I Had Enough With My Old Life, Now, Today and Everyday Is A Great Day.

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  1. Hey Chuck how are you all doing? I’m sitting here at Atlanta airport waiting to go Dallas Tx, but now our has a “maintenance issue”. 2 minutes later they advise a small hydraulic leak!

  2. تحياتي لك لاكن أين هي المؤكولات البحرية الطازجة و الشربات البحرية الثايلاند أنت بلا شك طباخ ممتاز فلماذا لا توظف موهبتك في طبخ ما لذ و طاب 👍🌷👍🌷👍🌷

    Vraiment c’est fantastique vidéo numéro 1er 👍👍👍🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
    Mafia’s family in the kitchen 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Don’t feed the trolls. They will say things that are obviously wrong to get you to respond. Don’t fall for it. You will never win. They enjoy pushing your buttons. They actually get angry if you don’t care. Psychopaths are everywhere.

  4. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, but today I am up and I can still try to convince people to start living there life in a way that benefits them. Because when they don’t wake up it only effect them, not me, not things, and not people that depended on them everyday. Trying to show the way, by example 😉

  5. I love your lifestyle too. Although you say you have nothing planned, you are always on the move. Eating great food, seeing interesting places, and enjoying time with friends and family. What a life!

  6. Happy Sunday the 20th Chuck 😉. Have a Great Weekend to you, Paige, and the whole That Phanom Families. ❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭 🏖🌴🏖🌴🏖🌴 👍🎥👍🎥👍🎥🍺🍗🍺🍗🍺🍗

  7. I too like the morning at the crack of dawn. So peaceful. I just wake up at 6 am everyday and no clock. Oh btw fish sauce is made here in Rayong. Cheers

  8. Hi Chuck I was disappointed that your video is only 40 minutes 😞😞😞 but congratulations on your retirement at age 40. Don’t worry. You are definitely better than all of us.

  9. 90 Kg…small boy 😉 My weight when I was a teen. Now I am pushing 140 kg. Damn big…maybe I should move to the US lol. Then again…I have been to Thailand a few times and scared the small children but soon they just call me Chang Noi, easy to be accepted when you have a friendly soul.
    Good luck with your weight loss…I know it is just tooo easy to eat all day long!

  10. i enjoy your video’s  and i see your on a good path in life . i would like to see a  video  that you are not in it ,  that sounds bad but what i trying to get at  …. I would like to here,, is someone asking questions to soi Mafia  and her husband .what did they think of you … first impression what they think of you now in there words  then translate to English .. also i would like to ask soi Mafia friends there impression of you  … i sometimes wonder  how and what other culture think about a Farang living among them  ..

  11. Good morning, Chuck and Paige. Hope you have a good workout. Today is a new day, Sunday Fun Day. Enjoy and relax with your family and friends. Stay safe and healthy. 👍😍🙏

  12. I MADE IT !!! I ******* MADE IT ! I am now in Thailand in quarantine , eating thai breakfast was amazing 😉 great video chuck now it´s notime2besad 😉

  13. Hi Chuck, should you negotiate with Joe, James & CJ, when you lose 1Kg worth 2 Kg ? Why ? Because master chef Mafia prepare so many good foods. It is hard for you to resist. Cheers ! 🍻

  14. I saw the video again. And what brought me a happy feeling is the family bound. I love that. Say hello to maffia from me. Btw chuck i love that shirt nakhon phanon shirt. You have it also whit notime2besad on it? I would like to buy 1

  15. Hey Chuck, sent a small donation to your PayPal account this morning. Please use it for the local school kids in whatever way you see fit. Have a great holiday. Merry Christmas to you, Paige and the mafia gang.

  16. Sunrise on the Mekong 🌅 so beautiful. The hot Franks wing sauce is fairly spicy, I like it pretty good for bottled sauce. I love unlaid eggs, so rich and creamy 😋 one of the pleasures of farm life. Thanks for sharing another great day with your family and friends, many blessings to you all 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  17. Have not seen your channel for while, I must say I must say you lose weight! The cloud is really nice in the morning! We just stay at home order in L.A…. this Christmas! Wish u and Paige family have a great 👍 holiday and happy new year! 🎊🎆🎈

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