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  1. Good entertainment for the locals Rod, its not often they see a foreigner riding on the tray of a multicab, LOL Btw, i know where there is a reasonably priced rental up in the province, fairly quiet , but then again, i think you might prefer the hustle and bustle of city life, LOL Take care Sir Rod.

  2. We have 7 LG Aircons i replaced all of them to double inverter and had fridge changer to inverter with window tenting electric bill went from 17000 a month to 10k to 12k a month
    We have a noise restriction here
    If you want have a party you need permit karaoke is allowed till 10 pm week nights and friday and Saturday 12 mod
    Sense the pandemic nothing

  3. Were you Passed military and ever stationed in the philippines?
    I was stationed Subic Bay one and a half years in 1984 at Marine Barracks Company B.
    NAS CUBI Point 🇺🇸

  4. When it comes to noise suppression, there’s no substitute for sheer mass. Why plywood instead of particle board? The denser material would perform better on lower frequency noise, which is much harder to block. And, would you be able to source a single, thick piece of plexiglass to overlay on the louvered windows. With foam weatherstripping along the edges, it would seal air leaks, cut down sun load and dampen sound waves.

  5. So many polite people waving and saying hello.. Regarding the homeless situation across the world we have enough land and enough food to be able to feed everyone.. Stop spending billions of pounds sending rockets into space and stop spending billions on nuclear weapons we wsnt want to live in peace 🙏🙏

  6. Noise issues are always problems here. I rented a house in an open subdivision in Consolacion and I moved to a sixth floor condo in Cebu City to get away from the noise: Loud Dogs, A chapel bell ringing at 0430 on Sun AM. People here don’t mind their dogs like people in the West do and we still have the street dogs. They’ll take a dump right in the middle of the street on the cement. We have about 5-10 of them on the street I live on. Being in a Condo really helps but doesn’t solve the problem! I lived next to the Chapel and I sent an Email to the Church when I lived there. They ended up complaining on me and it went to the Barangay Hall. They continued ringing the bell. You won’t win here against the locals I found out. You end up becoming the villain and the problem. I stay away from LGU and Barangay issues by living in a condo but it sounds like you still have to deal with it there. Much worse in a house.

  7. Dont live in the Provinces then Rod we have the local Church cranking out Bullshit noise every Saturday and Sunday we have dogs driving me crazy and kids at 5pm every night as the sun goes down i go in my room and try not to listen to the noise Did you get the owners permission to do that work i dont think they will allow it ??????????????

  8. I used sound deadening curtains I bought online from Lazada. They don’t remove all the noise but greatly reduced it. It’s very inexpensive and it got delivered to my door.

  9. Great scenes of urban Cebu, yes, lots of businesses shuttered and increasing homeless population, it may only get worse if the quarantine orders continue. Glad your sound insulation project worked.

  10. Hi Rod Oscar from Barili always enjoy your videos I’m back in the US with my wife since early March 2021 and I already miss the Philippines. It’s nice to see my family here and get a real Philly cheesesteak but there’s just something about the Philippine people and daily life that is special

  11. I think I would have gone with foam tiles like those used for yoga mats or anti fatigue tiles for noise suppression. Maybe cover outside with reflective mylar to reflect sunlight.

  12. Question for you, Rod:
    As an expat, do you get the 20% senior citizen discount at restaurants and other establishments?
    Is your ACR card enough to show your qualifying age? Gracias….

  13. Nice video. It was great to see all the old streets again. Hope I can get back there when this virus situation settles down. Good luck with the noise.

  14. Hello, I have spoken with you before regarding your videos but it has been a while. I am located in Canada and may have one of the oddest requests you have ever received and this is an emergency but you are the only person I know in Cebu that I can reach out to from Canada. This is an emergency is their any possible way we can talk ? Via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, I do not have anyone else i trust in the Philippines and in the Cebu area, It is regarding a friend I have spoke to for well over a year it is my understanding she is in the hospital in Cebu and may be dying and she is poor. Is it possible we could speak I am praying you can verify if this is true I would like to help her through you if at all possible. Thank you so much for your time.

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