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  1. Haha Cel is funny 😆. You love your sweets 🍫 double time at the gym. Ya my gf loves chocolate she always wants me to bring a lot of candy for her . Don’t touch Cels dry fish world war 3 is coming lol 😂. Hope u guys have a great night 👍🏼🤙🏻🏄🏼‍♂️

  2. You being in Philippines is like a kid in a candy store, it’s so wonderful to watch your amazement. Have a great day and enjoy every minute of it! I’m so jealous, lol

  3. Mark, I will guarantee you that today I will have a Phillipine Sunday. Recovering from a 10 hour shift of heavy physical labor yesterday and a trying week before that. I am doing nothing today. Take care

  4. Funny Im drinking my coffee and wearing my boxers too while watching your video Sunday morning! That dry fish is an interesting thing to smell, after 20 years I gave up the argument of cooking that inside the house.

  5. I love your bin, there’s a sound when you throw daing and such 😂😂. I want to buy it too. My husband throw the left overs 😂😂 NOOOO!!😱😂

  6. Man! What a great bunch of snacks. Good prices there. Not inflated like here. Those kit kat things would be a dollar each here and cakes also a buck each if sold separately.

  7. Nice feeding Blue. I see you have a small strainer for catching calamansi seeds when making drinks. Good choice. You need a lemon squeezer press thingy 😁I know lemon is pretty expensive there and they would buy less if those in favor of calamansi.

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