hope you get to give him his first ride. That would be very gratifying after being in the business so many years. Good luck with that.

  121. paul ol chap the 10 camandmands were script in stone so we never forget them just like gas bar washroom keys when the key is chained to a steel wheel lol no pun intended little do you know that the 2 mechanics sold the car for 5 grand and got a tip from you ontop of that lol

  122. Shiela H. gave you an absolutely EPIC ass-whupping!! She did such a great job, that she made me jealous of you! Eight years in the Navy & 16 total in the military and I’ve NEVER come close to being dressed-down like that! I think you should get a bumper sticker that proclaims “I got my ass whupped by Shiela H.” I enjoyed reading (and laughing at) her post, almost as much as I enjoyed watching your video!! Keep her post at the top of the comment column.

  123. Thanks for the video Paul. Yep, we are spoiled Americans. This story brings a tear to my eye also. I look forward to your video about Mae’s dad riding in the next car.

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