Korean Singer & Artist Solbi Helped 30,000 People With Mental Health | STAY CURIOUS #29

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  2. Mental health is ofteen overlooked, ignored, or viewed as ‘minor’. Please, take care of yourself and strive for more. I believe in you, keep living🙏

  3. Thankfully I finally hit the notification button. Couldn’t find Asian Boss in my feed recently so I have been sleeping on this great channel. Thanks for reminding!

  4. Absolutely love this. Im seriously nervous about being here in Korea during winter and during a pandemic. I miss art and visiting galleries back in London, and being with family there. Here people are hesitant to talk about mental health, so talking to a foreigner would be even harder to express themselves. I have friends here that i feel will isolate themselves. I feel like things like film and art and writing – any creative outlets are key to expression across any language or cultural barriers.

  5. She is doing great work
    Celebrity have High pressure to look good in every situation otherwise people judge them ,since she is actress she can understand that thing perfectly and know the value of mental health

  6. I hope that this helps to open the mind of many people in the country and Asia.
    Mental health is important and wen you are not ok; this doesn’t mean that you are weak

  7. Mental health is a major issue in both South Korea and Japan but not many celebrities have the courage to speak out and spread awareness about it. More power to her.

  8. idk why mental health is seemed as taboo in korea…the fact that their suicide rate is extremely high and many still has this mindset is ridiculous. korea overall needs to do an software update and get out the 1500s.

  9. Some people need help but they are afraid to say/ don’t know how to express. Some may share their feelings with someone close to them but instead get call stupid/crazy/idiot…….. that triggers.

  10. Hearing about her story as a singer… that imprisonment and harassment, it just breaks my heart. But i’m glad she saw a psychiatrist and found her new life in art!
    It’s always great when someone shares their success with others, so seeing her bring her art to the public eye, showing her true self and overcoming the hate and harassment… she’s actually amazing.
    I’ll never understand why people use words with the intent of causing harm. what do they achieve from that?…
    ugh. i’m halfway through the video—

  11. I like the way she expresses herself, she has an interesting story. It’s good to see people who have found or created something new for themselves through art. And how she used her experiences to help others is amazing

  12. I relate to her sooo much. Since I was young, I escaped through music and art. Until now, I have been trying to comfort myself n people to raise awareness for mental health through my music and my art. Although I don’t know exactly how, I feel motivated by her story and shouldn’t give up. Even if I’m living alone here in Korea during this pandemic pursuing painting, and even if it’s just one person who will listen to my songs and be encouraged, I must keep creating ❣🌻

  13. Thank god there are people out there to help people with serious mental issues and listen to them. And maybe this is chance for us not to lose no more kpop stars without being judge and bullied and put down some more.❤

    Whoever you are you deserve to be here alive and if nobody else care i do about you and your happiness. ❤ plz talk to one and i know it’s so easy to keep pretending to be happy on the inside.❤

  14. “Writing hate comments should be a crime.” I would never condone bullying, but that’s a dangerous line to cross. Who gets to define “hate comment” and who controls what and what doesn’t constitute a hate comment? When you impose such arbitrarily defined rules, you’re inadvertently encouraging people to self-censor and that’s a path down to totalitarianism…

  15. Oh my gosh it was special for me to see that she named the cafe after Villa Villekulla!
    She’s so beautiful and I’m proud of her for finding her way into art that is so important for her well being and I’m also proud of her for helping others. What a wonderful person! <3

  16. “can you explain how famous you are for our international viewers?” what an odd question to ask. anyone would be kinda taken aback to talk about them self in that way especially in korean culture. as constructive criticism, maybe just explain to viewers how popular she is in korea during the opening, and then just jump into the meat of the interview. then it wouldnt be as uncomfortable to the interviewee.

    but awesome topic to discuss. mental health is not really talked about in korean culture, heck not much in a lot of cultures. bringing attention to it will slowly cause changes for the better.

  17. As someone who really wants to get into psychiatry after med school, but is getting 90% dissatisfied responses from my family… I began writing to hold myself up… but this pulls me forward.
    I’d really love to meet her just to talk… her words are dripping with wisdom and experience

  18. Although SK has such high suicide rate and bad rep from that (the Japanese had that bad rep during the 90s), I think it’s improving a lot compared to 5 years ago. Meanwhile some other places like the USA, talking about mental health isn’t taboo per se, but it’s becoming a blind spot specially with the healthcare system they got. Other countries with very high rates not too far off SK just don’t get the same attention as SK or even Japan and I feel like they should get attention too. As medicine accessibility improves and violent crimes decreases, suicide will be the main cause of non-natural death anywhere eventually.

  19. I like Solbi and like what she does, but life is harder because we all have different stories, if you had a bad childhood, have not normal people around you, if you live in specific society it can be large problem to decide this question. People don’t believe each other. I think all over the world situation is not good. But for Korea it’s really bad from the society side. It’s not normal when you can’t live well because of press, netizens or even parents’ opinion.

  20. I’m glad she is doing important work and advocating for mental health. I think a lot of Asian communities struggle with the concept of mental health and its become a big issue in our communities. Solbi is a great entertainer and it seems like she is also a great mental health activist as well.

  21. I love Solbi! Seen her a few times on Running Man. She’s so pretty, sweet, and funny. I have so much more respect for her now. What a great thing she’s doing.


  23. Mental health should be something that is more openly discussed in general; not just in South Korea. It’s a thing that is still kind of viewed as a taboo or source of shame for many people around the world. Too many people have a varying degree of mental health issues; some with clinical disorders. Life is hard enough with many stresses that we all deal with on a daily basis If you don’t have a source of mental catharsis, over time, it will build up and blow up in the form of clinical mental distress. What exacerbates things is online hate, harassing, etc.
    With that said, I personally feel it’s imperative that people feel okay with talking with others about how they feel when things are not going so well. The thing people need to realize is that we’re all human and most of us likely worry about the same or similar things. So the important thing is to not criticize people; especially not for a difference in opinions. It’s more useful to spread positivity.

  24. I loved her on “We Got Married” during their initial season. Kept up with her career because of that show and knew about all of her ups and downs with mental health. So glad to see she is using her platform to shed light on a very seriously overlooked issue in most if not all Asian countries.

  25. I love to see this! There is no health without mental health and I am so glad that she’s using her platform for something so needed… So necessary…❤️

  26. She worked for the agency. Agency sold her as a product. I have the right to criticize the product that the agency released, which is also the product that I am buying from them, as much as I want. If you cannot bear the criticism do not sell yourself to the agency. Change my mind

  27. I really like Solbi. A lot of times Solbi has been depicted as a “dumb” girl on TV. People would make fun of her lack of “common knowledge”. However, what she does and this interview show how much wisdom and courage she has. Even though she may not be “book smart”, she has no fear in pursuing her dreams, in practicing compassion, and in helping other people. To me, she is much smarter and wiser than booksmarts. Thank you for all the works you have done to shed light on mental health problems. You are a great person Solbi.

  28. I know that Stephen Park (Asian boss’s founder) is korean but there is way too many videos from Korea, he seem to forgot that there is plenty others asians countries and they deserve episodes too

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