1. Just missed the live by a few minutes was watching 🏈 It’s 1 person, sorry for his family but people die of different causes every DAY !! He had the Korona19 or just symptoms? Anyway πŸ˜‰ Starbucks is okay Drew β˜• Have a great week D

  2. I don’t know what you looking for in places to visit but A place I loved was Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture is a really nice place with narrow streets are lined with samurai-era residences it a good way from Tokyo and maybe a bit far to go

  3. Obviously you MUST go to a Gaming Centre. They usually have concessions to grab food/coffee or possibly beers. Hiromi would be a bonus on that excursion but if not then that’s cool. If possible then I’d like to see the inside of the Sega or Namco places before they turn everywhere into claw machines.
    If you could make a day of it and stream it then all the better but even a long form edited look at the arcade scene in japan without the bullcrap journalists spin on it, then I’d be forever in your debt.
    Also, you’ll be fine with the apicectomies just follow the aftercare religiously.

    Keep up the good work fella and get that puzzle done.

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