Interview: Building A Home in the Philippines – How To

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  2. I have about 5% of my portfolio in Uranium bitcoin any advice on any other Crypto currency that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  3. What would be an approximate price in US Dollars to build a two bedroom ,two bathroom with a large kitchen and living room house made of brick and bamboo. Please

  4. Reekay, In Velez Lipa City Batangas 2 hours drive from Manila there’s also a YouTube blogger called My Pi Dream his asawa and him is also a custom home with a basement. They even have a garden, small swimming pool with a rock water fall and now they’re building a pavilion. Maybe you could interview James and his asawa Ness Tanner they both retired.

  5. Great interview Henry. Lots of great info. Chris thanks for sharing your story. You are a great American and thank you for your service to our country. Looking forward to your book.

  6. Henry you forgot to ask him the most important question that’s always on the minds of ex-pats that would love to build a house over here since foreigners cannot own land they can on the house but not the land at least a majority of it is he not worried about the fact that if his marriage does not work out that he will lose the house most certainly in any court dispute where a marriage does not work out the house always goes to the Filipina that would be the main concern for most ex-pats

  7. When I travel to the Philippines, I have just 4 major demands: Kitchen, WiFi, Aircondtioner and POOL.

    But their infrastructure is the problem. You need a backup generator- or Solar with backup batteries 🔋. Then you need some form of backup fresh water supply. That’s when things get expensive.

    I find it easier to rent a condo in the city and let them deal with the micromanagement.

  8. Great interview. Thank you Mr Smith for sharing you expertise and wisdom.. Hope we can meet up at pacos tacos in the near future. Cheers to a better 2022

  9. Wow Hank, great interview, very informational on the owner/contractor builder piece! You hit many great points with Chris, and his information was super! It appears the main/basic challenge building a home there is really the same as in America…a trustworthy contractor. A few of other points of interest for me would be about homeowner’s insurance, is there such a thing there? Also, does Chris plan on including a pool with his home? And lastly, what is Chris’ anticipated “all in” cost when completed, and then monthly costs to live in the home? Any additional feedback and continued videos of Chris’ progress in his construction would be greatly appreciated! Keep on knocking your videos out of the park Reekay!!

  10. In Bohol, Panglao when I was building my house, inspectors from the City, the fire department, Electric Company came at the Lot site to check and I paid money for those inspections.

  11. Thanks to everyone who liked the video, just remember you get one shot at life, be a rebel , make a dent in the universe. Have kids and spread the love

  12. If I can add a little color to this picture So here in this province your name will go on the title if you’re married. With a prenuptial and a corporation you can protect yourself. But your best insurance is to stay away from any woman Who has worked in the adult entertainment industry. Find a girl right out of the province. And make it worthwhile to keep you as opposed to replacing you. It might help that my brother is married to her sister. And she is 40 years old, we have four children. Very stable environment.

  13. I plan to build on Bohol, my partner’s family has 3 different pieces of land, the one that is available is a very nice hectare lot up on a hill with mango, coconut and banana trees, I would like to build on it but the land deed is still in her grandfather’s name, well he and my partner’s mother are both passed away and she has 7 siblings, that makes me nervous plus there may be a right of way and water issues. Lots for me to figure out when I get back (stuck in Alaska for now) I will rent a place around there and won’t jump into anything without a lot for investigation. I will need a good lawyer.

  14. Sunshine Shoulders bought a lot for $1000 and built a 2 bedroom house for $20000usd. Me personally I wouldn’t pay more than $10000 for the lot and $50000 for the house

  15. Awesome interview. Really enjoyed watching and learning. When buying the land what is the process to ensure the land boundaries is free and clear. I’ve heard stories that if this isn’t properly done that it can cause problems of someone comes later and claims they own part of the land. Also, has the laws changed to ownership shared with expat and Filipina wife? My understanding is that nothing can be in the expat’s name. Thanks for the great video. It was very informative.

  16. I’ve always found it to be better to build the garage and house separate if possible because of carbon monoxide and the possibility of the vehicle catching fire . It’s just a safety issue for me . Also a shop or shed could be attached to the garage depending on what you have in it . But optimally it is better that all buildings be separate because it may be hours before fire department shows up if the burangay even has one

  17. Outstanding video! Mr. Smith sounds like a guy I would like to have lunch with one day. I am living in Bacolod since January, 2020 as a retired firefighter. I’ll be looking to build in an upscale subdivision that is near to my future wife’s family next year. Life is great here in the Philippines!

  18. You didn’t discuss about why he was moving to the Phillipines. Is his wife Columbian or Phillipino? Were his children going to Valencia also? ages of them? do they want to move there too? Schooling, he mentioned he liked home schooling for everyone. One of the problems with that is that the parents need to be educated enough. Some follow up ideas for another video once he has lived in his house for a while.

  19. We built our home outside of Dumaguete from the ground up. I’m never going to find a house that I want and I would end up overpaying for something I wasn’t happy with.

  20. Interesting. An adventure to be sure. In USA bureaucracy is diff type. Adventure. A shame ex pats can’t put in their name. Opens alot of avenues for bad endings.

  21. I grew up catholic school, country,John Wayne. Watching my country turn into the Titanic which already scraped the iceberg. Had to retire early. Looking for exits.

  22. My wife is Filipina and she is ready to move back. She’s so afraid of the hostilities toward Asians in the U S. These days. I guess people don’t realize that she’s not from China

  23. I’ve been researching buying land in the Philippines and am finding land at least 2x more expensive in the Philippines compared to the same type of property in the US. Then add the cost and stress of dealing with Filipino titles and laws and the risks and I’m having a hard time justifying buying there. The total price isn’t out of reach, just a value judgement. I’m going to rationalize it by finding a Filipina wife first and then just see buying as a gift to her.

    I really don’t want to rent either because I like to garden so I want a more permanent home and I never like the risk of rent increases and currency risks. I also enjoy building so I’d like to build my own house using local woods like Mahogany.

  24. Wife having a permit for a weapon does not mean the foreigner can use the weapon even in self-defense. Americans should be careful to adjust their US view of self-defense because it’s not the same in the Philippines. If you really want to use a gun I suggest training your wife to use it and training where you both confront an intruder where she carries and shoots the gun. Two sets of eyes, two people confronting is better anyways.


  26. this is great ,my plans is to find Land and build nr Negros,i think Duma is much more Expensive than Negros from what he said about land price,but its given mre many thoughts on things I hadn’t even thought of.Maybe he knows a contracter Near to Bacolod?

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