Jomtien Thailand. A great day in Paradise

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  1. Joe can’t hang with anyting it seems, drinking during the day…spicy food, blah blah blah, and no way I just asked yesterday about Daz if he really had a girlfriend there. Did he bring the right one for the occasion? 🙃

  2. right jealous as hell!!! your just outright showboating these days lol going to all these tourist places with no tourists there to annoy you!!! hope they be open by November :):):)

  3. Hey guys, curious one of you’re last mail days you got something I believe in a box for gift also. Did you remember to give it to her? Have a good trip as always.

  4. Great little series chuck. Need that coffee today! Not for everyone I know but it is a lot of fun for a short break. Thanks for sharing. Tell Joe to keep the hat! All the best for the next trip! Stay safe.

  5. Hi Chuck, I am you fan from India. I am watching your video from last 2 Years. I am 24 now and like the way you live your life full. Stay healthy

  6. Hi chuck and paige, love ypur travels and that body gaurd hes funny guy. Nice to see everyone meeting up thanks for the great time u make for others cheers from nrth queensland Australia were coming th e re next ye a r once the covit settles down to look at staying long term in th a iland , you have inspired us to take the challenge thank u

  7. Chuck you may have to cook a pizza for Gift. They posted a video eating a homemade pizza and I asked if she liked yours or Mike’s pizza better. She replied “I haven’t had brother Chuck’s pizza”. If you correct that issue, I would appreciate it if you could film the response purely for research 🤓

  8. i stayed in a suite there and your right,does need a make over but in all the faclities are great ..drank at the two for 1 hour so the prices werent too bad .layed down on one of those deck chairs and it broke and i smashed my head ,so there was another free drink ..if u go to hua hin again,try the dhevan dara for breakfast ..i stayed there ..had my own little pool , was great but best brekky ive had in my visits to thailand

  9. Great video Chuck and Paige, I rented a condo at Paradise Park in Jomtien for 3 years, only 7 minutes walk from the beach. Enjoy your swim on the island, nice blue clear water,

  10. great video guys, and yes what a view, 100 bhat for a small Leo, mmm very expensive, looks like you had a couple of heavy days, well you can relax when you guys get to the beach- stay safe

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