1. I think she will be able to “taste” real life, she has the right to do it. She is from royalty but she is a human being with feelings and dreams too. I hope that both of them have a great life. A lot of traditions are falling apart and it is good. Everything in life has a moment, everything changes…

  2. It is their lives so we shouldn’t really be judging. I do worry if they can make it work in new york of all places as that’s probably not an easy place to adapt to.

  3. A princess marrying a commoner kinda sounds like a plot from a Disney movie that I’ve seen before. I can’t quite put my finger on it though.

  4. His background is very dodgy. His mother is in debt over his education fees, his father committed suicide under suspicious circumstances, and he failed the New York bar. He’s siphoning tax monies through his princess wife. This is very disappointing. But it’s her choice.

  5. Honestly, I think it’s good that Princess Mako chose to marry someone she loved and not someone that was arranged just to keep up with orthodox practices & beliefs. Of course many people (especially older people) would be shocked that Princess Mako broke traditions. I think she Princess Mako made the right choice, and it’s impressive she did so knowing that they would lose her royal status.
    Traditions & cultures are fine. But I think many of these beliefs & practices are antiquated and overly restrictive; especially for modern society.

  6. I feel Japanese people’s perspectives are quite old.
    Every person has rights to choose how they run their life.

    People should not invade other’s personal/private things.
    But it seems some Japanese people still like to do that.

  7. Congratulations for finding the Golden Condom Man from The Future! 未来のゴールデンコンドームマン!

  8. Btw don’t make her seem so pitiful now like “What? A princess has to live in an apartment now?” Her luxury apartment in downtown Shibuya costs close to a million yen to rent per month , that is, 10k USD. Her apartment in New york will be similarly-priced or more expensive. All of these is tax payers monies!

  9. The interviewer not being japanese might affect some people’s response , especially about sensitive subjects. People were sounding especially PC in this video, compared to usual.

  10. @AsianBoss can you make Japanese transcripts available for download, please? i’d gladly pay, as i’m sure many other language learners would! Same for your Chinese videos. imho, you’re missing out on easy money for subscriptions to access human-verified transcripts

  11. I saw some weird rumors in 2ch that Komuro Kei is Japanese-Korean…. What???
    Komuro Kei is typical Japanese name. There is no such name in Korea. I don’t understand why this rumor is even spread.

  12. It was interesting to hear and see Japanese citizen input. I never knew that there were still royal families. Are they still claiming divine ancestry, is that how it works? I read that the Kojiki, or something, I don’t remember the exact name, was an account on who in Japan was to be its righteous Emperor.
    Regardless, I thought it weird that, if that’s how these families are deemed royal, that you could strip that divinity and title, by marrying non royalty. All in all, I’m very impressed and intrigued by her decision, and it puts a smile on my face.
    Love is still out there, and is still a believed concept that carries a lot of meaning. That’s what I think about hearing this story, it’s mad inspiring.
    She’s so polite and respectful, madkey graceful, but very steadfast in what she believes in. All the power to her; I really hope that it isn’t a detriment to her future, as the media seems to display it.

  13. No other prince Japanese to married, why she had to lost her royal status, her mother is a commoners too and her dad didn’t effected his royal status. It’s a double standard

  14. Does it even matter who she marries? It’s not like women are included in the line of succession. Women might as well be excluded from the family proper from birth.

  15. I don’t know anything about Royal family in Japan But I think Komuro Kei looks kind of suspicious…
    There are so many allegations about him and his family. Like monetary problem, school bullying etc.
    Personally, I think Japanese people have the right to intervene Princess Mako’s marriage coz she partially represent Japan itself.

  16. 10:08 Uh, do these people not realize Empress Emerita Michiko, the current Empress Masako, and Princess Kiko (Mako’s mother) were all commoners who married into the royal family? And that there are 7 other living royal women who married out of the family? Princess Ayako only got married 3 years ago. Clearly people have the memory of goldfish. Princess Mako’s case wasn’t special at all until the public decided to hate on Komuro for his mother’s actions and his hair. What a load of crap.

    Edit to clarify since this comment is blowing up:

    According to the Imperial Household Law of 1947 male royals can marry commoner women into the royal family, but female royals must give up their royal status if they marry a commoner. In addition, the Japanese aristocracy other than those directly related to Emperor Showa (Hirohito) lost their royal status after World War II, so there are no other royals to marry in Japan. In other words, royal women have no choice but to lose their royal status and marry a commoner or remain single. Or perhaps marry a non-Japanese royal but that is pretty unlikely.

  17. インタビュー対象者に偏りがありますし、内容が浅いかと思います。

  18. I heard one of the TV channels in Japan decided not to broadcast the live press conference of Princess Mako and her husband, and instead, showed the film ‘Blade’, which came out back in 1998.

  19. This whole thing just feels like it came right out of a romance manga.

    But truthfully, good for them. I’m just here to see how it goes in a few years.

  20. It’s her right to marry whoever she wants, but it should also be JP people’s right to stop spending money on them, so much tax has been waste on a family

  21. See this is my personal opinion
    First of all the princess of Japan is also a human she have a right to choose a person to whom she love and want to get married.
    2nd thing we are no one to decide to whom she should get married
    3. It’s not right to show our interference in her life
    4. God bless her and wish her to a very happy married life❤❤❤

  22. I wish the royal family of Japan would have official Twitter and Instagram accounts. I think it would be important for the royal family to display all that they do to the people of Japan and through social media, they can be more closer.

  23. 할배는 일반인? 과결혼하고 왕그대로면서 공주는 쫓아낸다?
    조팔여혐성차별가해자지는 일남들이네

  24. Asian boss : what do u feel about princess Mako marrying to commoner ?

    The guy at 1:22 : now i am hoping to marry princess Kako ( Mako ‘s sister ) 😂

  25. I think the truth about what might happen lies in the middle. Some wants to see the old elitism brought down -commoner and a princess sounds like a fairy tale. On the other hand , the princess a normal person , can also make mistake when reality hits about day to day living, with someone of a different background – the end of honeymoon period etc. Like any couple, comes down to how much they are willing to commit and make it work. Obviously the fame made the beginning step harder.

  26. She has the right to marry whoever she wants but don’t be poor. Her husband isn’t some dude who can’t provide her with luxury. Not a blue collar guy

  27. “They are not too involved in politics ~ I think that’s the extent of their roles”. I wish the same could be said about my country’s monarch 😉

  28. There are many HERE in Japan especially my friends old relatives are not happy and calling it disrespectful, HER being a royalty.

    Not EVERYONE is like the great old man in ViDEO.

    Which is not right あなたが愛する人と結婚する あなたが強制されているものではありません

  29. Interesting, new (to me) bit of info about how the US eliminated most of the royal titles. Those should be restored; I agree with that man, completely.

  30. I’m not Japanese but I do know that other royal member of the family have married commoners; one even gave up her royal status to marry a commoner in 2018. It’s kinda odd that some of them are saying this is the first instance of such marriage..

  31. I have noble blood myself, never care about it. It’s more troublesome to become a noble in modern days than in the past. You’re like getting a second unnecessary job when you’re accept Noble position and given assignment by the senior noble & royal family, outside your main job. You’re also limit for enjoying life, can’t have the same fun as commoners. Become a noble only work in the past and in fiction, imo.

  32. A mídia fala que foi uma casamento por amor… Mas nas ruas o povo manda a realidade, o casamento não foi bem aceito porque o garoto é uma conhecido playboy que tem muitas mulheres, alem do estilo de vida questionável, o tipo nem passou nos exames para receber a carta da ordem dos advogados nos EUA , isso pela segunda vez… Então só o tempo dirá…

  33. i hope she wont regret marrying him. she grew up with barely doing nothing at all. there are a lot of helpers helping her to tend chores for her. if they transfer to new york it is a whole lot more difficult because it is fast pace life over there with a lot of bills to pay.she will be the one who will cook, clean the house and lot of chores she doesnt get used to. especially if she get pregnant, it will be extremely difficult,. if the guy doesnt pass the bar exam, im sure they will be on budget to make ends meet. the time she will have a child she will realize how hard it is to raise a child by your own especially in new york.

  34. Doesn’t really affect most people but for her sake, I’m glad Mako managed to escape the dreaded Imperial Agency’s hold on her to a certain extent. A bit of freedom…

  35. To the people all around the world and japan interested and excited in this news, i would like to differentiate myself from how you perceive this news.
    This is very funny for me, japan has always been a leader and at forefront of innovation, but this is funny for me this royalty and commoner mentality still exists in certain parts of the world. Yes, it is a big thing that the girl( sorry, she’s not my princess😅) is sacrificing her royal status but the real question is why does this royalty commoner mentality exists, malaysia(or thailand dont remember which🥲), uk, japan, these countries need to bring change in this matter, you can ignore me, i am just a commoner commenting about your great high majesty who can bring a change or save this world with their royalty status alone😊

  36. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the guy in the golden costume. I ended up being more curious as to why he’s wearing it versus hearing his thoughts on the marriage.

  37. There’s something called culture in our Asia. We value family. This is an arcane concept for western SJWs.Just like a father or mother would be concerned for their kid’s safety, the entire country is worried for their national daughter because they fear Kei is hiding money embezzlement facts.Would you not be concerned if your daughter is possibly being bamboozled?

  38. Hey Asian Boss, I thought you have a Japanese member and wonder why you are making such a misleading video. Nobody here in Japan is against Mako marrying a commoner. They are not happy with her marrying Kei Komuro as his mother had some issues with debit and so on. Everyone from Royal family has been marrying commoners and that is the only way to get married, right? We have no issue with that since marrying within the family means incest, right? This video is misleading and I am sure Kei from Asian Boss is from Japan.

  39. Hmm I understand that Japan royal family seen as someone who is in highest hierarchy, good models, do no wrong and very manners like their manners is so top notch no one can compare. So when they decided to marry non royalty they see only the fault but human always have 2 sides it’s up to you which one to magnify…..the good or the bad? And also if the imperial family didn’t change the law they will run out royal family. The princesses should be allowed to keep their title even tho they married a non royal husband.

  40. I think this is a very good thing for the Japanese Royal family . It’s brings them into the 21st century. We only have to look at British Royal family to see what a positive outlook marrying a commoner has had on them. Look at Catherine & William our future King. The British Royal family are far more in tune with the public than before. They are not perfect but who is. Love is love I wish them much happiness, they will bring Japan’s Royal Family much needed positivity.

  41. I really support her. She really knows how to value happiness by being with someone she loves. Hopefully their love will last forever. Send love from Korea ❤

  42. They think westerners are interested in this issue because we are interested in royal families and being a “princess” is a dream.

    But in reality we are shocked by ancient practices. Nobody in western society supports arranged marriage. We also don’t support marrying your cousin. We didn’t know Japan had a royal family until now and our first impression isn’t very good.

  43. I don´t know anything about marital rules in the japanese royal family, but what were Princess’s options, if she would like to maintain her royal status in marriage: to marry a royal cousin? Have she has any option?

  44. There is no aristocratic choice for her, since only the imperial family is the only non-commoners in japan.
    Ex-princess ayako married 3 years ago too.
    And, they both married extremely rich guys, so they’re not exactly your “commoner” 😂

  45. She’s doing it better than Harry of England did. She isn’t trying to make a living off her former royal status whilst speaking negatively about them (her family) at almost every opportunity.

  46. Royalty is a relic of a few centuries ago. This is ridiculous that developed countries give such importance to people who were born in a certain family.

    I love that in my country, we got rid of royalty as soon as 1789

  47. This might be the end of the emperor’s to many of the new generation. Our generation is more open and now that they see that the own family reject others as commoners i am no sure how long they could last because people are already finishing the royalty in all part of the worls

  48. I’m glad she’s moving to New York. Welcome to New York. I hope you live your best life and prosper. I hope she gets into the she gets into the New York vibe of being the best you and live your life. Be an individual that is the best version of you.

  49. I support them. Because if there LOVE there is will be so Fantastic. & am 💯percent sure both of them LOVE there self both of them are so gald they meet each other💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💜

  50. I’m surprised that none of them know that the royal family was nearly abolished after the second World War, but the US decided to let it live symbolically, since Japanese royalty has been so impactful on Japanese society for so long

  51. What is this, the middle ages? Damn, I hate monarchies in the 21st century. UK should get rid of it as well. The more interesting part was the guy in the golden suit.

  52. Time will tell how well she will fare as a “free” person. I say this bc she has lived her whole life under the protection and privileges of being a royal member. Once she gets out in the real world, there will be many things she and her husband have to deal with that she didn’t have to deal with before abandoning her royal status.

  53. that one guy thinks that other countries actually have a functioning monarchy 5:00 but they are also symbolic or have very limited powers.

  54. Good for her!!! Live her own life as much where her free will leads as possible. It’s a progress for the society. I just wonder if she didn’t marry a commoner, how many options does she have, to marry her first or second cousin???

  55. I’m not Japanese, I don’t know what a royal life is like over there, I just feel sorry for her, bc she seems nice and innocent and perhaps wants to live her life with more FREEDOM, sadly marriage is not what is going to offer her that freedom. The guy eyes look very audacious and ambitious, I think she’s being used by him, sorry to say that so upfront, but normally this situation will end up in her being sad in the future. Better be single and a royal than the wife of a men who wants you as his wife BC you are a royal, marriage is tough for women, so for him is only a win situation, for her…I’m afraid a lose lose situation.

  56. >>Since 2017, when the engagement was first publicly announced, the couple faced disapproval from the Japanese public because they deemed Kei unfit for their princess due to his low social status.

    This is not the case.
    When the engagement was announced in 2017, the media and the public didn’t criticize him, in fact they looked upon him favorably.
    It was only after his mother’s money problems were reported by a weekly magazine that he started to be criticized.
    After that, various problems were reported and the criticism against him grew louder.
    It is normal for people in the imperial family to marry common people, and this is not seen as a problem.

  57. I know this is a delicate theme, but it seems so pointless from an outsider perspective, as a foreigner
    particularly, the part where royal women cannot marry commoners or they lose their royal title, but there are no royal men left to marry, so what are the women supposed to do? like, it’s a dead end for them, so it seems like Japanese royals/govenrment should realize this and make some changes in legislation, instead of scrutinizing a guy for his hair length, cuz all the complaining won’t solve the real issue here
    don’t mean to be rude, I know it’s not this simple at all, but it’s useful to look at problems more practically sometimes too

  58. I miss Hiroko as an interviewer SOOO much. I’m bummed the interviewer here isn’t a native speaker. But interesting video! Thanks,Asian Boss.

  59. I feel like a lot of people seem to be infantalizing Princess Mako a bit. She’s an adult who can make her own decisions and even turned down a huge amount of wealth and privilege to be with a commoner, I don’t see why anyone should criticize her (or her fiance) for their decisions. This is coming from someone who disagrees mostly with the existence of monarchies though.

  60. What bother some Japan citizen was not about the marriage with commoner but the man who will become his husband. His family have some bad record like stoling money and run away to US. That’s why, some citizen will think if the man married for money.

  61. Wow i never imagined japan would be that much conservative if a princess marring a commoner how could Medea portey it negatively, what i saw is only positivity in that news.

  62. “I’ve heard that he failed the bar exam” Okay, so what?! The good news is that you can take the New York bar exam an unlimited amount of times if you do not pass. New York does not place a limit or a restriction on the number of times you may attempt to pass the bar exam. Weirdly folks in the United States are forgiving unlike folks “elsewhere”…😂

  63. I’m surprised no one brought up the fact that male members of the royal family are allowed to marry commoners and keep their status in the royal family, bringing in the commoner to the royal household, but female members get their status taken away and exiled from the palace completely, never allowed to step foot in it again. giving female members the same treatment as the male members would fix the royal shortage problem…

    i didnt know any of this until recently. my japanese grandma loves the royal family but she was very keen about the unfairness between sexes

  64. Who else would she marry though? Japan doesn’t have another unrelated royal family. Also, isn’t Emperor Naruhuto also married to a commoner?

  65. You know what, they’ll probably make an anime based around this and call it something like “Princess Meko”. I’d definitely watch that fosho

  66. What’s the big deal? She married some one she loves. Instead of tradition. I admire her bravery. I like people who can step out of the box which takes a lot of faith.
    So people, let’s wish them the best and blessings on their new journey. Did anyone learn from when Prince Charles married Diana? LEAVE THEM ALONE!
    Who cares about anyone else’s opinion. It’s nobody’s business! We got so much going on in this world and people still wearing mask on their faces not realizing they are being manipulated. STUPID!

  67. Every royal marriage is different depends to every country… I guess Japanese Royalty really taking care their royal bloodline and status very seriously… It’s understandable though when the Princess Mako step down because marrying a commoner… That’s how love can measuring an action… In this age and era… Young generation wouldn’t see this as anything special but it’s something big deal for the family and the couple… Hope the two will having a happy and healthy life.

  68. The concept of monarchies in this day and age is silly. And I find it disturbing that some people still worship these royals as if they are better than the rest of us, which is not true. The only thing they are better off is in wealth, most of which are inherited and unearned by themselves. So what is so inspiring and impressive about them?

    I wish people are more critical and questioning of their leaders, especially the ones who promote inequality like monarchies.

  69. If you understand Japanese history, you will know how they revere the Emperor and feel very protective about him. As one of the persons said they are such nice , kind and down to Earth royals ever lived. And it’s no wonder they feel so protective of the princess. One person worrying about her living in the apartment from now shows how important she is to them.

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  71. problem is woman in Imperial House of Japan is useless thats all,in the past princess dont exist,emperor have many wifes because was practiced polygamy and is need to more chance to born boy,but in my opinion Mako make mistake because leaving Japan

  72. Wow the girl in the beginning talking about feeling closer to the royal family hahahaha ridiculous comment. Then the guy talking about since she’s a female it doesn’t has much affect as if it was a male heir. Such backwards thinking in Japan and I could try to understand tradition but it is 2021. Also, most of the world’s royalty serves in the same capacity as in Japan and those two guys could really learn more about their own country and a little bit about the world. I don’t agree with the same girl who talked earlier in the video about feeling closer to the royal family, hahahaha, about the princes and her mental health. I don’t think a woman who is as educated as the princess, with a lot of experiences to other cultures would have her mother in law’s debt affect her mental health. These interviews should be titles “How little the Japanese from the streets know”, hahahaha. Wish the princess a good life and for Japan to catch up with the times with their outdated thinking that makes them look like uneducated fools. WWII happened decades ago and even though the horrors that Japan committed against the world is not being taught in their schools, Japan should not require the United States to allow giving royal titles back to other families that once held them.

  73. the couple faced disapproval from the Japanese public because they deemed Kei unfit for their princess due to his low social status, this info is Wrong Asia Boss…the true is it was postponed for approximately three years due to Kei Komuro’s mother’s involvement in a financial dispute over Â¥4 million ($36,000) she had received from her former fiancé, some of which went towards paying Komuro’s tuition fees. The dispute resulted in the imperial family and the public’s disapproval of the match,Various scandals like alleged marriage and insurance fraud by Kei Komuro’s mother and high school bullying by Kei Komuro came to light soon after the announcement of his wedding plans.
    Now Kei ‘run’ to US for work there, poor Mako going face hardship in future at US not a safe PLACE TO LIVE…!!!
    Trust me not a happy marry in future…Kei Komuro brain now on think about MONEY he a two face.

  74. Everyone seems to forget that the Princess is also human who has feelings. She also wants to love and be love. There is nothing wrong with that. Forcing someone to marry because of their social status , etc will never work. I wish the Princess and her husband a happy marriage and blessings 🙏🏻

  75. Japanese society is a male supremacist country where women are the absolute weak point.

    Marriage removes women from royalty How old-fashioned is that???

    In Japan, it is said that women do not report even if they are sexually assaulted.

    People oppose marriage because they like each other?? They are excluded from the royal family, but do you think it is reasonable for the Japanese to oppose marriage?

    It’s really incomprehensible Japanese people change their mind

  76. Don’t talk about things with your own selfish thoughts.
    The Japanese are not opposed because he is a common man.
    The Japanese are against him because his attitude is unfaithful.
    He went to Study in the United States to hide the problem with his relatives and deceify it.
    He is a common man, but if he deals with public beings, of course, responsibility and duty arise.
    He is believed to have been a lie to escape by falling the lawyer examination, the reason for his study abroad.
    He hid the problem, didn’t explain it, pretended to study abroad to get a cool time and ran away.
    So be unfaithful and so not trusted.
    Their love affair is by no means a love romance.
    Don’t express your opinion lightly if you interpret things for yourself without knowing them.
    Don’t you still notice that such a bad-headed thing is causing harm to Japan by helping the crime of making a comfort woman etc.

  77. 11:50 this is not the first time. The current empress of japan was a commoner before married to the emperor naruhito. The crown prince fumihito also marry a commoner. As with their sister, formerly princess sayako is also married a commoner and now known as kuroda sayako.

  78. It’s a shame that some in the media felt the need to pressure her and criticize her to the point that she felt relieved to be married and moving to the US. People think the lives of royals are easy. For sure they are free from worry about the basics of life but the scrutiny on them is overwhelming. It’s not a surprise that Princess Mako and Prince Harry both escaped for lives more common in the US. And its the media and royalists that drove them to that.

  79. 小室圭に関するスキャンダルを話す人がいないのが気になるなぁ

  80. Well, most Japanese people aren’t against marriage itself.
    It’s just that Kei Komuro is a really shady person and many Japanese are just worried about her. In fact, before the Komuro family scandal came out, all Japanese people welcomed the marriage.

  81. 二日市保養所、通化事件、尼港事件など、韓流男子による日本人の虐殺、婦女暴行事件について韓国人がどう思ってるのかという動画を作ってください。真実の歴史を勉強している彼らなら、間違いなく知っていて、そして、認めて謝罪し、賠償金を支払い、隠蔽しようなどとはしないことでしょうw

  82. 在日の出自について、「NHKスペシャル密航」というビデオを翻訳したものと、厚生省のサーベイの生活保護に関するデータを韓国人に見せて意見をもらうって動画を作ってください。両国のために必要だし、密入国者を不幸な歴史の被害者と勘違いしている人もいそうなので、是非w

  83. The first thing to keep in mind that differentiates the emperor from foreign kings is that the emperor has authority, but not power. The emperor is attached to a religion with Shintoism at its peak. Is the Pope free to marry? As a result of living freely like the King of Thailand, he has left Thailand and is living in Germany. Does this earn him the trust of the people?

  84. Esta noticia esta haciendo mucho ruido, senti curiosidad al respecto y me informe un poco más y es algo común ya que las princesas de esa familia si no se casan con alguien de la realeza es decir primos o principes de otros paises les tocaria quedarse a vestir santos

  85. I love that everyone that are being inerviewed has mask on and properly worn also all of the people in the surroundings as well. This is how it should be…

  86. They all responded sensibly and surprisingly supportive of changing outdated traditions. I’m pleasantly surprised with the older folks being so open minded and wishing the princess happiness and freedom. Funny guy wanting to marry the sister 😂.

  87. The media have biggest impact in many ways. They like 2 sided blade, nowadays they thrive for some controversial thing than bring actual and honest news. Honestly, i couldn’t believe any media news right now

  88. I like how everyone just wears a mask because they respect their fellow man, unlike here in a America where there is such a great divide over wearing them.

  89. このチャンネルは日本人が見ないことをいい事に偏った情報をさも真実かのように動画にするよね。英語話せないからスルーしてきたけど、書き込まずにはいられないほど不快だわ

  90. Can a Japanese or someone who knows their law tell me, which royal is mako supposed to marry so she wont lose her status? Her brother? Like hes the only young male royal left in Japan right? So technically, the law means all women from the royal family will lose their status when they marry cuz theres literally no royal to marry(in japan) or she could stay single forever if she wants to have her status forever right?

  91. In order for Princess Mako to retain her Royal status. She would have to marry another Japanese Royal? Like who, her cousins, nephews, or uncles?

  92. I find it refreshing that a women royalty or not would sacrifice her own status for love. She gave me a little spark in humanity back. Not saying that a woman wouldn’t but truth be told most wouldn’t sacrifice a comfortable quality of life/lifestyle for a man that by most accounts is “below” her in status. Even though she’s not my princess I’m proud of her. She should have no regrets.

  93. I hope for them to be long lasting relation and happy life, Princess Mako sacrifices her title just to be a commoner as long as she happy then there will be no regret later 🙂 💕💕

  94. I Think Japan’s Emperor family is entertainer on TV And Tax-eating monster.
    The two most useless things
    China’s CCP vs. Japan’s Emperor family

    Who is more useless?

  95. after years of watching anime, I find it really cool to hear words I’m familiar with used in a non-anime context like “ojou-sama”, “heimin”, “kozoku”, “heika”

  96. Give princess the benefit of the doubt. If she wants to marry a commoner, it’s her choice. We have no right to stop her coz we don’t own her feelings and happiness.

  97. “The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Japanese population.” But how they “randomly” select interviewees can represent the viewpoint of ASIA BOSS. Personally I wanted listen to people from both ends of the spectrum. How about questions regarding proper use of royal influence (if any) by an ex-royal family member, rather than turning this into a feminist issue.

  98. If the Japanese don’t like a princess giving up her royal status in the name of love, they should go back to the traditional constitution than stick with this Prussian style garbage law of succession.

  99. It’s seems many are okay with the marriage. Despite the concerns, they still want the princess to live the life she wants. I am concerned how familiar she is with what it will be like to live as a commoner. If she will live in the US, I am wondering how that adjustment would be for her? Does he make enough of a living to keep her lifestyle comfortable? The line of succession is thin and relying on male heirs. If the princess has a boy, could he receive a title and line into the royal family? Women should be in succession if this is the situation. They only have one young boy to continue the line. If the prince only has girls,, then what? They are probably considering candidates for his future wife from now. I hope the princess has a good life.

  100. People were kust worried about the man, his mum and his family story behind it all. Not really because he’s a commoner or not. Even if he’s a commoner but not shady, its fine. Cuz there’s many princesses already married to commoner as well.

  101. I hope one day it becomes a norm if a royal family member want to leave. That life is so restrictive if you ever read the reasons why royal family members leave .

  102. It is good to preserve the Japanese Royal Family, it is important for national respect, for the preservation of the historical roots of the Imperial House which belongs to all the Japanese nation. I hope they remain as long as Japan stands.

  103. As a Japanese, I feel this problem very complicated.
    Before some problems about Kei Komuro were discovered, many Japanese people blessed and welcomed their marriage.
    But then, his mother’s financial problems and the process by which they made all the decisions forcibly for marriage were the reasons for the harder criticism.
    And now they have been criticized for spending large amounts of tax privately.
    And it was also because Princess Mako criticized the citizens at the briefing session for the citizens.
    Of course it is not hair issue 😂 It is believed that his personality cannot protect Princess Mako.
    On the other hand, many people support and worry about her.

    The media broadcasts radically. Things are much worse than they were a few years ago….

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