I Found Lightning McQueen in Thailand

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  1. P.S.-Modify really are the Kings Of Crazy in Thailand. That red hatchback had total year 2000 sex-spec show car vibes. As for the Lightning McQueen Celica, I wouldn’t have picked it without looking real hard – only the window and roof gave it away! Big thanks to Wan for the explanation. Cheers Chad!

  2. Here’s a unrelated question if you see it – What’s that street chicken skewer over there called? It’s a brown sauce and kinda sweet but not sesame chicken. Had it everywhere, and nobody has any idea what I’m talking about…

    Love your channel, and sorry for the unrelated comment, but it had to be asked.

  3. ผมเป็นคนไทยคนเดียวที่ดูช่องนี้แทบทุกวิดีโอรึเปล่าเนี่ย 😂 เพลินดีครับ

  4. This place is the place

    I hope your next Thai car is a Mr2 (mrs) with a body kit and a killer Honda K

    These can hook up down the drag strip better than a skyline


  5. Do most of these kind of shops make their own parts or get them from elsewhere in Thailand? I know imported cars are taxed like crazy but what about imported car parts? Taxed heavily as well?

  6. Man Thailand builders are much better than American builders. They give a damn about how well it works, as well as runs. Bring a few to America they’d rule SEMA…

  7. Replica cars are actual prop cars they will destroy in movies. No film production will actually destroy a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Since they are too expensive.

  8. To be honest i think this is a gargantuan waste of talent. If they took this skill and made in house designed, original body kits that suited the base car, they could make some really awesome stuff. These are cool, but feel weird and cheap and are forever tainted because they’re so heavily inspired by other cars. They could be more than the next veilside, i just hope they churn out some original stuff

  9. And I’m sat here watching in my 104 k subscribers shirt , how far things have rolled on
    The cars are unbelievable
    My only question is do they make the body moulds or who does as they are really good and very well detailed
    Cheers chad can’t wait to see you have a ride in Steve Mac Queen 👍👍👍

  10. I drive a “True Red” 2009 Miata MX-5 PRHT (Power hard top) and can totally relate to this video with a grin as big as the one on the front of my ride. 😂 The inspiration for the original 1990 Miata was the simplicity of the MG roadster with the styling inspired by the Jaguar XKE — two of my dream cars as a kid in the late 1950s and 1960s — so I’m now living the dream with Japanese engineering and efficiency 😀 My favorite feature is the trunk which was specifically designed with recesses in the sides which allow a full set of golf clubs to be placed in it. When the butt end of Driver is placed into a recess on the left side of the trunk it clears the opening, 3W goes in next with head also fitting in the niche on the left then the rest of the bag with just enough clearance to fit through the opening. Sadly the redesign of the ND model sacrificed that utilitarian feature for sleeker styling.

  11. Brother you live the life bro. Dope cars , beautiful women , nice weather. Not sure about the food there but I’ve had my fair share of thai food and it’s good. I mean like getting a good old American burger.

  12. Man that’s impressive. That’s like the George Barris shop of Asia. Love to be their Bondo and sandpaper supplier! Pretty amazing stuff they put out.

  13. I remember when PSmodify was a house shop in bangsaen, they make some nice cars. I prefer the more more mild modifications and JDM styled “race look”.

  14. You ever thought of hitting up South America or Africa? Never really seen anything from those regions. Lightning is pretty sweet but needs steelies to be “proper”.

  15. Congrats on the 370K+ subs! Been here since the beginning and before. Would love to cruise Lighting McQueen and break necks, whether Bangkok, Miami, Pyongyang, or wherever!

  16. I hope Thailand law protects them for their creativity. Dont wish to the another “Gone in 60sec” mustang bs. Till today I felt that incident is real Bs shallow.

  17. That car you checked out the LED tail lights is a Vaydor bodykit. It is usually a Nissan Skyline G35 then stretched out to fit that Vaydor kit on. Same car as the Joker was driving in Batman.

  18. How is the interior work? The exterior body work looks amazing. It looks like they could make anything you could dream up from a body standpoint. The drawback i’ve seen with crazy custom cars like this in the U.S., in particular, has always been the interior work was shoddy. I’m assuming it’s good given the level of work on the exterior.

  19. congratulations on the subscribers…. but I have to say is those cars are amazing… I’m a big big car guy and love custom cars … but those custom cars are on another level… just incredible… pure talent…

  20. 2:52 I know it’s not the right answer because they aren’t classified a supercar. But those head light design, start of the fender and hood…. I see Subaru. 2018-now. It feels Rally no?

  21. Dang Man!! The Thai folks really are passionate about their motorsports, KUDOS to them and thanks Chad for bringing their passion to us here in the US. I enjoy the hell out of these videos.

  22. Awesome video! I think my all time fav video of yours is the Transformers video. Course the blowing up your motorbike was cool too. I watch them all. 👍🔥

  23. Wow. This is Amazing chad ! I joined the channel when you had 17,000 subs. And now look at you bro !! Congratulations man ! I feel like we know each other because it’s been such a cool road to now. Whenever you come home you gotta come to Spartanburg South Carolina, it’s about 2 hours away from your home. Come to the flounder fish camp. It’s our restaurant, it would be an honor to serve you bro. 🙏🏻👊🏻

  24. WTF a RX4 Coupe getting the treatment.
    In Australia and New Zealand an extremely desirable car in standard form. Good ones over 100k easily on any day.

  25. Chad, your translation abilities are top notch, glad to see you made good use of your down time this past year. 😆 BTW how the F… do they make custom headlights??? Love the direction you are taking your channel.

  26. That Windscreen looks hilarious and probably isn’t that see-through either, meanwhile in Germany you are not allowed to have ANY tint on the windscreen and (front) side windows.🙄

  27. 💯 Agree!! How ridiculously awesome would it be to drive lighting or any of those driveable art pieces on the street?!?!? You bring out the Geoffrey Giraffe in us my guy. Grinning so hard it hurts vibes!! 🍻

  28. Hey, have I got it right; you use the frontfacing camera whenever your in the pic, but whenever your filming anything else youre using the backcamera? Much love from Sweden

  29. I’m digging these more frequent uploads! Keep it up! That place is baller btw. If someone around here was building stuff like that they’d have a ton of haters trying to shit on them.

  30. Steve McQueen is smiling from Heaven, he was my idle growing up in the 60s, it blows my mind that they remember him, this is one of your best videos, I’m so Stoked. The Fiesta Flash. 🤙🏼🍺🍺🍺🍺

  31. Dead on when you said it was like the NOPI nationals. I used to take my custom cars to that show every year to the speedway in Hampton GA. The cars in that shop really do look like something you would see there.


  33. Keep up the great coverage of Thailand. Ive been looking PS modified, i have a project ive been thinking about and they just might be the right guys for the job

  34. The NOPI special is a 2nd gen Toyota Vitz/Yaris and the Muscle car build is an RX4/Capella. how could he not know what an RX4 is? Veneno is pronounced “Venn-enn-oh” (Spanish for Poison)

  35. All comments are okay and manner until i found hatred comment from my country which always being jealous with ours entire neighbour who makes border with us. What a shame mentality.

  36. One thing I noticed immediately when I first got to Phuket was that basically every single person drove a pickup truck and had rims at least. On anything lol

  37. Inspired-by cars seems to be more of an Asian thing, I used to follow the Japanese at it, a few years ago. The used to get a cheap car, and graft like a classic Jaguar front end onto it, when Brit stuff was all the rage.
    I actually quite like the idea, thinking about it.
    I guess in the UK, we have a Kit Car industry, sort of doing it the other way around.
    Buy your Kit, in the body style you want, and put your chosen running gear under it.
    I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on more over here though, given the regulations surrounding kits, and registering them.

    Much easier take an existing, boring old vehicle, and make it look like a super car.

  38. So Chad ,Dude you really have to switch back to your old Iphone .picture quality is much better on the old Iphone ..just saying Bro..Good video though keep m coming..

  39. Heng’Garage’s this car Lightning McQueen
    I’m Thailand.

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