In Search Of.. Nipa Hut Village, Philippines Road Trip

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  1. This country really agrees with you. You look so much healthier already. You looked so drawn in the face back in the States.

    Thank you for the video’s, i always look forward to the next one.

    All the best from Australia

  2. Good video,thank you for sharing this with us.That rice patty scene reminds me of Esaan in N. Thailand,very beautiful.What a shame about that old church.

  3. Glad you finally found that Nipa Hut Village. Perhaps you had some trouble getting good directions because folks thought you were asking for ‘Lubbock’ (TX)!

  4. Henry, Your videos are so funny and so real.  Did I mention beautiful? Have a great time there.  Me being a bass fishing enthusiast, I’m wondering if there is any bass or maybe some snakehead fish in that river.  Anyways continue your journey. Gosh I’m so jealous. LOL

  5. Another great video Henry-complete with clear crisp sounds of rooster’s
    crowing, and the sounds of jeepneys etc. Makes you feel like your right
    there- keep up the good work.

  6. Gorgeous scenery.  Always loved the Philippines country side.  Don’t you just love the sounds of the jeepneys and motorbikes passing by and the roosters going by?  Miss it.  Be safe on your travels and thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice no mans land! I was wondering where you are but found the Nipa Hut village instead, on Google 🙂 You take the road that branches out of :Loay Interior Road right by the Loboc Public Market. It’s right by Loboc Riverview Restaurant. See? The internet helps 🙂 Stay safe!

    1. I have already have several filipinas enthusiastically offer to keep me company.  But while I’m sure I’ll make new friends along the way, I kinda need this time traveling without a partner to recover from my last personal relationship.  ‘I need a break’, I guess.  🙂

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