This is a jeepney ride from Lapu Lapu, Mactan to the pier near Movenpick Resort on the east coast of Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines. Come along for the ride. I am hoping to get some feedback from you about how your life plans have changed in the last few months.


  1. You’re free Rod? LOL. Gd night mate, gotta get my beauty sleep. The Sportivo 2.56mins is identical to my old car, very strong reliable vehicle. Got a US Dodge Journey now, also great performer, gasoline engine 2.7 litre auto.

  2. Thanks for showing us some part of Lapu Lapu. Good to see the place where I am away for long. Missing that city and of course, the island where I came from, Olango Island. Stay safe Sir. 🙏Watching here in 🇸🇬

  3. Rod, I am technically an overstay since April 26th.. I am waiting for my paperwork thru JRC.. As soon as I see that a majority of departure flights are not being cancelled, I am going back to the US until we can come back with no snags or hassles.. I have always had plan B formed, and will have to resort to it.. Thanks for the video… Bruce

  4. Rod,
    I watched a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos. That was the change that I made during the quarantine. I bought a face mask today, so there’s that. AZ is experiencing the “Second Wave” of the virus. 4,000 + new cases from 06/19 to 06/20. -If it’s true?

  5. I always like your Video because most of time it’s accurate informations, but i must to correct this : The 4th Bridge under work will be Completed by 2028 and not by 2021/2022 except that’s keep going to inform us because you are one of most informed and accurate 👍Cheers from Cebu City Mango Avenue 😊 suffering from ECQ 🤣🤣😢🙏 as well being here on a 1 year visa balikbyan spouse up to dec 15th 2020 it help for me, but i need to exit for malaysia KL as i have work for me awaiting with a approval immigration letter from malaysia side to enter for me and
    my 🇵🇭spouse so if in a near future you have some infos about south east asia fly departure from the Philippines i will be interested Thank a lot

  6. I have heard there have been many deaths due to starvation caused by the high unemployment caused by the virus.I thought my God this is terrible

  7. Because all the pubs are still closed here in the UK. I went back to brewing my own beer….not that I’m an alcho or anything its just I like a glass of ale with my cucumber sandwiches when I’m sitting in the back garden with the vicar…lol

  8. Salamat Rod for showing an update of Lapu Lapu City,I won’t probably be able to visit Cebu till next year,your videos keep me updated.

  9. Totally agree with your comment regarding fudging the death cause numbers. It seems to be happening in many places world wide.
    I was meant to be in Ph in April-May but that was all cancelled. My GF in Luzon fortunately is very understanding and has been very resourceful at providing for her family.
    Of course I help her, but she has never asked for it from me.
    This years trip was meant to be an Intel gathering operation, to find suitable accommodation for us, with my retirement early next year. Now it will be a boots and all move next year instead.
    Lets hope this situation returns to a real normality in the near future.

  10. Hi Rod. When we were in Cebu in 2018 we spent half a day at Movenpick resort just to check it out. Very nice as you say Rod. This video brought back some great memories. 🙂👍

  11. To answer your question I live in the Netherlands what I did I got myself a freezer to store food for a longer time. I noticed should have done this long time ago because it saves money because go less to grocery buying unnecessary items.

  12. Good morning Rod. Well it’s morning here. Yes I have changed several things. When we go to the grocery store we buy a lot more than we used to so we don’t go very often. We stay home as much as possible. We haven’t seen our kids or grand kids since Christmas. 😣 The cause of death is always heart failure. When your heart stops beating you’re dead. 🤨 Stay safe. Best wishes Bob.

  13. Hi Rod, I shop every 2 weeks so now l buy more in one go. Mainly because queueing is a pain. Cebu Pacific are still taking months for refunds. I think these airlines are winning no friends.

  14. Rod we keep 5 5gal water jugs here in reserve same as you but also have a well and a city water connection. More than 1 years worth of rice and several cans of meats like spam chicken & tuna fish. Pasta beans flour honey sugar coffee powdered milk powdered peanut butter powdered eggs are just a few items in our emergency cache. Things are changing rapidly here in America as is the rest of the world for sure. Truckers are refusing delivery to certain areas that are defunding police! I don’t see free international travel as we knew it returning. If anyone thinks 2020 is crazy just wait till 2021! Enjoy life while ya can Rod nobody gets out alive! lol Thumbs up!

  15. I’m not trying to be mean or hateful but I recommend that you not mention anything about what you have stockpiled . The Philippine people are a great group of people but even they could get to a point of desperation and do something that they would not normally do.

  16. I think this sense of preparedness is real and needed. I now keep at least 2 weeks of water and food supply and make sure durable goods such as rice and flour etc are replenished. I am also seriously looking at getting some land and growing my own food.

  17. Hey Rod, did you see the Harvard study using satellite photos comparing the number of cars in the parking lots at the hospitals in Wuhan, 2018-2019 ?

  18. That was true. They were putting down non covid-19 deaths as covid-19 deaths. I family member of mine who works as a nurse said the same.

  19. No doubt this coronavirus experience will reshape society in lasting ways. I for one have a revived appreciation for the outdoors and life’s other simple pleasure. Nice to see those jeepneys back in service.

  20. Thing’s we are doing differently are growing more vegetables a lot more also getting home kill beef and lamb lucky we knew somebody you had them I still keep away from people really hate it when they get to close lol we are also gonna put small 1000 ltr water tanks around the house to collect water it’s the start of winter but we are in a drought umm what else oh we have sent money to family in the Philippines and friends to help them we are waiting for the Philippines to open again and the courts so we can do the custody of my wife’s daughter so we can file for residency so paying for visas it’s a pain but so many people far worst off than us always have a heavy heart that I can’t help me people there in short we are doing a lot different from before is virus the worry now is the job losses we are having 60 thousand in one week I’m thinking this year is gonna be hard for everyone in the world but next year we start to rebuild though out the world sorry for the long text

  21. I think the WHO believed China, China looking for opportunity out of a problem to loan poor countries money. Also, teaching the west. It’s a distraction from the Hong Kong problem. Now they are straight for the take over while we are busy with their virus.

  22. Macton has lots of places to eat at . Live bands to listen too ( before) .
    But traffic , yikes . Plus go to a beach , there is entry fee . Of course any pool too . Pros and cons .

  23. the 2nd ECQ (for cebu) is way better than the 1st one

    many groceries / supermarkets had stockpiled & replenished some essential goods

    online same day delivery is no longer a problem

    people are more aware about the significance of number coding, ecq pass, travel pass, etc. compared to during the gcq

    people were a bit lax or complacent during gcq, i guess

    after ecq, a modified gcq would suit cebu rather than rapidly upgrade itself to gcq (as what happened 2 weeks ago)

    the philippines is now entering the wet season

    it’s also the flu, common cold & dengue season

    cebu must be able to strictly impose the *triage* measure

    separating the COVID cases from non-COVID

    there must be a separate isolation center for dengue cases

    separate isolation center for flu or common cold (send them home)

    separate isolation center for asymptomatic COVID

    that’s actually the best solution during this wet season

    it’s important that red cross must continue to gather fresh blood in their stockpile

    blood is life

  24. Our town has a safe water supply in the small community. I did stock up on food supply by purchasing a little at a time. I purchased freeze dried food that keeps for up 25 years. Now I have 3 months in stock. Also I have a small garden. I wanted more but the companies are sold out of most of the products. Checked out Ebay and people were purchasing large quantities then selling on Ebay for 3× or more of the original price. Also here they reported over 3% of the deaths where not from covid-19. About 3 weeks back here in Washington state 8 shootings were reported as covid-19 deaths. Out of 1000 deaths that would make 300 died of other causes. Here in the U.S. most is politically motivated. Here at least people get unemployment then there was a one time 1200$ payment. So we are doing much better than there in the Philippines.

  25. Thankyou for the updated info. I am very concerned about Cebu and area. I am still planning coming to Cebu. My girlfriend is anxious as I am.
    Wo both want to review Cebu, for possible living area.
    Situtation hete is SNAFO. I am sure you can appreciate. Society divided by politics and news media. Questioning police procedures. Economy is open up rather quick, but COVID 19 is going rampant in southern state to California. Baseball on hold. Maybe no football. Good, they seem to want to politicize the players actions.
    Thanks again I look forward to every video.

  26. nice one Rod i enjoyed that looking at Mactan island rather be there but stuck in Australia at the moment in South Australia no Virus hear over 4 weeks now and there strict not letting other states hear go over the borders worst place NSW and Victoria have all the virus people

  27. I don’t know why so many of these blogs show the road to some destination but don’t show the destination. The vehicle moves so fast that the road trip is meaningless. By the way I lived at Movenpick for three years. It’s a great resort with a wonderful staff.

  28. Rod, I truly appreciate all the information you provide for us. Last year I was in the Philippines twice and was planning on moving there in September to be with my girlfriend. But of course this virus comes along and turns the world upside down. Anyways I do have my plane ticket to return in February. Hopefully things will be much better by than. Again thank you Rod for all the updates. Take care my friend

  29. Hi Rod we live in Australia , covid hasn,t changed our lifestyle at all except respecting the normal gov,t sujestions about covid, we didn,t stockpile at all ,as we don,t have a young family we found it was easy. We will not be able to travel to the Philippines till 2021 as international air travel out of Australia will be restricted by our govt, a good thing for older people like us, enjoy your vids & commentry Rod keep up the entertainment mate.

  30. Our plans for now remain the same, I live in the high desert in California not a lot of cases here. Our plan also remains the same to move to Cebu. I’m 54 now so hopefully in one or two years will be there. I live close to a military base so I really haven’t had to stock up on food a whole lot. All the things that am were scarce are available now except for the sanitary wipes.

  31. Remote part of the Scottish highlands here , life as normal for me just following guidelines to get groceries. I do thank my lucky stars,my heart goes out to those that are struggling to get through this awful time.I just feel my government has let down so many vulnerable people in the UK.I can’t judge other countries efforts, but is does seem more strict in Philippines. 2020 has been one disaster after another and we’re only half way through, God bless and stay safe everyone. (your doing a great job on info Rod, salamat po).

  32. Nothing has changed for me. I was moving to the Phils before this all happened and I am still moving there after we can travel again. Especially because of all that is happening in the US. It is turning into a real shit hole….

  33. Thank you you made me cry, seeing the road and places i used to ride too….. I lived in Mactan for some time and i lost a house in Decca Homes to the wrong girl (she was a gold digger looking for a live ATM). For 5 years i live in Moalboal, but i am stuck in Germany. I talk to my wife every day but to be realistic, i expect no trips to be possible before next year. So i continue to work and look foreward to my pension in 3 years.

  34. Rod, thanks for the video, yes the major change is still staying at home, due to cases continue rising in Arizona. Also, I canceled my plan to travel to Philippines due to lack of international flights and visa. Even a few South East Asian country opening up but they don’t allow American tourist yet!!!

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