I am so lucky.. Quan điểm lạc quan của người phụ nữ có sẹo

Vietnamese woman declares herself “lucky” despite s cars.
Thanks to Samantha Pham.

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  1. This bike Troy it’s amazing I’ve not heard you complain about it once and it takes you everywhere . Stay safe Troy people need you .

  2. Awesome as always, Troy! Another great find and grateful woman. She doesn’t seem to allow her face to dictate her fortune. Thanks for your service… Cheers mate!!

  3. Nice one Troy go get em ! Sam and Troy dishing out the hope and humanity one soul at a time , just beautiful many thanks to you both . 🤗

  4. All of the recent great Samantha Pham charity picks have been solid. I cringed at some of the earlier charity giveaways. Vietnam can be a cesspool of “those fake in need”. Good picks and keen selection the last few videos for sure. Thank you.

  5. Samantha’s just doing this to be preachy about Jesus. I’m glad her self-serving generosity is helping these poor people though.

  6. I am a 70 yr old Vietnam Vet from the states. We tried to save these people from Communism, remember Communism? We will bury you? Anyway there are around 58K names on a wall in Washington DC who gave their all to help this country. I know all the stories of corruption and all that but the guys and gals who died trying to keep Communism in China and USSR were not thinking about corruption and politics. The US has turned into a PC hell hole. Just remember that not all from the West are bad.

  7. I love these type of videos from Troy helping the unfortunate that really needed the helping hand. Of course we can’t forget our donor “Samantha Pham” for your generosity and donating to help out our fellow Vietnamese.

  8. Xin chao “Lucky Ba Nguoi” and Samantha Pham !!! and Troy keep up your great accomplishments !!! CAM ON Troy for helping the Viet’s !!!

  9. Culturally, mentally… it’s like day and night when comparing the east from the west. Most americans are too arrogant and entitled and they take things way…WAY…too personally.

  10. Good find. Short and sweet. A fine example of giving cheerfully, and accepting cheerfully. Thanks Samantha and all donors. Thanks Troy.

  11. The ENGLISH SUBTITLES isn’t too bad on THIS ONE but you REALLY have to get a better guy to do the JOB !!! Don’t you know of any other YOUTUBERS In Vietnam that have people they go to to get their video DECENTLY SUBTITLED !!! THANKS

  12. Troy maybe you can leave the captions up for a split second longer to be able to read. I stop the video allot of times to ŕead.

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