How This Woman Saved 1,500 dogs In Indonesia | EVERYDAY BOSSES #54

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  1. God bless Ms. Susana, I pray everyone will be inspired to save and love animals as much as people like you do and there will be no more abused and tortured animals in the world. I woul like to reach out and hep in any small way I can start with.

  2. dogs are being slightly ignored/hated because in indonesia islam is the biggest religion here and in the religion it says that it’s saliva is “dangerous” and “not pure”

  3. We need people like these even more but the problem is while she’s doing some good work someone is killing someone or raping someone……we can’t just depend on her we have to be like her….

  4. One Dog’s living cost per month
    1500 Anjing = Rp375.000.000 / bulan 🇮🇩
    1500犬 = ¥255万 JPY / 月 🇯🇵
    1500 dog’s = $26.380 USD / mouth 🇺🇸

  5. Well, I see it’s a hard issue but I think it’s her girl-like personality that really saved the day for these dogs. Um….
    But I think it’s that really nasty tribal side that exists in cultures (+ capitalistic greed) that exacerbates the gap b/w people within societies. Like, I myself don’t even feel qualified to say this out loud – so much so it’s a LIVING issue. …

  6. Bless her! She is amazing and so devoted to saving dogs. The world needs more people like her. Reminds me of another one that does the same thing in Bali

  7. She needs to set up an international site, so that people can take on these stray dogs. They have such beautiful muts I have ever seen! I know many people in North America that would love to have any of those beasts!! Bless her heart, I wish all humans would be like her.

  8. Oh my God seeing the pot full of dog legs shattered my heart. That image will haunt me for a very long time. Susana is a hero and a beautiful soul. Thank you for rescuing these precious dogs. I admire and respect you. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  9. Why the hell didn’t you give a trigger warning before showing a dead dog?! So incredibly irresponsible and cruel! I’m sick to my stomach and disgusted. I was in no way mentally prepared for that. I thought this video was going to be about how she saves these dogs. What the hell is wrong with you?

  10. Omg I live in Indonesia, countryside, in some are especially village area, people always kill the dog, wolf, and for the cat they put a cat in a bag and throw the bad to the sea. I have two house and my second house is for the cat house, me and my mother raise these cats, and now I have 9 cat and my neighbor sometimes hit my cat or kick the cat and my father’s friend daughter throw my cat to well😭😭😭
    I’m so sad, my neighbor and my family always says “oh nasty cat, just leave these cat in the market or forest and let them free” I’m speechless, how people can be so abusive towards animal. Sorry broken english

  11. i have many friend that like sit on the middle of night, drinking Beer and eat FastDog/InstantDog (you know what i mean? i bet no! ). Im Indonesian. ignore my bad english.

  12. OMG she’s a medical doctor too. Working in one of the biggest hospital in Jakarta. Yet she spares her time to take care of these stray dogs. Bless her.

  13. GUYS THEIR IG IS @pejatenshelter THERE’S CONTACT INFO AND DONATION INFO. though it’s all in Indonesian so non-indonesians may need a translator!

  14. I’m Indonesian and this is the first time I heard that people eating monkeys and slurping their brains, like WTF?! and it’s still ALIVE?! Are they a zombies or what? A barbaric mindset, same goes to the Dog eaters out there. The government seriously need to pay attention for this problem

  15. 16.800 $ / MONTH in Indonesia is freaking ALOT u could buy EXPENSIVE CARS and small HOUSES LMAOOOOO. The average people salary is only about 500$/ month? Right? Dunno

  16. Susana is a dermatologist, she loves animals. Now the whole world will know that Indonesia is a barbarian nation who likes to eat dogs and monkeys. welcome to the prehistoric country

  17. Some Asian cultures have a belief that eating animals’ brains will be good for their brains, like, you need to eat a pig or a monkey’s brain to become smarter. Smarter than what? A pig or a monkey?

  18. I admire her . I’m really hurt just seeing dogs (not only dogs but all abandoned pets) with no home, no foods no owner that will give them love and affection but thanks to her some of them will no longer experience those things.

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