Koh Phi Phi Island – Thailand – Cinematic vlog 13

After meeting 4 solo travelers in Phuket, we decided to join up and travel to the famous Phi Phi island, known for its wild beach parties and amazing scenery. About a 3 hour fairy ride from Phuket, the island has many things to do and see, such as a bout tour around
the other islands that surround Ko Phi Phi which costs around 2000 Baht. (80) Australian dollars. I would recommend spending around 3 to 4 days on the island to experience everything. The Story Continues!

Instagram – benn_tk

Music – Moritz Demmer – Serotonin – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6buMDompLMA

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  1. Enjoy guys! new vlog coming after this one! (: follow me on instagram for sneak peaks!
    INSTAGRAM – benn_tk
    CAMERA GEAR – can be found and bought in the description!

  2. Bro you’re gonna have to do a tutorial on the transitions used on the last cinematic sequence. Is it just speed ramps with motion blur or is it some kind of wizardry

  3. TK great video! Please make a tutorial on some of the transitions in the video – from scratch. Keep on your work, you are a big inspiration for many!!! ;))

  4. Totally worth of waiting. Nice balance between cinematics and information! Have a nice trip to Krabi. If you are travelling around Eastern Asia between 3 to 14 of Janurary come to Philippines (Cebu and visiting siargao as well)

  5. Wow that was so rad! TK I posted an edit to my channel INSPIRED by you about the Fall colors this year, would be totally mean if you watched it!!!!

  6. Nice video bro! Really like your editing style. It’s really standing out from everything else that’s out there. Makes me want to check out Phi Phi islands too. Keep up your good work and greetings from New Zealand 👊

  7. where did you check to know that you cant fly the drone on that beach ? but others you can ? You should of done it anyways whos gonna stop you ?

    1. I agree with you tho that hike to Tab Kak Hang Nak was one the hardest ive done but the view was awesome, Im really mirin that drone footage you have on the cliff,, wish i brought my drone with me

  8. Bro your videos are getting better and better!!! I really wanna start doing this cinematic vlog thing. Where do you get your whoosh sound effects from? Well donr bro!

  9. Love your videos man, can you please do a tutorial video on your transitions and how you plan out a shot to flow with your transitions… that would be amazing 😍 check out channel n Insta @tmo87 n maybe we can collab one day? I live in Scotland

  10. Awesome channel bro, love your style of vlogging. This has inspired me to do more with my own footage so thank you for sharing your awesome moments in life.

  11. LOVE IT!!!!! Haha, finally! I got to sit down and watch this on my big screen! Apsolutely gold bro!! Looks amazing! I hope you’re having the time of your life! Tons of love! Can’t wait to see what’s up next! 🖤💙🖤

  12. what an amazing footage. i’ve been there 2 years ago. and 5times on phuket the last 2 years… after i’ve seen this here, i can’t wait until march 18 to be back there for about a month! Keep up ur work pal!

  13. I love your video! You are very inspiring as always and once again, you make me want to go on an adventure and face my fears. Thhank you for that :). I wanted to know where did you find this video editing stuff that you show at first? What should I write on the internet to know how to do? I wish I could become like you! Thank you again for this beautiful experience 🙂

  14. used to cliff jump near maya bay back in 2000 and around 2007 phi phi started to get flooded with tourists… if you werent here during the old days you missed out on maya bay being really untouched

  15. OMG!!! Your videos are so amazing…I’m just in love with your channel. You deserve a million like. I started following you on Instagram as well. Can I please use few clips? I’ll mention link obviously.

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