Japan Immigration woes “Resident Card Renewal” | The Morning Coffee Show

Resident card renewal at Tokyo’s Immigration office can be a stressful task. Due to the current Coronavirus situation Tokyo’s Immigration is giving out waiting numbers for every 15 min in groups A,B and C. This is just to get into the building. One inside depending on what you need to do it can be either a long wait or quick. Here in this Morning Coffee Show I share what you need to prepare just for renewing a resident card.

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  1. sorry could not make this one i was driving had some family issues i hand to deal with. thanks for the share. stay awesome brother!

  2. Missed it live as per usual. Wow, that’s a massive pain in the arse.

    Edit. I wonder why these trolls are so obsessed with you? I STILL don’t understand their problem and I’ve been watching for quite a while now.

    Second edit. Back from the tempura/donut stream ☺️. My point at the end was Shinichi just films in locations without asking often. And even when it’s usually frowned upon he goes covert. Although I imagine it’s slightly more difficult for you to blend into the background there 😂

  3. Hi
    I love the way you say everything n anything and all that end ing
    The same in USA much love to you and your family pets to say safe out there

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