“It took HOW LONG to get here??” @Bud Brown. – Retired in the Philippines. March 16, 2021

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Even though it just took a few days to go from California to Manila, it took MONTHs to go from Manila to Dumaguete. How did they send it? You may be surprised.
@Bud Brown. – Retired in the Philippines. March 16, 2021
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I am a retired sixth grade teacher from California who is presently living in the Philippines with my wife and two dogs. These videos aim to be entertaining, inspiring and motivating for people who are tired of the rat race and want to live a simple, yet rewarding life. My passions are studying and learning languages and helping people in any way I can.
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Mailing address: D. Brown, Post Office 328, Dumaguete City Post Office, Negros Oriental, Philippines 6200
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  1. Send packages only thru UPS Express World Wide. They do give you a tracking number. I use them all the time to send from USA to Colombia South America.

  2. It´s good that something works in America these days! I`m most concerned as is most of the world what the F**K is going on in America! What is wrong with you?

  3. Bud, “All’s well that ends well” – what else can you say? 😊
    I’m reminded of the year my well-meaning family in the US sent me a fruitcake through regular mail to Bohol. It arrived two months later, riddled with very happy ants.

  4. Yes thank you for sharing the video I heard they’re going to be another lockdown in the capital again I hope things will get better before the years out cuz I want to get back over there it’s just very sad what is going on in the world I get my vaccine the end of March then I will be okay chap but if you have any news just send me a message to me be safe over there and you and your family keep on sending videos chap 😊🙏😊🙏

  5. Just curious if that’s the longest it’s ever taken for a U.S. mail package to arrive? We’re happy that it finally got there for you both. God bless and stay safe.

  6. i sent a small box once from Calgary Alberta Canada to Kabankalan Negros once and took 5 months. lol. Same story, got to manila fast enough, but not to the islands.

  7. Yep I sent package ,it took two and half months ,it was sitting in Manila ,they said they have such a back log of mail and they also informed me that they always wait till they have big enough shipment to deliver to each city or province ,it’s more fun in the Philippines lol

  8. I live 2 hours south from Manila and took 6 month to received a package that was sent from China, the package had arrived many months to Manila. A letter from IRS or social security usually 4 months to get here.

  9. I’ve had the same experience with sending through USPS, 4 days from Fresno Ca. to Manila, then it gets hung up in Customs,, and nobody can answer anything, But I have pretty good luck sending through LBC, although their air service is slower now due to the pandemic,, in 2017 I sent my girls tablets for Christmas through USPS, I sent then in late Oct. I went to Philippines in Feb. they still didnt have them,, they arrived finally in March

  10. I sent a laptop last summer through the post office. It only took 4 days to get to Manila, but it took 2 months from Manila to Surigao City. Nothing ever change in the Philippines.

  11. Never ever used postal services it takes more longer, LBC takes even 3 to 4 months on packaging – DHL/ FEDEX a week or more depends on area specially the area that they have to travel longer they set there delivery date.

  12. I’ve had 8-10 packages sent to the Philippines from the U.S.. Travel time is usually pretty quick…about a week, but Custom’s likes to hold onto it for about 30 day’s after arrival. Only real issue I’ve had was a game console that’s being scalped for double it’s retail value. Custom’s wanted me to provide a receipt for it (it was a gift and sent to me). I had to get a picture of the receipt for them from the buyer, then I had to debate and prove the purchase price, because they saw the inflated one online. I guess they wanted to tax me more. I told them I don’t control the pricing, I didn’t buy it myself, and you can see the actual price on the retailer’s website. Here is the receipt matching that price…I can’t provide you with anything more than that. I just wanna play games on my game system! They released it to me 2-3 day’s later. I was truly “ticked off!” You get more accomplished by remaining calm and polite though.

  13. Tell your daughter to start sending packages through UMAC. I send packages through them all the time. Single rate; unlimited weight. Depending on the box your daughter sends will depend on the cost. Very inexpensive. Takes about 2 months to arrive in Laguna, Philippines from the Port of Los Angeles. Check it out. I’ve been doing this for years with no issues.

  14. You’re lucky you got it at all Bud. In 2009 i was back in NZ, i sent a personal letter to my wife at Cebu up in the province. I returned to the Phils soon thereafter. She did not get my letter. We think, someone working for the mail system in our town, knowing it was from me, (because my name was on the reverse), thought there might be some money in the envelope. WHAT ELSE?

  15. The mail wasn’t any better over here. I mailed one of our daughters a Christmas package on December 7 to Augusta, Georgia from New Orleans, Louisiana. She received it on January 10. Priority mail 3 day delivery. 🤣🤣 Well at least she did finally receive it. Stay well. Best wishes Bob.

  16. I used to send packages by priority mail, but I found out that I could send up to 4 lbs first class and it will arrive just as quick as priority and cost much less even with tracking. The slow down happens once the package arrives in Manila!

  17. About a 1-1/2 ago I had a package sent from the US to Manila.. It took about 4 days to give the Manila… And 3 and a 1/2 weeks to get from Manila to Manila.
    LOL I actually live in.. About a 15 km.. From the central Post Office of the Philippines.. Where all the mail comes through… Have a great day..

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