Is Uyuni Worth the Hype?! Bolivia’s Salt Flat

The Uyuni salt flat also commonly known as salar de Uyuni is a less shared destination in the middle of Bolivia. I have had the Uyuni salt flat reflection on my bucket list for a couple years now, but the problem is, we visited August 2019 during dry season. Was our visit still worth it?

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  1. There is a LOT of extra work and love put into this video and it’s one of my favourites in a while! This trip was outstanding and I hope it inspires you to look at Bolivia as a potential next adventure if you are down to get off the beaten path. PLEASE pleasee leave the video a like. It makes a huge difference with the algorithm and helps this video reach a wider audience.
    Thanks guys and see ya next Saturday !

    1. Hey amazing video and I actually saw you guys get off the plain in uyuni, I was flying to la paz, and I was thinking that you might be a vlogger and I was correct.

  2. This video has to be my favorite of all of yours. The reflection at sunrise is awesome as well as the star time lapse. Would love to see more of that trip. Great job!

  3. Amazing! Dude, I hope you had the chance to get over to San Pedro de Atacama in norte de Chile! Such an amazing place. Google Valle de la Luna and Valle de le Muerte. One of the most magical places I’ve ever been! And the empanadas there are the best in Chile, from my experience! Mmmm

  4. Hey Man . I am from La Paz , Bolivia . I love your channel . I will love to give you a tour around the city and meet you if you are up to it. I have been your fan for a while , you inpire me dude. Thank you so much for coming to Bolivia . +59179157763 whatsapp

  5. Amazing video!! You have the subscription! My favorite scene is at 5:55.

    I do videos like you, maybe you could visit my channel and subscribe too.

    I’d be pleased 🙂

    With best regards Flying Eye.

  6. Thank you so much for coming to Bolivia 😍🇧🇴I really love that video and the how it’s edited is awesome! Congratulations and I hope you come back.


  8. Wow… Seeing that you managed to get those reflection shots during august, i am feeling confident of finding water spots when i am going next month 😊

  9. Increible los lugares siendo boliviano aún no he ido por esos lados, espero conocer esos lugares magicos de mi amado pais…. !!!

  10. I know locals think is cute having their children (I hope so) playing some background music without “unintentionally” motivating tourists to leave tips for the kids I hope. However, those kids look sad and disinterested in playing the music (perhaps they have to do it every day). Besides tourist folks were more interested in finishing their meals than listening to some poor kids playing music for them.

  11. Your No. 7 is the No. 1 on my list and this, Salar de Uyuni, is my No. 2. Thanks for this video and I hope you’ll get to No. 7 soon! 🥂🥂🥂

  12. Amazing vlog Christian! I’ve been following you since your exchange in Thailand and i love your go pro videos so much but this quality blew me away! Outstanding videography and editing. Keep it up!

  13. Fantastic – I’ve never been to any of those places. The furthest I got from La Paz was Titicaca. I hope to go back some day. The drone footage is amazing. I sure miss that night sky – the altitude combined with the low light pollution in the barrens is a star photographer’s dream,

  14. 12:21 “Alguien dice que los latinos son un poco volcánicos que nunca se sabe cuando entran en erupción, impredecibles, peligrosos y altamente inflamables”. Dios mío, qué alucinante declaración romántica. Hombre, rock, este video me robó el corazón y me obligo a suscribir tu canal. te quiero.

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