Korea’s Top Virus Expert On COVID Mutation And Whether COVID-19 Can Be Contained | STAY CURIOUS #32

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  1. We want to thank Professor Kim for working tirelessly to contain COVID (and also for giving the middle finger to those who don’t take public health seriously). If you found this video helpful, share the video with as many people as you can and SUBSCRIBE TO ASIAN BOSS to stay up to date with the latest insight from Asia!
    0:00 – Intro
    2:39 – Latest COVID stats
    4:20 – Impact of virus mutation on infection rate
    6:57 – Effectiveness of vaccines against mutated virus
    9:57 – The 4 factors to contain COVID cases
    19:37 – Importance of wearing masks
    24:28 – Can asymptomatic people infect others?
    31:27 – Timing of herd immunity for Korea and the US
    33:58 – Equitable distribution of vaccines
    35:26 – Message to the public

  2. Early!
    Thank you though… it’s really helping me with my academics too… I’m a second year med student… I’m also working on a clinical awareness chart to put online on the first

  3. Can you please make videos about these, AB?

    Indonesians’ reaction on cabinet reshuffle

    Indonesians’ opinions on Indonesian local TV

    Japaneses’ thought on Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Japaneses/Koreans’ thought on a proposal to build a tunnel from Busan to Fukuoka

    Taiwaneses’ thought on UN

    Indonesians/Koreans’ reaction on a Korean company that destroy Papuan jungles

    Germans’ opinion on Thai king in Germany

    How do Christians celebrate X-Mas in Asian countries in this COVID-19 era such as Indonesia, Phillipines, Korea, China, Japan, India, etc

  4. EVERYBODY STAY SAFE! STAY HOME, WEAR A MASK, & SOCIALLY DISTANCE! I don’t care what side of politics y’all are on, but unfortunately (here in the states) the government right now has left it in our own hands to deal with it smh. ICU beds are filling up, there are shortages of nurses throughout the states, & nurses are threatening to go on strike. Thank God vaccines are being administered. I’m praying that Biden holds down the situation.. Anywho, stay safe everybody!!!

  5. This virus has been nothing but terrible. It’s taught us that we must never take things lightly. It’s taught us that we must protect ourselves, but more importantly to protect others. Wearing a mask is something small that can lead to something greater. We have the power to help slow the spread by simply staying home and masking up. It’s unbelievable that thinking of others before yourself is so hard these days. Please be the one that puts others first. Mask up, stay safe, and help stop this virus.

  6. You’re brave making this. These anti-maskers live on youtube, it’s where they get all their “education” from. I’m pretty sure they just go on youtube all day downvoting any videos that don’t align with their flawed beliefs.

  7. Came to watch the video as soon as i saw the gif of the professor giving rule breakers the stink finger on mogao. 😂👍🏾 You tell em, professor kim !!

  8. I don’t believe a word. Happy holidays though y’all, see you without the mask or distancing in 2021, we all need those hiv negative passports over covid passports. 🤘🏽🎅🏽🌹🇺🇸

  9. One of the clearest, most even-tempered and informative videos on the pandemic I’ve seen this year. Answered many questions I’d had. Bravo!
    Also, when his mask started slipping he readjusted it. Dunno why, but this made me happy lol

  10. Wish this was how information was delivered in my country, but here they are stubborn idiots not wanting to do what’s right to prevent the spread. Thinking also they are better then everyone else who manage this differently.

  11. In order to overcome this situation.. Let’s fight together.. Pray for one another and let’s trust to our God.,.. I know one day this disease will vanished from this beautiful world… FIGHTING..!!!


  13. I have an interesting idea for a video. Ask people from different Asian countries how much they trust their own media. This may not go over well in some places, but it would be interesting to compare with the western perspectives.

  14. Contained? I wonder if it can be properly isolated and characterized first (not with vero cells/ in a culture etc. actually isolated) No, wait a minute… I do not actually wonder, it can’t because it doesn’t exist – my bad.

  15. I love this doc, thanks AB! Here in the US, some people have made not wearing masks a political statement since our president sent mixed messages and failed to comply with our specialists who advised as the good doc here. Our leaders bungled it and failed to call the president to account.

    Our President also had our pandemic program scrapped soon after he entered office out of hate for the last President. His foolishness has cost us greatly. >300k lives RIP

  16. Importance of wearing masks just said right here. Idc if you think wearing a mask is pointless, just do it. It’s not breaking any of your freedoms, and it’s for the safety of you and others. If you or anyone you love die because you didn’t wear a mask and don’t follow rules, then don’t blame it on others, blame yourself for not wearing a mask. No one else is going to care that you or anyone you loved died, because you just didn’t follow a simple thing to do. This doctor, whom I very much respect, is very knowledgeable and yet still calm about talking about what he’s talking about.

  17. Thankyou for covering this topic….it was really informative…this video need to be shared in all the social media platform to inform more people about this new mutant virus as people are becoming irresponsible day by day…and the mainstream media is not even covering this properly ..they are just busy reporting about the political wars…

  18. 11:51 I hope people don’t get offended by this. Professor Kim was not gesturing in the way people commonly associate the middle finger.
    Unless people stay vigilant about this, COVID-19 can be viewed s nature’s way of survival of the fittest and trimming down the human population. It’s a very scary thought; especially since there are people out there that go out in public without a mask, just hang it on their chin, or only cover their mouth & leave their nose exposed.
    Hopefully this situation calms down by around mid 2021; end of 2021 at the latest.
    Until then we all need to stay vigilant & careful.

  19. If only our Out going President had taken this virus seriously instead of the economy and his own personal interest over the health of our citizens he could have saved many Americans instead he brainwashed many. January 20th we will begin to get rid of two major diseases the COVID-19 and a psycho narcissistic dictator President. Hopefully 2021 with a new President and the vaccine we will recover. 🙏

  20. As long as US Congress is stingy with their relief plan people are not going to take measures.. like the doc said they will only think about their survival over their health and it’s up to the government

  21. So we still believing this narrative from the media. I thought Asian Boss was different than mainstream. Continue to believe in these Draconian lies. How effective is a flu shot? So you think this c-19 will be effective? More power to the powers that shouldn’t be keeping the people under the illusion. Government never cared about you and still doesn’t care.

  22. We need to let PROFESSOR KIM rest, we also need to find a way to thank him world wide! So that he knows NOW, how many people he has saved worldwide! That we truly appreciate he’s hard work, that he isn’t alone in all this!

  23. Sadly there is still a lot of retards that dont care.. US and EU pay the price. Always weared that fking and annoying mask since mid february even if i was being mocked almost every fking day. better watch the damned and laugh in the end like right now..

  24. In my country, everyone heeds the advice: wear mask in public, practice social distancing, wash our hands with alcohol rub or soap. We have almost no community cases for months.

  25. Professor Kim is a very compassionate, hard working, and eloquent individual. He did a great job explaining everything, stressing the importance of items, and calling on all of us to do better for the greater good. I learned more from him than the last 6 months combined. Thank you Asian Boss! I also hope Professor Kim gets more rest, stays healthy, and safe!

  26. I appreciate these interviews for giving facts on the COVID situation worldwide. One thing I would like an interview to touch on is the mRNA vaccine method, and whether experts think it is safe or if it was rushed out. This is because no human vaccines have used this tech method for a vaccine despite decades of testing vaccines made from this method (at least in the US).

  27. Yay!! Was waiting patiently for another great interview with Dr. Kim!! Can’t wait to share when it’s uploaded to español asian boss to send to my cousins in other countries. I’ve learned so much in just 38 minutes! Didn’t know the different kinds of strains. Which one is mutated one from UK?

  28. But there isn’t a definite link between the weather and the rate of infection at all! In fact, the USA had the highest infection rates in its hot and humid areas!! 11:00

  29. I’ve been wearing imported versions of KF94 since around June because I think they are the most overall comfortable fit along with good breathability and protective quality. But that said, my strategy proposal for USG would be to include a tiny $35-40B budget addition for boosting massive domestic production of domestic brand N95/N99/N100 disposable masks (including 3M among many others) made available finally to US residents after 9+ months of war against a global Pandemic!!! That and budget for mass domestic production of ‘Rapid Test’ kits for $5 dollars or less — good for at least 50 million tests per day for essential workers, travelers, students – to bring more confidence to daily economic activity and social life over the next year. 5x boost to GDP ??? Thanks

  30. Thank you Stephen for yet another very educational, informative and reminding video. Moreover, let me express gratitude and respect for Professor Kim and all people dealing with COVID-19 all over the world.

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