I Married A Crazy Person. Can We Just Stay In Some Place Normal?

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  1. 🤪🤪She might be crazy but she keeps life very interesting and happy😀☺️.Paige you are amazing and love your smile! Chuck keep the videos coming love the adventures you and Paige go on. Stay safe🙏 and stay great👍. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.
    P.S. Those Teepee’s look cool 😎

  2. Lmao, Bear Skin. *Buffalo Skin. Grandmother was 100% Cherokee. However she lived in a House on the Res. Another Great Adventure, Thanks Chuck/Page & James🤓🙏🏼

  3. Thanks for showing us the Teepee ⛺️ when tourists return that place will be full great tourist attractions, chuck and Paige thanks for always bringing us great videos and laughs 😂have a great time

  4. 😶🙄i am honest – sorry Paige, Tippy? no window with a nice view, so it would be not my place to stay in …
    i love real Thai style Adventure😁
    😊 stay happy! 👌👍

  5. I have driven the route you guys took many times. A great way to find good restaurants while driving is to not look for the sign but instead look for several cars parked outside. The plusses of this system is that you can normally see the parked cars way before you would see any sign so you can slow down and prepare to stop, and a restaurant with three or four cars parked outside is normally considered a good one by the locals. It has worked like a champ for up on our road trips. We also stopped by the Italian village that was in this episode, but just long enough to have lunch at a golf course.

  6. another fun vlog..thank you! Chuck how did you learn Thai language so well? I was with a Japanese woman for 10 years and have very little of their language down, To me it was very hard. But she left me and thats that..but some day I want to come to Thailand and hope to meet someone, my age is most likely going to be an issue but I will try. I am 67. The ladies there are beautiful and I love their personality like Page and Gift..Maybe I am just dreaming but I am hopeful

  7. HI CHUCK , we like your videos that is a nice part of Thailand along the river you have very good bike riding area there . your friend chocolate man is there good man to . take care man be safe.

  8. I love your sense of humor Chuck, I seldom comment on your Vlogs, as it becomes white noise for regular viewers, so I only comment when it needs merit or the reverse.
    You seem to have a great relationship with Paige, I have had 3 serious relationships in Thailand, with Thai ladies and most of them turned towards money for the ending.
    You were lucky as you met Paige in the states, so she was already acclimatized to Western life.
    All Thai girls tell each other is the ‘Good Luck, but somewhat exaggerated stories’ of poor Thai girls get ‘Good Luck’ from marrying a Farang, they never tell each others that life is seldom simple for anyone.
    Paige is funny and that buffers against your logical Western thinking, (such as I think also) I tried meeting bar girls, but quickly learned that they were permanently jaded in most cases.

    I tried meeting ladies that were nowhere near Pattaya or BKK, but those ladies still lived with the local ‘Legend’ stories that allegedly married a farang and lived happily ever after, so still wanted to live the dream.

    I have many friends that are happily married to Thai ladies, some for >15 years, I still laugh when I hear them talking in an ‘Aussified’ accent and talking like a local LOL

    I don’t thing you could do what you do without Paige and you are a very lucky man to have her and the family back-up to make things run smoothly, and happily.

    We all find our path in Thailand, I just need to find mine.

    The best of luck Chuck, I love to hear your traveling Vlogs

    My kind regards to Paige as well.

  9. Looks like your right at home thar … Slang … mm hmm … did Paige see that movie ? … I could’nt realize it was Billy Bob … I love their little Tipi village there … very very cool …

  10. Hey Guys Chuck, paige, James, Lovely pkace so isloted though, No Bars women of all Knowledge Paige more Research required there, loved Paige indain dance impression Wow what animpressive Dog Colours were Awesome great to see yeah having fun very much appricated you Guys sharing your experience with us thank you Chris

  11. great video I like your old time Texan accent that you drop into to describe something, does Paige take laughing gas during the day she’s always amazing and laughing happy 555

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