Koh Samui’s “Redlight District” – Tourist Free Thailand Tour Episode 7

#KohSamui #Thailand #GreenMango
My last day on Koh Samui….let me explain.

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  1. I just realized … you will be back on your tour at the end of the month when things supposedly will open up. You will probably get a cool transition period in that time. And of course the National Parks! Let’s go 100K.

  2. Next time, go to Lipa Noi!! South of Nathon. The nicest beach on the Island, and lots of cool places to get lost with a motorbike. Even has a armybase over there πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  3. So honoured to have been with you along your journey. Can’t wait for your 100k, so well deserved. I’ve noticed a few of the “older” vloggers are trying to freshen up their content. You have shaken the tree and made people wake up and listen πŸ™‚

  4. Fisherman’s Village in Bophut is defintely my favourite area on Koh Samui. I was last there in 2007. I’m sure it has changed drastically since then! I remember sitting in a pub called The Gecko, and the construction of an Irish pub opposite had nearly finished.

  5. Just on time!!!i was ready to have my breakfast and your video popped up!! The red car is a Peugeot 404,a popular French old car! Enjoy your trip Chad πŸ’― soon!!!!!

  6. β€œGaw” Samui, na. It’s not a β€œK” sound. It’s a short, hard β€œgaw” β€” just like Thai people pronounce it πŸ˜’

  7. Great this mis communication lets us lurkers have a shot of petrol in between the islands ….could be wurse for sure .never a dull moment with chad . Keep em comming bro and enjoy the 100.000 subs . You earnd it

  8. Great video Chad. Was driving around Samui hoping to run into you lol
    Keep these videos coming and you’ll be a baller with one of those villas eventually

  9. I’m at Baan Bophut Beach Hotel in Fisherman’s Village. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to meet during your visit. I’ll probably stay in Koh Samui for a few more weeks. Safe travels!

  10. “I’ll see you next Wednesday…” My reply “Fine, you mean July 1st or 7/1?” I’ve been burned by that before so I ALWAYS and preferably in email, put the numeric as well as the Month and Day in the email. No confusion there.

  11. Loved Fisherman’s Village, specially the night market (believe that was on a Friday). Stayed at Mae Nam a more relaxing area but best beach for me is Chaweng

  12. Over 2K views having the video up for only 30 minutes? Dude you are famous !!!! You should do a trip to Vietnam, Now that Thailand will be closed maybe for the rest of the year, at least for US visitors.

  13. That’s a cool place and congratulations on your 100k subscribers. I think I missed what kind of computer you use to edit your videos and what editing app you use I’m going to get me a new laptop this week and would like your opinion

  14. One day i’ll find that AC unit and I will take a photo of it. Hope the “situation” end pretty soon.

  15. Galaxy is my favorite place in Pattaya! I can spend the whole night there. The last time I was there, I got in just when the opened and left when they closed with a few of the girls (no Russians, just Moldovans and a Ukrainian) to a Russian restaurant down the road.

  16. Haha you know the only gogo bar on Koh Samui – I know its not the best life for the girls but its part of the culture and supports many families. And everything went so good the day before you needed a hiccup- back to BKK. I hear that Europe Travel ban till September – its gonna be a while. But NYC is even worse right now and dead

  17. hey man i’m kind of liking your style of vlogging, i’m watching you almost 20 days now!! and yeh, good work!!! be yourself that’s what attracted me

  18. Chad thanks. Thanks for showing me want I’m missing and also looking forward to when the Situation is over and I’ll be able to return to Thailand. Another utuber Chris I believe is in the same area

  19. I’ve been following since January and the growth has been freaking awesome, congratulations dude, you’ll surely reach a million one day.

  20. July 1st I’m gonna fly there I don’t care about the 14 days self quarantine. I can’t take it anymore I need to see my baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

  21. I’ve just read that AOT said they expect flights to Thailand in 2021 to be down 66%..I left last month and I’ve got Β£200,000 invested in property in Thailand but I booked to stay in the uk 7 months that’s now going to be 2 years.thailand has become 2 expensive and not very foreigner friendly since they found a billion Chinese.
    It’s too far,too expensive,too dangerous and too hot.

  22. 7:43 – Thanks for the shot of my penthouse unit on Samui… waiting to get back there. If you want to see the view from the top next time you are in Samui let me know.

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